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Sexual Demons- Are Incubus and Succubus Real?

 Sexual demons- Are Incubus and succubus real?  Yes, every demon loves sex.  Are there sexual demons with the names incubus and succubus? On the contrary, the demons take on the function of what we call incubus and succubus.  They use the names to identify themselves to the host.   Evil spirits can give their host

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About Me

Play Play Play Play Play Play Checkout my video channel at Aboutdemons for more videos. Hello Everyone.  My name is Connie Williams.  I offer the website Aboutdemons to give unique information about demons.  I know there are many experts that give information about demon because they read the history of demons interacting with people.  The

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29 Ways Demons Enter-Spirit Channeling and Negative Emotions

How demons enter is by invitation to communicate.   Some people may be more spiritually sensitive than others. Demons enter easily when the person is spiritually sensitive.  Other people are not spiritually sensitive find to difficult for spirit channeling. Channeling methods are high on the list of  how demons enter.  Spirit channeling is inviting a

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incubus and succubus

Demon Possession-Three Levels of Possession

Demon possession process is the goal of every demon.    Demon desire to live inside the body of the host-person.  Why do demons so desire to occupy a human body?  I do not know the reason.  I do know the demons will fiercely fight for the invitation to possess Demon possession process begins with promises

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angel or demon

Good Angel or Bad Angel-How To Tell the Difference By Behavior

Good angel or Bad angel? On first contact it can be difficult to tell the difference.  Measure the spirits by their behaviors. The good angels preform the commands of God on earth. Good angels are powerful spiritual beings that relay a message from God or protect certain people from danger.  These angels very seldom talk. 

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