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How Demons Enter

Side-effects of demons

How demons enter is by invitation to communicate.   Some people may be more spiritually sensitive than others. Demons enter easily when the person is spiritually sensitive because the person has more of an open spiritual channel.  Other people are not spiritually sensitive and if they attempt channeling the demons will have more difficulty to find entrance.

Channeling methods are high on the list of  how demons enter.  Channeling usually requires time in training.  There are certain satanic cults that will train their members in mental telepathy.  There are some factions of the New Age movement that channel spirits to write books, paint paintings, and originate music through these channeling methods.  Although the works of these spirits can be beautiful or bizarre enough to peak interest, the method used was channeling.  These Demons state they are angels but in reality are lying to start the possession process.  The good angels do not hold conversations or write poems or music.

Most common channeling methods of how demons enter

  • Ouija Board
  • Channeling
  • Consulting spiritual mediums
  • Consulting phychics
  • mental telepathy
  • Thought transferance
  • spells or curses
  • fortunetelling 
  • spirit guides
  • Satanism
  • witchcraft
  • Automatic handwriting
  • trances
  • astral projection
  • Generational Demons that enter through the family bloodline


Demons enter through negative emotional intensity

Demons can sense intense negative emotions and have the ability magnify the negative emotion as foothold to begin entrance.  Life experiences can be emotionally traumatic and are difficult to heal.  Psychological counseling can help to normalize the emotions.  Prayer and forgiveness toward others or even the person himself can help toward the healing process.

If the negative emotion or behavior is passed through the bloodline then demons can be in the process of possession for every person in the family. For example, the invitation was made by great grandfather who was a warlock.    Demons must be dealt with through exorcism and self-deliverance.  Generational demons are difficult to detect because the demons hide but influence the person’s emotional state.  The person may not discover the demon.   When the cause of emotional distress is a generational demon,  emotional healing cannot be handled through psychology or prescribed medications.  The demon needs to be discovered and cast out  or the negative emotions will continue to increase for a lifetime only to be transferred to the person’s children.  

Common types of emotion intensified by demons:

  1. fear (all types)
  2. Jealousy
  3. Bitterness
  4. Strife
  5. Depression
  6. worry
  7. pride
  8. fatigue
  9. Addictions
  10. Gluttony
  11. Guilt
  12. Pride
  13. Competition 
  14. Emotions that are transmitted in generational bloodline


Christians Can Have a Demon

Christians can have a demon if they invite a demon to direct communication.  Christians who participate in channeling activities can have a demon because they have violated a very important spiritual law.  God does not force Christians to only follow Him.  If a Christian invites a demon to communication, then God will permit the demon entrance.  All human beings have a choice.  God does not violate that choice and the choice of communication with a “spirit” has consequences.  Most Christian churches that participate in exorcism and deliverance will minister to Christians.