Curse of Downers Grove

The curse of Downers Grove is real. A movie was dedicated to this curse. I know from childhood that something bad will happen to my family.

Starve Your Demons

starve your demons

Stave your demons because if they do not starve then they will grow and you will diminish.  What is a demon?  A demon is a spirit being that is more than spiritual energy.  Demons have abilities and great powers of…

Spiritual Place-Sedona-Arizona

spiritual place Sedona Arizona

  Sedona Arizona is an outstanding beautiful spiritual place and I am fortunate to visit Sedona quite often. The beauty of the Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona has emotional healing effects for the people that travel there.   The city…

Demons and Blood

Ouijs Bosrd true story

Demons and blood interact with channeling to produce very powerful demons. In the possession process demons begin to share with the host the pleasure that they receive from blood.   Demons and blood are most powerful in blood sacrifices or activities…

Spiritual People-Non Spiritual People

spiritual people

  Spiritual people are three spiritual types- spiritually sensitive, spiritually curious, and non-spiritual.  Each spiritual type has weaknesses.  A demon uses weaknesses to initiate the invitation to enter the person. Spiritually Sensitive People Spiritually sensitive people have a natural connection…

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