4 Reasons To Never Fear Demons

Demon, what is your name?

Never fear demons because fear makes the demons get stronger and fear makes you weaker.  Physically and emotionally your body and mind reacts to fear.  Fear makes your heart beat faster, increases your blood pressure, increases stress and anxiety hormones.  Long term fear has a negative impact on the body and mind

In addition, the ability to think rationally can be damaged by fear.  Mental confusion from stress and anxiety blocks good decisions in daily life issues.   Demon love fear because fear makes you weaker-easier to enter for a possession process.


do not fear demons4 Reasons to Never Fear demons 


1. Demons are Intruders in the Earthly Realm  

Human beings are born with God given spiritual protection from demons.   Demons live in the spiritual realm and are not granted legal rights in the earthly realm.   Demons have an infinite amount of ways to enter the human body but demons must be invited by the person for direct communication.  Demons cannot possess whomever they desire.  They do not have that power on the earthly realm.  For example, if an American citizen visits France then that citizen must obey all the laws of France.  Demons are citizens of their spiritual realm.  When they visit the earthly realm, they must obey the laws of the earthly realm. 



2.  Never Fear Demons- Demons Feed off of Fear

Fear, depression, intense negative emotion attracts demons.  Evil spirits have supernatural abilities people do not have.  Negative emotions give them a reason to intensify fear.  Don’t dwell on demons.  Don’t think about demons.  Enjoy your life and the demons will not be able attach to your emotions.  Many exorcists state that fear is a gatekeeper demon.  As a result,  intense fear enters into a person-the demon attached to fear opens the spiritual channel for other demons to enter.  

Most relevant, you have the God given ability to control your fear.   Think positive replace fear with positive life-affirming emotions.  Concentrate on what makes you happy.  Eliminate stress as much as possible.


3.  Avoid the Spiritual Realm

Spiritual Curiosity can turn dangerous.  If you begin to investigate the spiritual realm, you are in a realm where you have no protection- no legal rights.  You cannot use your 5 senses to identify the spirits that you find in this realm.  The spirit abilities of impersonation are superior- pretending to be  angels deceased loved ones, protectors,  highly enlightened sources of spiritual knowledge.  The problem is you cannot verify their identity.  There is no birth certificate , no lie detector test, no fingerprints to verify.  You must take the word of a spirit.

Most noteworthy, demons lies, trick, seduce. impersonate and bedazzle with their supernatural abilities.  The spirits who desire to communicate want a long-term channeling communication that last a lifetime.  

Stay away from this spiritual realm then you will never fear demons.


4.  Knowledge is Power-Know Your Spiritual Enemy by Behavior

Know how demons behave.  Be careful of any religious activities that encourages spirit channeling such as a Ouija Board or Angel Board.  If a religious leader goes into a trance to give instruction-run away from that leader-RUN FAST.  

never fear demons

Psychology has a Name for the Fear of Demons-  Daemonophobia


“Although parapsychology is not generally recognized by the mainstream scientific community, experiments in parapsychology have produced results that cannot always be fully explained. Some people develop daemonophobia after undergoing an unusual experience with an Ouija board, a séance or a ghost hunt.” Very Well Mind 

Yes, I agree that people undergoing an experience with a demon will definitely have Daemonophobia.  Why? If these people experience channeling through a Ouija Board, a séance or ghost hunt then he/she probably has a demon possession.  Demons are real and  it needs to be cast out.  Psychiatric medications, counseling, even shock therapy will not cure the daemonophobia.  The person needs an exorcism to cast out that demon.

In conclusion, stay spiritually safe so that you never need to fear a demon.


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6 thoughts on “4 Reasons To Never Fear Demons

  1. DEMONS fallen angles .Who did you think you were dealing with. Havent I taught you anything
    demons never go for the kill when you can go for the pain. VEGENCE DEMONS. Once you have an attachment it can stay with you for a life time.Its no joke its real stay away from fortune tellers tarot cards ect. Never challenge a demon thats the worst thing you can do. The demon will attach its self to you. Only a qualified minister or preacher who has real faith can fight a demon.Great information thanks for your web site.Oh yes they exist demons.No ghosts or other things like little children these are demons pretending to fool you.Have a nice day.

    1. Hello, I agree with you that demons are very dangerous. I disagree with you that demons are for life. You can permanently get rid of it by fighting spiritual battle. A person who is anointed does not have to be a qualified minister. Most people with demons have trouble finding an anointed minister who believes that demons exist let alone knows how to cast them out.

  2. A demon needs a host its like a parasite you think it is gone but it is still there.You have to send it to another host such as a animal or a pig.Demons are very smart they have been around for a many years remember they are fallen angels.Each angel are in a certain high archy. You think they are gone but they stay silent and dorm.Yes you can get rid of them but dont you ever think it is that easy.Nobody is a expert and when you think you get rid of them they attach them selves to you.Never challenge one they dont back down.Many paranormal experts think it is a game and they will suffer the consequences for their actions.I am no expert but I am no fool as well.Good luck warrior.

  3. Never challenge a demon you will be sorry . Stay away from spirit boards witchcraft fortune telling .Only bad angels can me manipulated not good ones.Take care great site keep up the good work.

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