Demons and Blood

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Demons and blood interact with channeling to produce very powerful demons. In the possession process demons begin to share with the host the pleasure that they receive from blood.   Demons and blood are most powerful in blood sacrifices or activities that involve blood like murder, suicide, torture and self-abuse and abuse of animals and other people.    An example is the practice of “cutting”.  The person cuts parts of their body to relieve the tension or guilt in their life or maybe because a demon desires the activity.  “Cutting” may have psychological factors but there is a thin line between psychology and the demonic.

Generational family bloodline demons are transmitted from one generation to another by blood-similar to diseases being inherited through the bloodline.  Blood and blood activities attract demons.  If great, great grandmother actively channeled a demon through a blood sacrifice then the demon travels in the bloodline to the next generations.  The demon is usually quiet and hides but influences the current host with intensified emotions or behavior that produces blood. Demons don’t play fair with people-if there is an invitation then the demon is in the person.   The demon stops traveling in the bloodline only when someone recognizes it and cast it out.

TV and the movies always include many blood scenes in programs about the demonic.  Don’t  laugh and joke at these demonic activities.  Much of the demonic activities shown for entertainment are true.  What is usually included these entertainment programs?

Demons and Blood- Top 11 Activities of TV and Movies:

  1. large amounts of blood-coming from walls, ceilings, building Not True
  2. suicide
  3. death
  4. torture
  5. abuse
  6. cutting
  7. pleasure in killing
  8. constant fear
  9. tortuous nightmares
  10. host is powerless to help himself  Not True
  11. exorcist is hurt or murdered by the demon  Not True

Demons  want as much blood surrounding them as possible.   Most people believe that the programing is fantasy but activities 2-9 can be true. ( I wonder if you believe me.)

Readers, be aware of the behaviors of your loved one and friends and know the demonic behaviors in a possession.  You might be able to get that person to spiritual help by exorcism or self-deliverance.




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