Demon Possession-Three Levels of Possession

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Demon possession process is the goal of every demon.    Demon desire to live inside the body of the host-person.  Why do demons so desire to occupy a human body?  I do not know the reason.  I do know the demons will fiercely fight for the invitation to possess

Demon possession process begins with promises that the demon is what the person most desires.

  • The mind is targeted as the path to entrance.
  •  Demons want to keep the attention of the host 24/7.
  •  They tantalize their person with half truths and beautiful lies. 


Level One in Demon Possession Process

The Ouija Board is a good example of beginning the possession process. The people touch their fingertips to the planchette– that is the invitation to communicate. Then the demons establishes communication by moving the planchette.   The planchette moves from letter or number reveling a message.  Demons can sense which person is an open spiritual channel and will enter that person.   Of course, the messages at to stimulate curiosity for more communication.

The person’s spend more time with the Ouija board.  He/she is not noticing the communication is affecting their daily life.   Daily activities require more mental concentration.   The host pretends their life is still normal. The person is less social. Unfortunately, The host can stay in level one for many years.

Level Two-Deeper penetration into mind and body

A deeper level of communication the is established-demon begins to control the body such as the hand for automatice writing and vocal cords for speech.

  • automatic handwriting
  •  Speaking through the person by using their host’s voice.  
  • Person cannot sleep for any period of time due to demonic lucid dreams.
  • Demon begins to reveal there true destructive personality by giving thoughts of suicide, hatred, harm to others.
  • The person’s mind races with many thoughts at once.
  • Family and friends do not understand the reason the person seems different-joyless, physically weaker, secluded from friends and family
  • Family or friends observes the person talking to themselves.
  • Negative emotions intensify (fear, depression, suicidal thoughts).


Level Three is the most dangerous of the demon possession–deep absorption into the host-person’s mind and body

  • The person is almost completely possessed and has lost most control.
  • The host takes a secondary position to demonic control.
  • The person is almost helpless to proceed with any self-deliverance.

demon possession processMost noteworthy, the person-host must seek help at the very beginning.  Demons are like a fatal disease.  The sooner the person discovers the demon–the easier it is to cast it out.  The demon possession process intensifies in level two and three.  The process of casing out a demon take years of teamwork in an exorcism, Christian self-deliverance , or self-exorcism.  the host-person needs a psychiatrist that believes in demon possession as well as prescribing psychiatric medications and other treatments.  Psychiatry and demonic influence is a delicate balance of all three participants.  A small number of mental health professionals believe in demon possession. 

In conclusion, communicating with demons cost so much in the person’s precious life.  Stay away from demons and stay spiritually safe.

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