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Sexual Demons-Are Incubus and Succubus Real?

demon can enter through sex

Sexual Demons

All demons are sexual demons.  The problem is demons have no physical bodies. The answer to their problem is to possess a body of a host person.  Sex demons usually enter through pornography and addictions for men and spiritual curiosity and loneliness for women. If a demon can enter into a body of a host person then it is capable of moving their host hands and other body parts.  Why would a person want sex with a demon?


  • The person is lonely and believes the demon is a deceased husband or past lover.
  • The demon can mentally sexually stimulate the person to want sex.
  • The demon makes the person believe that the movements cannot be stopped.
  • Some people think that demon suggestions increase sexual pleasure.


Sexual demons have only one way to have sex with a host and that is through masturbation of the host.  Demons use different mental sexual stimulations to get the host ready for masturbation.  They are masters at giving the sensation of the touching the host.  The host masturbates and the demon receives all the sexual sensations of the host.


4 examples of Sex Demons:  Incubus and Succubus, False Jesus, Spiritual Sex and Spirit Husbands and Wives

  •  Incubus and Succubus  originated in medieval folk lore.  The belief is that both incubus and succubus can appear in a human body.  The Incubus has sex with sleeping women in order to father children.  Succubus is the female version that has sex in dreams.  Incubus and Succubus demons are the names of the sex demons most referenced throughout history to present day.  There is a question about incubus and succubus in a comment on this post.  
  •        My belief is that all demons are sex demons but each demon uses different mental sexual stimulations. The truth is no one really knows their names-demons    can’t be quantified or identified in our earthly realm.  If a person fears or concentrates on the stories of incubus and succubus then the demon becomes that function.


  • False Jesus is a demon that impersonates Jesus Christ.  The sexual demon gains the person’s trust.  The demon then uses the book in the bible old testament “Song of Solomon.”  The demon indicates that is the next level of spiritual intimacy with Jesus Christ.  I knew a family of a woman who believes the she was the bride of Jesus.  She is special to Jesus.  The false Jesus demon convinces her that the next step to intimacy with Jesus was sex.  This woman refuses to consent to an exorcism.  As a result, she was temporarily committed to a mental institution.  The family moved away so I do not know what happened after they moved.


  • Spiritual Sex  Two people separated by distance use a demon as a spiritual bridge.  The people concentrate on each other connect to the demon by invitation and masturbate.


  •  Spirit Husbands and Wives

Demons impersonate past lovers, absent lovers, deceased spouses to gain entrance into a person’s body.  Spirit husbands and spirit wives are difficult to get rid of in the early stages of possession because the person desires the presence of their absent loved one.  Therefore, the sex demon has the time and opportunity to deeply possess the person.

sexus demons Incubus Sucubus

Plan of Action

 Cast out the sexual demons through  exorcism and self-deliverance Most relevant, the demon’s goal is to permanently possess the person.  Demon abilities are supernatural powers to move the host body, speak through the vocal cords, think with the mind, and have sex as much as possible through masturbation of the host.  The host loses their quality of life and their life is the whatever the demon desires. 


The practice of hosting demons for sexual pleasure is very dangerous.  

In conclusion, the sexual demon controls the mind by moving the body.  The host controls their mind and body less and less and continues in the path to demon possession.  What is involved in this path to possession?  Mental breakdown-bad dreams, very little sleep,  racing thoughts that cannot be controlled, thoughts of suicide, thoughts hurting other people or animals, inability to concentrate in daily life, and inability to enjoy their daily life.

Why am I writing about this sensitive subject?  The movies, TV and the internet use demons to peak curiosity and portray demons as fantasy.  The internet has many websites about how to contact demons, how to feed demons, and how to get what is desired through demons. No one from these websites ever discusses the consequences of demonic possession.  Reader, you need to know the truth about demons.  I have not written everything about sexual demons.  That would be too graphic for this webpage.  If you are a women that has a sex demon, we can discuss your situation privately–send an email to me on my Contact Me form.


(An article from Chrisma Magazine) Can you be raped by the devil?

21 thoughts on “Sexual Demons-Are Incubus and Succubus Real?

  1. Sexual demons
    Are demons manipulating a person to strong orgasm or is it their imagination.
    Is incubus the figment of ones imagination as well.
    I’ve spoken with multiple women who have described the same experience with consistency of details. Sometimes feeling manipulation followed by strong orgasm for hours into the morning. I do not believe that they are causing this through masturbation when they are desirous of sleep. They say that they not touching themselves but feel themselves being touched.

