Do You Have a Demon?

Demons and sleep

Do you have a demon?  Take the demon test to evaluate if there is a demon possession in your body and soul.   Please note that demon possession has different levels.  “Yes” answers are possible signs of a demon inside of you.  If you do have a demon, then you need to find it early in the possession process.  Demons are always weaker at the beginning of the process.

Do You have a Demon?

  1.  Have you worked the Ouija Board?
  2. Do you have intense abnormal fits of temper?
  3.  Do you have re-occurring suicidal thoughts?
  4.  Do you “cut” your body for a blood release?
  5.  Have you ever been to a psychic or medium?
  6.  Do you want to hurt yourself or others?
  7.  Have you ever hurt animals to see them in pain?
  8.  Do you have chaotic thoughts?
  9.  Do you have many thoughts moving through your mind at lightening speed?
  10.  Did you have an invisible friend as a child?
  11.  Have you ever been a sexual abuser?
  12.  Have you been sexually abused?
  13.  Do you meditate on pornography?
  14.  Incapable of stopping addictions-even with counseling?
  15.  Do you chaotic dreams or nightmares?
  16.  Is there a past family member that participated in spirit channeling?
  17.  Have you ever talked to any spirit such as an angel?
  18.  Are you usually in a fearful state of mind?
  19.  Do you hate people for no reason?
  20.  Are you a bully and abuse other people?


Psychological or Demon Problem?


Do you have a demon?


If you answered “yes” to any of the “Do You have a Demon” questions, you could have a demon or you could have a mental health issue.  The best solution would be to try psychological counseling or medications prescribed by a psychiatrist.  If you have been trying that method for at least a year and none of psychology solutions help then you need to try the spiritual solution.  Do not be afraid of facing the spiritual problem-the quality of your life depends on you finding the truth.

If you were engaged in channeling activities then pay close attention on your thought patterns.  Have your thoughts and behaviors changed since your spiritual activity?  For example, you never have suicidal thoughts but your thoughts are about suicide and how hopelessness of life.  Most relevant, know your thoughts and filter out the negative thoughts.  Analyze the time period when these new thoughts began to enter your mind.  If the thoughts started after your spiritual activities then you might have picked up a demon.


Demons Do Not Play Fair-Generational Demons 

Many people do not believe that demons or the spiritual realm exists but the truth is that real demons do exist on earth.  All demons need is an invitation.  This invitation to enter can come from you directly or travel through the blood line of your family member that invited a demon in.  Demons can be similar to an inherited disease by being in the DNA of the bloodline. Additionally, if your parents or grandparents are still alive, ask them is anyone in your family was a medium or practiced any form of psychic abilities.  Yes, that is unfair that you should receive a demon because of a past family member’s spiritual mistake. Demons are not fair-they act on a invitation to possess.  Demons will never leave unless they are kicked out by a stronger spiritual force.

Do You Have a DemonIn conclusion, “Do You Have a Demon” answers are only a beginning of researching if you have a demon.  So stay calm and go through the steps-try psychological  counseling and if that does not help then try a spiritual solution.  The spiritual solution might include exorcism or practicing spiritual warfare in self-deliverance.  Be sure to check out the exorcist.  Make sure they are in a credible church and have no spiritual abuse issues.  When you attend an exorcism, you are very vulnerable and need to be in the care of an experienced exorcist that is part of a deliverance team.  One exorcist ministering alone is a bad idea.  There are no checks and balances from other team members.  

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6 thoughts on “Do You Have a Demon?

