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Men's secret sex demon

Do You Have a Demon?

Do you have a demon?  Take the demon test to evaluate if there is a demon possession in your body and soul.   Please note that demon possession has different levels.  “Yes” answers are possible signs of a demon inside of you.  If you do have a demon, then you need to find it early

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demons can entr through sex

Spirit Husbands and Wives- A Type of Demon Rape

Spirit husbands and wives are real.  The spirit husbands and wives are “spirits” that desire to prey on lonely people who contact the spirit realm for love and companionship.  Most of the posts on websites are written by people that either do not believe the spiritual concept or write about spirits giving  sexual dreams or

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Demon possession-my true story

Demons Can Control Human Body Movements

Demons can control human body movements depending on the level of the demon possession. There four major parts of the body demons use for their own benefit. Additionally. please note that the person is aware of and can stop the demon moving their body. Only during the last level of demon possession is a person

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starve your demons

Starve Your Demons

Stave your demons because if they do not starve then they will grow and you will diminish.  What is a demon?  A demon is a spirit being that is more than a spiritual energy.  Demons have abilities and great powers of seduction and manipulation to persuade a person to inhabit their body and soul.  Demons

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sexual demons incubus and succubus

Thought Insertion and Mental Telepathy Are Demon Abilities

Mental Telepathy and thought insertion are demon abilities.  Demons are experts at reading minds-even when they are outside the person’s body.  Somehow they can attach to the person from the outside to observe if a person might be susceptible to a possible demon possession.  What is a Thought? “The human brain is composed of about

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