Thought Insertion and Mental Telepathy Are Demon Abilities

.Demonic telepathy is a more scary form of telepathy. Demonic telepathy is a mental form of communication shared between the demon and the person. A possessed by a demon can think thoughts to the demon and vice versa.

 The evil spirit is now invading the brain. When a person undergoes a spirit possession, they may show demonic telepathy, including the demon using the host’s voice.

What is a Thought?

“The human brain is composed of about 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) interconnected by trillions of connections, called synapses. On average, each connection transmits about one signal per second. Some specialized connections send up to 1,000 signals per second. “Somehow… that’s producing thought,” says Charles Jennings, director of the neurotechnology at the MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research.” MIT School of Engineering 

sexual demons incubus and succubus

Got that? The concept of having 100 billion nerve cells interconnected with trillions of connections is way over my attempt to imagine how the brain system functions to create a thought.

The question is can human beings transmit and receive thoughts by telepathy?   Telepathy works when both the sender and receiver of thoughts believe that communication is possible.  Scientific telepathy experiments were performed and proved somewhat successful.   Unfortunately, only a few scientists believe in telepathy between humans.

Demonic Thought Insertion

Thought insertion is the ability to insert thoughts into another person’s mind.  The person receiving the thought knows this thought is not their own.  The person knows something or someone else inserted it into the thought process.  

Demons can send and receive thoughts.  They do not need to be inside a person to send these thoughts.  Most relevant is that demons are invited to communicate through the Ouija board or another channeling method. They begin to communicate through thought insertion and telepathy.  

Mental Telepathy is thought communication of both sending and receiving thoughts

Telepathy is both sending and receiving thoughts.  When the demon enters in, the person can both send and receive thoughts from the demon.  Demons are masters at thought communication.  These spirits are capable of holding long conversations with their host every day.  When the host sleeps, then the demon will insert lucid dreams into the host.  Demons never run out of energy because they have no human body to get tired.

Demons are experts at reading minds-even when they are outside the person’s body.  Somehow they can attach to the person from the outside to observe if they might be susceptible to possible demon possession

I must admit that the subject of thought Insertions and telepathy of demons sounds like science fiction.  Unfortunately, demons do exist, and they are capable of sending and receiving thoughts.  How do I know this is true?  I experienced demons in the spiritual realm by working the Ouija Board.  I was not a person with Schizophrenia but after I played with the Ouija Board-I had thoughts of self-harm, intense hatred, intense fear.  None of these thoughts were mine.  I was an average teenager waiting to enter her first year of college until the Ouija Board came into my life.  When the demon is cast out through self-deliverance, my thoughts become only my thoughts: no more thought insertion or telepathy from a demon.  

Schizophrenia is a mental illness that can be mimicked by a demon

Schizophrenia is a mental illness that exhibits both thought insertion and telepathy.  Confused thinking and hallucinations are also characteristics of Schizophrenia.   Thought Insertion and telepathy are usually considered “delusional,” according to the scientific community. 

Most of the schizophrenic symptoms are also demon abilities.    These abilities include: mimicking mental illness, sending and receiving thoughts, confused thinking, and mental chaos.

Demon possession is when a person is a normal person until they began channeling spirits in the spirit realm.  Additionally, even if a family ancestor invited a demon in, the demon travels through the bloodline until it is cast out.  The generational demon could go unnoticed until the person begins to hear voices or thoughts that are inserted by demons.

Please note that this page is not encouraging anyone to stop using psychiatric prescribed medications.  These medications help provide clarity of mind.  The spiritual solution is when there is enough mental clarity to read and understand the scriptures.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Lorie’s story is about her spiritual and physical battle with Schizophrenia.  The story was submitted to my website in 2004.

demons and mental illiness

Lorie’s Story-Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia in the family- Mental illness or demons?

My mother 30+ years ago was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.  She was hospitalized 5 times.  During the 5th hospitalization, she determines to never return to that place.  She begins filling her mind with God.  She changes her pattern of thinking.  She stays out of the hospital.  She takes a small dose of Haldol all these years, and I believe it helps her.

Thirty years later I become mentally ill.  Amazing though, after I give my life to Christ and my spiritual eyes are open.  The next morning I hear in my mind “We’re here”. 

My life becomes a living nightmare.  I am hospitalized twice.  The second time the ambulance is called, it took 7 large men to hold me down.  I literally beat myself up because the voices tell me “God hates me”.   One of the police officers pulls my sister-in-law to the side and asks her if I had ever been involved in the occult.  I live in literal “hell” for years.  God uses the medication while I become strong in my faith.  I live in the knowledge of who I am in Christ and how much God loves me.

My path differs from my mother’s.  I run to the churches, I  request hands laid on me, and being prayed over.  Ministry rebukes demons from me and fill me with the Word of God.  I feel the demons leave me.  One night I wake up to feel a great presence leave.  Little did I know my daughter who is sleeping on the floor, also wakes up and sees a black cloud over me.  The black cloud leaves through the ceiling.

Twelve Years Later

Twelve years later, I know that I am not fully set free, but the day is coming soon.  The more light (Word of God) I fill myself with-the darkness must leave. “Darkness cannot live with the Light.” I am still on a very small amount of medication.  God carries me a very long way.  I am now attending a Christian College for ministry and counseling.  God is so good.

The story does not end though.  As I sit here typing this email, my brother is sitting in the psychiatric ward with the same problem.  He has been suffering for 10 years.  He is standing on what the doctors say, he looks at his problem as an illness versus spiritual. 

My life is speaking to him and he is considering the possibilities of the Word of God.  I cannot force my views on him, but my life is a great example of Christ, His love and power.  I do not put down the medical field at all.  I believe God gives the mental health professionals to help us. I do advise people to put God first and fill their minds with God.  He alone shows each person the road to take.

Generational Demons

For my family, I believe somewhere in the past one of my ancestors practices the occult. .  The occult opens the door to spiritual evil and the demon has affected my family through the generations.  Schizophrenia also affects my great aunt, my mother, her twin brother, me, and both my brothers.  No matter what, I choose God.  He does not want me sick, “He came to set the captives free”. “He became a curse for us.” He wants our lives to speak of His Glory and Power.  I sympathize with those suffering and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.  I can read everything on mental illness, but because of what I have gone through, my beliefs stand with the Living Word of God.



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  1. I would like to reach out as I believe the same thing has happened too me. I have felt something with me for all these years as long as I could remeber I can see the spiritual world or feel as if somethings there. My dreams seem to tell alot as I luicid dream very often. We have moved house to house, ive gotten blessed prayed over and I still feel as if something makes me sick, makes me think negative thoughts. These past 2 years ive been more with god and understanding he works in good ways to help me even understand myself. My moms has night terrors. My wife also has never believed in the paranormal or demons her whole life till she met me and went too my moms house. Something was making itself known too her and flipped on lights (has flipped off lights) , runs through the kitchen, even turns off fans. Ive herd and seen things my whole life. Even when I moved out.

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