  1. When I came across your site one day, I believed that God had answered my prayer. a lot of pastors teach that demons can not read minds. so i could not understand how i was able to think and hear someone or something in my mind at the same time! a voice that I knew was not my own. I am convinced that I have a demon that was never cast out. I was involved in a satnic cult that posed as a christian church, but they did not believe in deliverance, so I never was delivered. You talked about them being able to move the body or parts of the body i have experienced that. in fact, I have experienced just about eveything and more of what you described. Self deliverance is not working for me, although my hair recently started to grow back. I still have a lot of synchronity occurring everyday. random strangers seem to have the ability to read my mind because they relate back to me things that I was thinking. I seem to have ‘bad luck’ all day everyday. I have been searching for a deliverance minister for over 1 year now, now that I have decided to seek the Lord, i left the cult church and I am constantly under attack. I was exposed to the ouija board through a neighbor growing up. in fact, if i had to say, i believe a lot of my problems started after i went to that dark creepy house with that divorcee and her two creepy kids and their ouija board.
    I struggle with thoughts of suicide. today was really bad. I met 2 satanist one in high school, who got me to read something in a language that I couldn’t understand. and another about 20 years ago that placed me in what she called the program. where can i get deliverance?? I feel that the Lord has been showing me through dreams and podcast and even your website that I have a demon. a lot of pastors do not beleive that a christian can have a demon. However, although i love the Lord with all my heart, i don’t beleive i am a christian because i was in that cult for so long. please respond as soon as you can

    1. Hello, First of all, if you love the Lord and asked for His forgiveness-He will forgive you. He died so you can be forgiven. You are accepted as one of His children. Do not doubt that. You should try to find a established exorcist in you area and work with them. Some churches do offer deliverance. Self deliverance does work but you have to be patient and have endurance. I fought my demon for 4 years before I was delivered. Stay close to the bible and memorize scriptures that are powerful to you. When you hear a demonic thought replace that thought with scriptures. I think in my case, I had to learn spiritual battle when I was attacked by a demon. Once free I knew how to fight it so it could not return. That could be the same for you. Keep up the spiritual battle. Don’t give up. Also get a check up from a doctor to make sure that you are healthy enough to fight this demon. God bless you and keep you in His peace.

    2. “I still have a lot of synchronity occurring everyday. random strangers seem to have the ability to read my mind because they relate back to me things that I was thinking. ”

      I would say that when this happens, when a stranger relates what you are thinking, it is the demon that is influencing the stranger to speak that, unconsciously. That is my experience. Hope it helps

      “I still have a lot of synchronity occurring everyday. random strangers seem to have the ability to read my mind because they relate back to me things that I was thinking. ”

      I suspect that the language was Enochian. Could have meant anything. Pray to the Most High to forgive you.

      I pray psalms. I’ve heard they’re not the most effective way to pray but that is what I do.
      Psalm 51 for cleansing. Psalm 102 for the Most High to hear my prayer. Psalm 91 for protection. Psalm 130 for God to hear my prayers. It seems to work.

  2. Hello,
    I am so grateful for finding your information today! I saw a black winged being in my home & the next day saw a dark shadow going up upstairs. From that point on, I felt this negative being attached to me. It also has attached to my daughter. It’s sucking the energy out of us & making us sick at times. I have been praying to God, Jesus, reading the Bible & doing everything in my power to get rid of it! I have demanded it leave, sent it love, sent it to light, sent it back to where it came from & absolutely nothing is working. I live in a small town, so there is nowhere to turn to, in person. Can you please offer some advice?

    1. Kathy, You cannot order a demon to get out under your own power.You are going in the right direction by praying and reading your bible. Endurance is the key. How do you feel the spirit sucking the energy out of you? Has it tried to communicate with you? Every time you feel the demon command it to go to the pit of hell in Jesus name. Memorize the scriptures that are powerful to you and quote scripture either aloud or by thinking the scripture. My scripture was “For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind. 2Timothy:1:7. Do not fear the demon-it only makes it stronger. Know that you are covered in the blood of Jesus and command it to go to the pit of hell in the name of Jesus Christ. Search your past-did you ever engage in any Occult activity like Ouija Board or tarot cards? If so you need to confess the activity and claim forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ. Anoint your house with oil “I anoint this room in the name of Jesus Christ and command the demon to go to the pit.. If you have a basement do the same to the basement. If you have any Christian friend to assist you, ask them if you trust them. How old is your daughter? Is she old enough to play with a Ouija Board? If she is old enough maybe she can assist you. Stay Strong. This takes patience. May God keep you in His peace,

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