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Good Angel or Bad Angel-How To Tell the Difference By Behavior

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Good angel or Bad angel? On first contact it can be difficult to tell the difference.  Measure the spirits by their behaviors. The good angels preform the commands of God on earth. Good angels are powerful spiritual beings that relay a message from God or…

Four Spiritual Websites

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Hello, My name is Connie Williams.  Listed below are my four websites on the spiritual realm.  The subject of these websites all are from personal experiences as a person who was demon possessed and years later- experiences as an exorcist on a deliverance team.

Readers, these websites will help you stay spiritually Safe.   –Connie–

Welcome to About Demons

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Aboutdemons.com was created to give to an in depth look at demon activity.  Much of the information posted here is information you will not find on other websites.

Post content is derived from my demon experience from working the Ouija Board as a teenager.  In addition, I use information gathered from my 12 years of experience as an exorcist and deliverance minister.

If you have any private questions or comments, please contact me.

Connie Williams

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