    I am a Christian and I believe that these are absolutely demons.
    I appreciate your replies.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Honestly, I have never heard of this type of demonic sexual manipulation. I do believe that demons have that capability but have not spoken to any women that have experienced what you described. I would be interested on how they acquired this demon, what other demonic behaviors are manifested and how they are fighting to re-gain their freedom. Please tell these women that they are not helpless but they may need the help of a deliverance team to help get themselves free. This needs serious exorcism and self-deliverance spiritual work. If they have any questions, they can privately contact me by email. Connie

  2. Your statement:
    “Sexual demons have only one way to have sex with a host and that is through masturbation of the host”.

    My question:
    Are you saying here that the ” demon masturbates his host”??

    That may answer my previous question.

    Thank you

    1. No, I am saying that the demons has the capability of moving the hands of the host. The host has to give up control by putting their mind into neutral. The host masturbates and the demon gets the benefit. As possession increases, demons can move parts of the hosts body. Another example of this is when the demons speaks through the host in an exorcism.

      I don’t know if you have ever watched the recent Fox TV program “The Exorcist” that program has some truth and some fantasy. The part were the host is sitting in a corner of their mind and the demon takes control of the mind and body-that is how the host goes into neutral. Something like when someone else is driving your car. You own the car but don’t have control because you gave control to the driver.

      By the way, demons love to attack when the host is asleep. That is when the mind is in neutral. To get freedom back the host needs to take BACK the control of their mind. That takes time and practice. With practice a host can even take back control of their mind when asleep. When receiving demonic dreams, I could rebuke the demon in the name of Jesus and plead the blood of Jesus while in the dream. That would stop the dream. I usually would wake up but I could go back to sleep undisturbed. This can work with a demon but if the problem is psychological then it needs other solutions. Connie

  3. Your statement:
    “Sexual demons have only one way to have sex with a host and that is through masturbation of the host”.

    My question:
    Are you saying here that the ” demon masturbates his host”??

    Thank you

  4. Hi Connie,
    I’m a middle aged male who is still a virgin. Back in 2013/2014 I did something dumb. I was taking care of my elderly mother who was not doing so well. I was lonely, didn’t have a social life, spiritually wayward, and was curious,……a bad combination. I purchased a “summon a black fairy vampire/succubus” from an Ebay seller. Stupid I know. Anyhow I summoned “such and such” and thought nothing more to it. It was done on a lark and I doubted that it was real. About a month or two later I would take a nap and while laying upon my left or right side I’d feel a ever so slight touch upon my right/left shoulder blade. This happened quite a few times. One time it felt as if a finger made a gentle soft swirl motion. I was fully awake during all occasions. I had and currently have cats and they were not the source of the “touch”. In 2014 from July to October the doorbell rang several times, at least once a month between the hours of 10:00 to 2:30 am EST. I’d open the door and no one was there every time. No matter how fast I’d get to the door the culprit remained elusive. I’d search and never find anyone running away from the house either.
    I encountered two instances of hearing scratching sounds coming from some place near a fireplace (one of my cats heard it as well). As well as one of my cats literally walking over furniture to follow (without taking her eyes off of it) something unseen (to the human eye) that crossed the living room and disappeared into the side of the chimney where the scratching sounds were heard. I moved in 2016 to Florida where I am writing to you now. Since I have moved I have been “touched” only twice,….the second time was just the other day while trying to take a nap. I don’t know whether I have an attachment or not or whether it was left up in that house in Ohio. I’d be interested in talking more with you about my experiences.

    1. Hello,

      Just a few questions, did you play with the “summon a black fairy vampire/succubus” at all. How is your thinking? Are there any confusing or chaotic thoughts of extreme negativity or hatred? Do you get any crazy sexual thoughts? If not, my educated guess would be that it is testing you. It sounds like the attack is coming from the outside but it would like to get in through any fear your might have of it.

      Again, always try to ignore the thing and do not fear it. I do know that his kind of activity is scarey. The other night I was sleeping and the books from my shelf fell down to the floor. There was no one around-not even my dog, but I had fear. What was it? That never happened before? I think the book end was too weak and a few of the books just slid off the small shelf. Anyway, I thought, what I am a afraid of here? I do not fear any demons if they caused this I have authority in this earthly realm. Now, I am a Christian so I used the name of jesus Christ and applied His blood to my whole house. I will not be afraid. I fell asleep and it never happened again.

      Maybe you are not a Christian. In that case a lot depends on how much you worked the game you purchased and if there was any communication created. In any case, you are still the stronger one. Remember that.

      If you want to discuss this privately, send me an email from my contact page.


