Blood of Jesus Forces the Demons to Leave

Blood of Jesus Can Free People From Demons

The blood of Jesus Christ is active and still freeing people from demons.  How do I know this?  I am free from a demon by claiming His blood.  Yes, I know other religions have blood scarifies, but the people must perform these sacrifices many times.  The sacrifice is not made for all eternity.  The blood of Jesus is good for all of eternity-done-finished-ready to apply to demons.  Did you know that demons scream and shake when the exorcist claims the blood of Jesus Christ?  I participate in many exorcisms, and demons always behave with fear and disdainWhy Is God So Obsessed With Blood?

Evil Does Exist, and Demons are Evil Forever

Demons are evil and will always be evil.  Most New Agers do not believe in evil.  Many Buddhists believe demons are on a lower spiritual plane but can become good.    Demons desire to be God.  God demands a blood sacrifice; therefore, demons desire a blood sacrifice.  There are many prayers offered in an exorcism or self-deliverance.  The prayer is just someone else’s words unless you believe in Jesus Christ and know the power of His blood.

Dream of Demons Chasing Me

An example is an actual dream of hideous demons chasing me. They intend to torture me. Continually running from the demons is boring. I stop and say, “I claim the blood of Jesus.” The demons turn into tiny spiders and run away. I woke up in peace, but the demon was still in me.  Spiritual Demon’s abilities are greater than spiritual human abilities. Demons outsmart, lie, seduce and trick people, but the blood of Jesus is much stronger than demonic strategies.

If the blood of Jesus frees people from demons, then why don’t the demons come out immediately?  I pleaded with the blood of Jesus many times during my demon possession.  The demon came out four years later.  Why did it take such a long time?   The time of my spiritual battle feels like an eternity, but I need to learn my authority by being covered in the blood of Jesus.  There is no greater spiritual power against demons. 

When the demon finally comes out of me, I am asleep, and my body shakes with a sudden jerk.  I  hear myself claiming the blood of Jesus in my sleep.  I wake to a peaceful mind.  There are no chaotic thoughts.  My mind is clear.  The demon is gone.  My mind remains peaceful, but the demons still attempt to return.  I fight to keep it out.  I learned to fight in those four years.

Once a demon is invited in, the protection of a spiritual channel is weakened.  The spiritual channel remains weak for the rest of the person’s life.  The most powerful way to remain free is to rebuke the demon in the name of Jesus Christ and have faith in the blood of Jesus Christ.  The demon is afraid once the person has absolute faith in the blood of Jesus.  Unfortunately, there are still the side-effects of once having a demon in the body and mind.  The side effects last the rest of the person’s life.

What is a “Holy Christian”?

Does that mean a person must become a “holy Christian”?  Yes, but not because of the person’s good deeds, but Christians are holy and acceptable to God because of the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  I continually humble myself in front of the power of Jesus Christ.   I know I am not a holy Christian who attends church every Sunday and never sins.  The grace of God saves me, and I would be in error if I did not tell you how I regained my freedom and how you can regain your freedom from demons.


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  1. For more on this subject, see this website:

    Because we are living in evil times and at are at the end of time, God is actually speaking!

    When a person sins, the door to the enemy is opened and the evil ones have a legal right to come in. They must be invited. A sinning person needs to repent and change their life, then the door can be closed and they can be delivered. Having a demon can take you to hell so pursue righteousness, with the Help of The Holy Spirit, who comes to you after you HAVE MADE A COMMITTMENT TO FOLLOW CHRIST. Pleading The Blood with repentance and committment to Christ is vitally important.

    This site had something on spiritual warfare today.

    Pray often


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