Cast demons out of yourself.

Self-Exorcism is for non-Christians and is not a guarantee of casting a demon out of yourself. There is a possible chance to get free or at least weaken the control of the demon.

Internal fight for the mind of the host

Self-exorcism is an internal fight for control of thoughts in the mind of the host/person.  This type of spiritual warfare has specific requirements:

  1. Must be capable to discern between their own thoughts and the thoughts sent by demons.
  2. Capability to take care of himself/herself-eat nutritious food, get rest, and try to live life as normally as possible.

How deep is the demonic possession?

Having a demon is similar to stopping a fatal disease.  The earlier we discover the disease, the better chance of recovery.  The deeper the possession, the longer it takes–it can take years.  Like physical exercise, the body does not lose weight at one time or turn flab to muscle in just a few weeks of training—the same with the spiritual.  Patience and endurance are requirements to win this spiritual battle.  Do not quit, or the demon wins control of your life.

Evaluate the level of control You have over your body, mind and emotions

  •  Do you usually think your own thoughts without the demon interrupting your thought process?
  •  Are you capable of preforming your daily work (either in the work place of at home)?
  •  You get a good nights sleep at least a few nights a week without terrifying nightmares?
  •  Are you able to still enjoy lengthy communication with family and friends?
  •  Can you still have long-lasting peace of mind through out the day and night?

If you can still do the functions above, the demon is relatively weak, and the possession level is in the beginning stages.  There is a good chance that casting demons out of yourself will be effective for you.  Most relevant, self-exorcism is a process and can take some time.  Don’t give up keeping control of your body and thoughts until the demon is cast out.   

If you lose control, you cannot perform most of the functions above; self-exorcism will be more complex and time-consuming.  Start with what you can control and build on that every day and night.  Strengthening control is like body-building.  Start with what you can do and add weight (power) as you get stronger.  

SelfExorcism is exercise of control

  •  Control your mind-evaluate every thought-mine or demonic.
  •  Learn the difference between your thoughts and demon thoughts.
  • Ignore the demonic thoughts as much as possible
  • Do not fear the demon.
  •  Control your body
  •  Never allow any movement with your body this is demonic.
  •  Never allow the demon to move your head, arms or legs.
  •  Control your speech
  •  Think before you speak.
  •  Control your reaction to nightmares.
  •  Never reflect on a nightmare with fear.
  •  Control negative emotions

Suggestions On How to Exercise Control

The demon will use negative emotions to try to weaken your confidence.  Do self-talk to rid yourself of negative emotions.  Replace wicked thoughts with positive thoughts and for Christians to memorize scriptures.  Keep active and force yourself to enjoy life.  Take time with family and friends, pet your dog or cat, eat regular meals.  Practice every day until staying active in your life activities is easy.


You should be able to sense when the demon is getting weaker. There are less chaotic thoughts, and nightmares are lessening; there is more peace of mind.  Attempt to cast out the demon.  Just tell it to GET OUT.

The demon may or may not leave.  Demons usually go through a coughing, deep breath, or shaking of the body.  The confirmation that the devil is cast out is by continual peace of mind.  The demon will test you to ensure that you are still strong enough to keep it from re-entering your body.  The tests are periodic throughout life.

Self-exorcism is similar to self-deliverance for a Christian.  Although there is the original grace of God that all people have, the person does not have the power of God.  The person will be spiritually weaker without reliance on God’s power.

This article has discussed how we can use exorcisms for varied purposes and properly go about them. We must use these rituals with care and respect, never take self-exorcism lightly. These methods discussed will help us cast out our demons and get rid of evil spirits.

In conclusion, know that demons only get stronger by giving them attention.  Ignore the evil spirits as much as possible.  Fear always makes demons stronger–control your anxiety.  Know that your body and mind are yours by right, and a demon is a thief and intruder.  Be strong.

 Please note You can only cast a demon out of yourself. Please, that it is dangerous to attempt to cast demons out of other people.  Their demon could enter you.  The person must do their spiritual battle.  Do not attempt to have any friends or other people help you, especially if they are not Christians.  The demon could enter them.  The fight belongs with the possessed person.

Self-exorcism and self-deliverance for Christians is an undeveloped subject for most deliverance ministers.  Many deliverance ministers do not believe most people can cast a demon out of themselves.  I’m afraid I have to disagree.  If you have the degree of control, there is hope that you can be free.  How do I know this?  I was able to do a self-deliverance on myself, BUT at this time, I was a Christian and used prayer and scriptures to strengthen me.  Most noteworthy,  this method of self-exorcism can at the very least help control the demon from interrupting your daily life, and you might be able to get rid of it.  

Readers, stay spiritually safe.

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