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Hello everyone,

person experience with demonsMy name is Connie Williams.   My personal experience with demons almost killed me.  The posts and pages on this website were written to inform you about demon behavior with  people who invite them into their mind, body and soul.  I entered the spiritual realm on the demonic side. 

My personal experience with demons started  through working the Ouija Board.  The Ouija Board usually needs at least two people to touch the planchette.  I had the ability to work the Ouija board alone.  The spirit said it was a good spirit and was my friend.  Spiritual curiosity is what started my four year downward slide into demonic hell.  The demon almost killed me because I did not know how to spiritually defend myself.  

That was many years ago but the demon still tries to return by testing to see if I still know spiritual battle.  Yes, I still know how to wage spiritual battle and hope you will read my posts because they will give you information on how to fight, control and stop demons.

I became a Christian knowing that the power of Jesus Christ saved my life- My True Story. My personal experience with a demon gave me passion to tell others about demons and the danger involved in communicating with them.   About twelve years ago I went into training to be a deliverance minister and exorcist.  I ministered through a deliverance team at several churches.  I have ministered to hundreds of people and that gave me more knowledge of demonic behavior.  People hide the fact that they might have a demon.  In the  beginning levels of demonic possession, most people can still live their daily lives but mental concentration is more confused.

If you think you might have a demon then get some spiritual help. Don’t hide. It is very difficult to tell other people about possible demonic possession.  Most people think you are crazy or just do not want to hear about it. I had personal experience with  demons and know that you are in the entrance to hell.   If you have any private questions send an email to me and we can discuss your situation.

Please note there will be links to blog Circle of Christian Women  sister pages.  These pages have even more information about demons and spiritual Christianity.

God bless and keep you in His peace.


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about demons

Aboutdemons.com was created to give to an in depth look at demon activity.  Much of the information posted here is information you will not find on other websites.

Post content is derived from my demon experience from working the Ouija Board as a teenager.  In addition, I use information gathered from my 12 years of experience as an exorcist and deliverance minister.

If you have any private questions or comments, please contact me.

Connie Williams

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