Demons and Blood

Demons and blood interact with channeling to produce very powerful demons. In the possession process demons begin to share with the host the pleasure that they receive from blood.   Demons and blood are most powerful in blood sacrifices or activities that involve blood like murder, suicide, torture and self-abuse, and abuse of animals and other people.    An example is the practice of “cutting”.  The person cuts parts of their body to relieve the tension or guilt in their life or maybe because a demon desires the activity.  “Cutting” may have psychological factors but there is a thin line between psychology and the demonic.

Generational family bloodline demons are transmitted from one generation to another by blood-similar to diseases being inherited through the bloodline.  Blood and blood activities attract demons.  If great, great grandmother actively channeled a demon through a blood sacrifice then the demon travels in the bloodline to the next generations.  The demon is usually quiet and hides but influences the current host with intensified emotions or behavior that produces blood. Demons don’t play fair with people-if there is an invitation then the demon is in the person.   The demon stops traveling in the bloodline only when someone recognizes it and cast it out.

TV and the movies always include many blood scenes in programs about the demonic.  Don’t laugh and joke at these demonic activities.  Much of the demonic activities shown for entertainment are true.  What has usually included these entertainment programs?

Demons and Blood- Top 11 Activities of TV and Movies:

  1. large amounts of blood-coming from walls, ceilings, building Not True
  2. suicide
  3. death
  4. torture
  5. abuse
  6. cutting
  7. pleasure in killing
  8. constant fear
  9. tortuous nightmares
  10. host is powerless to help himself  Not True
  11. exorcist is hurt or murdered by the demon  Not True

Demons want as much blood surrounding them as possible.   Most people believe that the programing is fantasy but activities 2-9 can be true. ( I wonder if you believe me.)

Readers, be aware of the behaviors of your loved one and friends and know the demonic behaviors in a possession.  You might be able to get that person to spiritual help by exorcism or self-deliverance.


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  1. Very interesting blog, I really like it. People dont know all these things that play an important role in our life.

    • Thank you for your comment. I will continue to post new information about demons because demons (spirits) are very dangerous.

  2. I read all this out of curiosity and fascination, I`m agnostic (not atheistic). I wonder how you would tell the difference between demonic Possession and the possibility that a Person is just into all that stuff out of his/her own personality.

    I ask because I`m sexually and emotionally attracted to blood, death, cannibalism, and corpses, also to all dark myths representing the spiritual beliefs associated with the carnal motives, and I`m also interested in esoteric issues for no other reason than morbid fascination. I do NOT perceive my fantasies as something demonic outside of me, but rather like a part of my own personality, although it has disturbed, negatively influenced my normal life and has caused me much Trouble because it is as thought-demanding and sometimes even as destructive as any demon could be. But on the other Hand it makes me feel my true self and is a source of positive energy which is always neglected by psychologists. Therapy never helped me because it ended in discussions and debates. I don`t feel like wanting an exorcism on me even if someone proved me demons existed. If People suggest me “help”, spiritually or psychologically, I easily feel attacked and have even isolated myself more and more due to that, although it increases my loneliness. I have no psychosis issues. These thoughts about suicide, I have them, too, but not in a negative manner like most People with suicide issues. I enjoy to daydream my own death and preparations for it like a festivity, not out of Depression or a bad life. Oh, and I`m a good-hearted and nice Person in real life, although I sometimes can get “out of my mind”, so I`m not someone stupid who thinks evil is cool or so. I imagine demons just for my personal pleasure, it is not evil, it is just a Fantasy. I have hostile imaginations towards humans as well, but that is not like an inner mental battle you described, just a co-existence of contraries as every human has it.

    I just want to add my personal experience here in order to let you know that being into “demonic” stuff has nothing to do with being possessed for real or being an evil Person! It is only my personal dark side as every human does have a dark side, no matter if he is religious or not.
    I personally think that being terrified by demons means that you are not accepting them as parts of your own mind, because even if demons existed, everyone only attracts what resonates/fits him, just as with other humans you attract or not. Psychologically spoken, so-called demons are often only the outcast parts of the consciousness that “attack” us from the subconsciousness, so then the solution for having peace of mind would not be to fight them, but to invite and accept them no matter how nasty they might look like first, because they make you whole (this is called shadowwork in English I think).

    OK I admit the imagination of the existence of real demons is more arousing than frightening to many People including myself. It`s not my fault that most religions don`t allow what turns me on…. 🙁

    • I disagree with you about your dark side. Demons are very manipulative and want you to believe these thoughts are from you. That way you do not spiritual fight and they get to stay.

      I got a demon when I worked the Ouija Board. Before that time, I was a typical college student but very spiritually curious. My personality changed and I had suicidal thoughts. Once the demons left me-the demonic thoughts were gone and I had peace.

      Demons exist and you can get rid of yours. How do I know that you can get rid of the demons? You write a very coherent comment. That shows me that they have not totally saturated your mind with their thoughts. Do not permit them to get completely into your mind because that will cause insanity and suicide.

      Fight for your freedom. Try every method you can to get rid of the demons. Do not give up.

    • Hey, I read all of this. Personally, I believe in demons and angels, but not as necessarily good or evil beings. I see them as kind of beings or entities that can influence our actions. What you described sounds like a “demon” of death has “possessed” you. I quote possessed because it doesn’t mean the demon literally controls you, it just influences you greatly. I don’t think anything is wrong with you, however, if you want a more social life, get in touch with yourself first. Figure out what you would want in life, then, confront your demon… and let them know they can stay but you the human is in control and there are boundaries the demon will not cross.

      Note: To actually speak with a Demon is draining and scary and you must be firm and absolute. Confidence is a must because they’re sly and always look for loopholes to agreements. Just remember, demons aren’t necessarily evil and angels aren’t necessarily good, they’re just being their self in the purest form.

    • Hello, I wonder, where you acquired these ideas about angels and demons? Did you have personal experience or is it intellectual knowledge? I disagree with your concept that spirits are just being themselves in their purest form. Angels are good. Demons are very evil. I experienced having a demon and it was the entrance to hell–very evil to it’s core. Best regards. Connie

  3. These ideas stem from compiling all the information I have gathered so far, along with personal experience. Those ideas aid in making sense of the world we live in.
    I too have experienced a “demon”. The impulses, cravings and desires would be considered hellish for some people. It’s quite terrifying. But, I still looked at the positive sides to the whole thing.
    Do you mind elaborating just a little on what happened to you? I completely understand if you don’t want to.

  4. I have had so much demonic activity in my life and in the lives of my family members. I am astonished by how accurate your blog is and how closely everything I’ve experienced lines up with this. People don’t know how real this stuff is. Demons are very real (as is the spiritual realm) and this stuff can and does happen.

    Praise Jesus Christ and God be with you.

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