Spiritual hot buttons are areas of disputes about demons and spiritual sensitivity. Aboutdemons.com and spiritualcuriosity.net. concentrate on comments submitted on how the spiritual world operates in daily life.

The typical stats on both websites is that readers read one or two posts that totals about three minutes.  I do not want you to miss some of the most thought provoking comments.

Spiritual websites are controversial.  the most popular posts point to comments and replies.  The URL link to the comment is the header. All replies are under the comments.

The most popular pages are about demons and sex.  Demons love sex and usually try to make it on of their most frequent activities.

Sexual demons

Are demons manipulating a person to strong orgasm or is it their imagination.
Is incubus the figment of ones imagination as well.
I’ve spoken with multiple women who have described the same experience with consistency of details. Sometimes feeling manipulation followed by strong orgasm for hours into the morning.  

Black fairy vampire/succubus

I’m a middle aged male who is still a virgin. Back in 2013/2014 I did something dumb. I was taking care of my elderly mother who was not doing so well. I was lonely, didn’t have a social life, spiritually wayward, and was curious,……a bad combination. I purchased a “summon a black fairy vampire/succubus” from an eBay seller. Stupid I know. Anyhow I summoned “such and such” and thought nothing more to it.

Disagreement with post content

You know……..I really respect a great deal ideas obviously born of thinking outside the box, living, working, applying methods and examining results.
And I consider you in all likelihood incorrect on numerous important points.
I attempted to reach out to you, a small note of response. Lets talk, compare traditions as well innovations thereof placing the furthering of scientific understanding with regards to matters of our profession.

Demon behavior and exorcism

Most people do not know the damage a demon can cause for the rest of your life.

Demons sense your emotions

Can they see you when they’re actually sensing your emotions?

Demons are real

Hello. I had a Succubus from 2009 to 2019. been free of it for several months now. I believe I tried every thing to get read of it, Findley got read of it when I found Jesus, I been studying the Bible taking Bible Classes, I Accepted Jesus Was baptized the got Baptized in the holy spirit. I keep studying the Bible. anyone who says there not real got a big surprise coming, demons are real

spiritual hot buttons

Spiritual Curiosity.net

Spiritual sensitivity test

This is occult bullshit. This is actually ‘how in tune with devils are you’. Believers in Christ interact with the spiritual on a daily basis and experience zero of what is described here.

spiritual hot buttonsIn conclusion,  I will be adding new comments on a ongoing basis.  Stay spiritually safe.






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