  5. Hy..

    Just want to tell you something & need ur answer at the end … plz read it thoroughly… Thanks

    I’m in a relationship with a man, since 8 years.. whenever in these 8 years we try to get married, something bad happens, mainly with my boyfriend.. he is only with me, I’M a very strict women (in terms of loyaliy) in a relationship & onlye he understands me & supported me throughout my life so far.. Now a month ago we had planned to get married but suddenly after doing all the wedding preparations my boyfriend suddenly got changed.. He talked about suicide, his urine got weird smell, he was feeling fatigue & tiredness all the time, suddenly he was diagnosed with sugar, all the time he wanted to go into the graveyard(on the grave of his father), he clearly said to me that he doesn’t want to pray anymore, and after all this condition he said that he doesn’t like me & every time he see my face got weird, he said that he is sacred of me, and he doesn’t love me & he doesn’t wants to marry me.. I got alarmed bcz it was unbelievable for me, what we was saying to me to have sex with someone else ( inspite if being highly possessive man who can’t even bear that i just talked to some other person) and he said marry some other guy, and i will put cuts on my penis with blade … at one min he said he loves me more then anything & on next he said he hates me.. well after all this i got one spirtual healer, and on first metting of that healer with my boyfriend he said he is possessed, not with one but 3 to 7 demons… and all i saw that with my own eyes, the healer said while his spiritual therapy is going on i shouldn’t be near him.. but its been 2 weeks now & he is saying that he wants me and wants to have sex with me.. we were in a monogamous relationship since 8 years.. i know he is alone, all he had was me.. im talking to him but everytime we talk he demands sex, his urge for sex was always high but now its uncontrollable.. what should i do ? im a human, i love him, i can’t see him in pain, he said that his scrotum( testis / balls ) are swelled due to lack of ejaculation or not having sex, he asked me that I’m going far from him, but what should i do.. i love him.. I’m confused.. the healer strictly advised me to not go near him before marriage.. but u know human needs.. since 8 years we usually have sex 4 to 5x a week .. and now its been first time that we are not close to each other almost from 20 days..

    plz guide me.. if i go near him or get close to him will his demons got sexual satisfaction with me ?? is it true??? plz reply

    1. Alina, the man you write about is highly troubled. From the description, it does sound that he has demons with a combination of possible mental illness disease. I know that you want to help him. The spiritual healer gave you very good advise. Do not let your compassion for him interfere with your safety. You mentioned that he is very possessive and could hurt you if he finds you with another man. Do not marry this man.

      Please know that you cannot help him if he will not seek help on hisown. This person needs help both psychological and an experienced exorcist. Also note that if you have sex with this man-you could get his demons. Demons can transfer from bodily fluids

      May God keep you strong and in His peace.


  6. You know……..I really respect a great deal ideas obviously born of thinking outside the box, living, working, applying methods and examining results.

    And I consider you in all likelyhood incorrect on numerous important points.

    I attempted to reach out to you, a small note of response. Lets talk, compare traditions as well innovations thereof placing the furthing of scintific understanding with regards to matters of our profession.

    And also…….actually…….Tibetan Masters, applying. methods, examining results.

    Native Americans …….still in review ……..exercism technique I gather to be largely inadequate……..but the demon managing while in occupation process methods and space clensing worthy of further ivestigation.

    Get back to me…….lets chat

    1. Hello,
      To be honest with you, I do not want to live, work, apply methods and examine the results of demons. I know demons because I had one in me. All my information is from personal experience. I write how I got the demon and how I got rid of it though the power of Jesus Christ.

      I know other religions and cultures have proposed methods of getting rid of demons. Are they successful? I don’t know. I only know what worked for me. There are many people that have trouble with demons and it really is a horrendous experience. If there are other methods that really work, then I am glad.

      The more you study demons the greater the chance that you will get one. They love spiritual curosity. They will play with your intellect so that you will forcus more on them. I do not ever want to discuss and examine demons-who they are, their names, how powerful they are–all I want is to tell people how to know their demonic enemy and how to cast it out.

      Thank you for your comment. I am sorry for the delay in answering.


  7. Hello. I had a Succubus from 2009 to 2019. been free of it for several months now. I believe i tried every thing to get read of it, Findley got read of it when I found Jesus, i been studying the Bible taking Bible Classes, I Accepted Jesus Was baptized the got Baptized in the holy spirit. I keep studying the Bible. anyone who says there not real got a big surprise coming, thy are all through the Bible Jesus talked about them and cast them out of People.
    That was the worse Ten years of my life. Put me and my family through a lot But by the Grace of GOD we got Through it.
    Thank You for Reaching Out.
    God Bless You and your Family.

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