All Demons Are Sexual Demons

sexual demons

All Demons Are Sexual Demons

All demons are sexual demons and but their problem is demons have no physical bodies. The answer to their problem is to possess a body of a host person.  Demons usually enter by pornography and addictions for men and spiritual curiosity and loneliness for women. If a demon can enter into a body of a host person then it is capable to moving their host hands and other body parts.  Why would a person want sex with a demon?


  • The person is lonely and believes the demon is a deceased husband or past lover.
  • The demon can mentally sexually stimulate the person to want sex.
  • The demon makes the person believe that the movements cannot be stopped.
  • Some people think that demon suggestions increase sexual pleasure.


Sexual demons have only one way to have sex with a host and that is through masturbation of the host.  Demons use different mental sexual stimulations to get the host ready for masturbation.  They are masters at giving the sensation of the touching the host.  The host masturbates and the demon receives all the sexual sensations of the host.

(An article from Chrisma Magazine) Can you be raped by the devil?

Two examples: “False Jesus” and “Spiritual Sex”

  • False Jesus is a demon that impersonates Jesus Christ.  The sexual demon gains the person’s trust.  The demon then uses the book in the bible old testament “Song of Solomon.”  The demon indicates that is the next level of spiritual intimacy with Jesus Christ.  I knew a family of a woman who believes the she was the bride of Jesus.  She is special to Jesus.  The false Jesus demon convinces her that the next step to intimacy with Jesus was sex.  This woman refuses to consent to an exorcism.  As a result, she was temporarily committed to a mental institution.  The family moved away so I do not know what happened after they moved.


  • Spiritual Sex is basically two people separated by distance use a demon as a spiritual bridge.  The people concentrate on each other connect to the demon by invitation and masturbate.


Incubus and Succubus:  Specific types of Sex demons?

Incubus and Succubus demons are the names of the sex demons most referenced throughout history to present day.  There is a question about incubus and succubus in a comment on this post.  Again, no one can really prove that demons are specific types or functions.  All demons lie about their names and functions.  My belief is that all demons desire sex but each demon can use the different mental sexual stimulations. The truth is no one really knows their names-demons can’t be quantified or identified in our earthly realm.  If a person fears or concentrates on the stories of incubus and succubus then the demon becomes that function.    The plan of action should be to get rid of them as fast as possible through exorcism and self-deliverance.


The practice of hosting demons for sexual pleasure is very dangerous.  

In conclusion, sexual demon controls the mind by moving the body.  The host controls their mind and body less and less and continues in the path to demon possession.  What is involved in this path to possession?  Mental breakdown-bad dreams, very little sleep,  racing thoughts that cannot be controlled, thoughts of suicide, thoughts hurting other people or animals, inability to concentrate in daily life, and inability to enjoy their daily life.

Why am I writing about this sensitive subject?  The movies, TV and the internet use demons to peak curiosity and portray demons as fantasy.  The internet has many websites about how to contact demons, how to feed demons, and how to get what is desired through demons. No one from these websites ever discusses the consequences of demonic possession.  Reader, you need to know the truth about demons.  I have not written everything about sexual demons.  That would be too graphic for this webpage.  If you are a women that has a sexual demon, we can discuss your situation privately–send an email to me on my Contact Me form.