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Sedona Arizona is an outstanding beautiful spiritual place and I am fortunate to visit Sedona quite often. The beauty of the Red Rocks of Sedona Arizona has emotional healing effects for the people that travel there.   The city of Sedona does not advertise but every year millions of travelers visit there from all over the world.  There are many activities for tourists in Sedona-hiking, swimming, jeep rides into the mountains, helicopter rides for an overview, historical museums, superior art galleries, and fine dining (my recommendation is Famous Pizza located in Sedona and Oak Creek.)  Famous Pizza is pizza fine dining!

Spiritual place of Sedona has a brilliant nature vibe

The red rocks of Sedona draw me into the awesome mountains and the spiritual vibrations of the beauty.  The first time I beheld the beauty of Sedona, I was in a life crisis.  I looked at the mountains and there was emotional relief and soothing emotional healing. 

What type of spiritual vibe is in Sedona?  The most noteworthy vibe of brilliant nature and how nature can soothe and comfort us.  There are seven spiritual vortexes in Sedona mapped by someone that claims the discovery of the vortexes.  A spiritual Vortex is a special place where the spiritual energy is supposedly the highest.  As a result, I hike to a vortex and do not feel any extra-high spiritual energy.  There is a rumor that Satanists go to a vortex to summon demons on Halloween.  I don’t know if that is true or not.

Spiritual people live and work in Sedona

Sedona Arizon-spiritual place

There are many spiritual people in Sedona.  Most are of the New Age and a community of people that channel spirits.  There are spiritual healers, psychics, a few musicians that channel the spirits who create music, and a few artists that create beautiful but bazaar sculptures and paintings by the influence of spirits. Spiritual people know Sedona is a spiritual place.   Reader, you know that I believe all this is demonic activity.

Some of the Christians will not travel to Sedona because they believe they could be affected by all this activity.  Readers, all the demonic spiritual activity can be ignored by me.  God created this beautiful place and no one or demon will keep me from enjoying the beauty.  There is a Catholic church on top of a red mountain called Cathedral Rock.  Cathedral Rock is a place where there is the peace and presence of my Christian God.

In conclusion, do yourself a big favor and visit Sedona if you are in Arizona.  Better than the Grand Canyon-yes, I believe that is true.

Readers, I thought I would lighten up a bit.  After all, I know my posts are serious and heavy.  If you know of any spiritual places, please comment.  I would love to read about them.  Connie


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