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All my knowledge and experiences are on my web pages.  According to my website statistics, most people click off after about one minute or less.  You will not be able to get demonic relief unless you read all pages that pertain to your demonic issue.

Many people may claim that there is an instant method to casting out demons.  The proof is only from the once possessed person who claims the demon has been gone for at least one year.  The good and bad news is that you are responsible to have the patience and endurance to fight a demon in your mind and body.

An exorcist can help relieve some of the mental pain but self-deliverance is for when alone at home or if you dream demonic lucid dreams.  Endurance and patience is the key.

Please leave a comment on the page you were reading and I will contact you by sending a email to you.   Note I need to approve all comments (spammers will not have their messages shown).