What Happens In An Exorcism


Exorcism is a process to forcibly make a demon leave a host-person

Demons will not leave a demon possessed person without spiritual force-an exorcism might be necessary. Exorcists can be a priest or minister on a deliverance team. What usually happens in an exorcism to the demon possessed person, the exorcist and the demon?


  • The host must consent and desire the exorcism.
  • The host is not physically tied up or restricted.
  • Host must allow the demon to speak through him.
  • The voice of the host changes slightly when the demon speaks.
  • The host’s physical features do not change
  • If the host is a child then the parents and the child must consent. The child or parents can stop the exorcism at any time. Most exorcists have an age restriction for children

The Demon

  • The demon speaks only to answer the questions of the exorcist and does not to attempt a conversation in any way.
  • The demons might curse, spit, scream or give facts about the exorcist’s misdeeds in order to weaken the exorcist.
  • The demon will probably say the host-person invited it into the body and has a right to stay.
  • The demon will laugh or mock the exorcist but cannot physically touch the exorcist.

The Exorcist

  • Must have faith and claim the blood of Jesus Christ for spiritual and physical protection
  • Be willing to have possible hidden life secrets revealed by the demon.
  • Have spiritual discernment to evaluate how firmed entrenched the demon is in the host.
  • When the exorcist has determined the demon is weakened, the exorcist can order the demon out in the name of Jesus.
  • The demon may come out or there may be some partial relief for the host-person. The demon could remain in the person but in a weakened state. There may be more than one exorcism required to cast out the demon.
  • So You Want to be a Deliverance Minister.

False ideas about the safety of the participants in an exorcism

Exorcisms can help the affected person by either getting rid of the demon or weakening the demon. Exorcism is a very private matter because the demon will reveal the past of both the host and the exorcist. Television and the movies are fantasy by portraying the demon as stronger than the exorcist.  Hosts do not levitate, exorcists do not have objects thrown by a demonic force.

The host-person sits on a chair and does not levitate or throw dangerous weapons at the exorcist. The demons fight is with words and how deeply it is entrenched in the host person.  This exorcism explanation is described as a Christian exorcism. Other religions have exorcism practices but I do not know if these practices are effective enough to get rid of a demon or to keep a demon from returning. I do know that Christian exorcism can be effective or partially effective.

How can an exorcist tell if the demon was cast out?  The demon screams and curses while the exorcist ministers to the person.  Some people believe if the person takes a deep breath  then the demon was expelled.  Some people believe if the person vomits green material, then the demon is expelled.  The true sign if a demon is expelled is if the person feels peace and continues to have peace of mind from that time forward.

In conclusion, demons do not stay out easily.  They will attempt to return by testing.  The person needs to know how to spiritually fight the demon should the demon try to return. The spiritual battle is fought by the person when living daily life. The process is called self-deliverance.  The person must have faith that the demon is gone and cannot return.  Unfortunately, the spiritual battle can continue for the lifetime of the person.


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