Good Angel or Evil Angel

Good Angel or Evil Angel: Discerning the Difference.

At first contact, it can be difficult to distinguish between a good angel and a malevolent one. The true measure lies in their behaviors and actions.

Good angels are powerful spiritual beings that faithfully carry out the commands of God on Earth. They often appear briefly to relay an important message or protect individuals from danger. Good angels speak sparingly, typically offering a sentence or two of warning before vanishing just as swiftly as they arrived. While it is possible to glimpse a good angel, these sightings are fleeting, as they are only visible to deliver their divine message.

In contrast, evil angels are demons seeking to possess and control their human hosts. Demons strive to dominate their prey’s mind, soul, and body. They may even impersonate good angels or deceased loved ones or present themselves as spirit guides with malicious intent. Thirty-one specific demonic behaviors can help identify these malevolent entities. Unlike good angels, demons can manifest in dreams, though direct physical sightings remain rare.

The distinction between Good Anges

The distinction between the two is critical. Good angels come to serve God’s will, while demons pursue only selfish, destructive ends. Discernment is key to recognizing the true nature of these spiritual forces. — Good angels are emissaries of the divine, sent to guide and protect us in alignment with God’s benevolent plan. Their presence brings peace, clarity, and a sense of righteous purpose. In contrast, demons are malicious entities that seek to sow chaos and confusion and tempt us toward selfish desires that ultimately lead to our downfall.

Spirit Test: Tell the Spirit to leave

it’s important to take a firm and convincing stance. Does the spirit have a message for you? If so, listen to it with skepticism. Most importantly, you must tell the spirit to leave your presence now and forever. This is the ultimate spiritual test.

An angel will automatically leave if asked, but if the spirit does not comply, you must tell it to leave – not partially, completely, and forever. If the spirit leaves when you command it to, then that spirit is likely a benevolent angel. True angels do not hold lengthy conversations or endlessly desire to be around you and your daily activities. They deliver their message and then depart.

Evil spirits will not leave you. They will try to convince you that they are necessary to the quality of your life. They will lie and say they will protect you or give you special spiritual knowledge. Tell it to leave you forever and completely ignore any thoughts and advice the evil spirit is attempting to give you.

How does the Spirit Appear?

The behaviors of these entities provide crucial clues to their identity. Good angels typically appear briefly, conveying a succinct message before vanishing. They are visible only to the person they are meant to assist. In contrast, demons aim to manipulate the mind, soul, and body of their host, often impersonating benevolent spirits.

Demons, however, are invisible and operate through thoughts. They tell lies that you desire to hear. Demons aim to manipulate their host’s mind, soul, and body, often impersonating benevolent spirits. The evil spirit operates through deception, preying on our hopes, desires, fears, doubts, and baser impulses. Their whispers breed negativity, conflict, and a descent into darkness.

Remaining vigilant, attuning ourselves to the divine frequency, and strengthening our spiritual fortitude are crucial in this eternal struggle. Only then can we hope to rebuff the demons’ corrosive influence and heed the benevolent guidance of the angelic realm, steering humanity towards its highest destiny of enlightenment and transcendence.

Both Spirits CanManifest in Dreams

Recognizing 31 specific demonic behaviors can help distinguish these malevolent forces from God’s divine messengers. Though seeing angels or demons in human form is rare, their presence may manifest in dreams or other subtle ways. Ultimately, measuring spirits by their actions, not merely their initial appearance, is essential.

Angels give warnings that turn out to be true. There is only one warning, not many different types of warnings; demons give reoccurring nightmares. The nightmares are of different types. Usually, the fears.

My Two Experiences With Angels

 I have seen good angel twice. The first time I saw an angel was when I was doing a spiritual battle with the demon that was partially possessing me.  I innocently invited a demon into me while working on the Ouija Board.    One night, I suddenly awakened from a dream. I glanced to the side.  I saw a very tall angel dressed in white.  I could not see his face, but I saw his golden belt and a very large sword.  There was no fear at the sight of the angel.    The good angel was standing by my bed.  I know that he was sent to protect me.  I only had a glimpse of him, and then he was gone.

The second time I saw an angel, he wore a black T-shirt and black pants. There was a white cross printed on his t-shirt. The angel was perfect.  He had clothing that fit him perfectly.  His body was solid; his face had no wrinkles or blemishes.  He looked at me with a serious look of concern and compassion.  His eyes were piercing my soul.  I extended my hand for a handshake and felt like I was moved to the center of the room.  I felt like I had been awakened from a spiritual state.  When I looked for the angel, he was gone; none of my friends recall seeing him.

The purpose of that angelic visit was to tell me that very difficult life experiences were coming to me.  A few weeks later, my husband had terminal lung cancer.  I was my husband’s caregiver for two years, and I often thought about that angel who looked at me with compassion and concern.  The angel never said a word to me, but I knew he was there to comfort me.

Bad Angels

Bad angels are demons that impersonate angels.  The angelic imposters want to have direct communication.  They promise spiritual power or spiritual enlightenment with long conversations.  Bad angels want to begin the process of demon possession

Don’t be fooled by demons.  They will reveal their demonic true nature in a short amount of time.  Their goal is to possess.  Demons will never leave the person of their own free will.  Readers, demons do appear in angelic clothing, but their behavior will expose their evil nature.  Remember, demons want control over their person/host in every aspect of life.

Good angels or bad angels can be difficult to identify at first contact.  As with people, angels and demons are measured by what they do, not by what they say. 

angels and demons

Angel or Demon? Richard’s True Story

  I am writing concerning my experience with spirit possession. I am 39 years old and a post-graduate professional.  I moved to Idaho in 1996 with my then-wife and son.  We bought a home and then happily had our second child, my daughter, in 1998.  I am also a professional musician.  I succeeded greatly in Boise as a side man for a name act.  However, I decided that I was going to build a successful band of my own (which I did).  We encountered resistance to the out at first at local area clubs.  Then, I sought counsel with “angels and spirits to protect and guide me.

Spirit is a Demon

I was reading a book about angels at lunchtime. The book suggested that one may contact “your” angel by reaching out and asking its name.  Something responded in my mind and identified itself as NPQ.  It told me it was there to protect, guide, help my family, etc.  From there, life started to change.  Very rapidly.  I began to speak things to co-workers out of turn: threats, etc.  I even cursed my beloved bass player one evening.  Oh, the pain of those words, especially for her.  Then, of course, I became increasingly confused.  I started thinking of murder, harm, extreme hatred, hatred of Christ, and all that was good.  I had visions of hurting my daughter, killing my wife, etc.  All the while, NPQ, who later revealed its name, kept insisting that it protected me.


I voluntarily admitted myself to the West Valley Medical Center psychiatric ward since I could not control my thoughts. I was treated for “severe depression with associated OCD. Be that as it may, but after leaving the hospital four days later with a prescription for Prozac and a weekly counseling session, I sensed that I was not myself.  I then was subjected to various car accidents, overwhelming anxiety, etc.

From there, my psychiatrist suggested that I see a Christian counselor.  I did.  He suggested that I read the “Bondage Breaker.”  It was then that I found my way to “deliverance.”  However, the way was not easy.  I tried to let Christ into my heart on my own.  That was when the nightmares started.  Horrible nightmares.  I recollect dreams of firestorms, violent windstorms, the death of friends, finding myself in “combat” situations with friends and childhood heroes, etc.

Then, my marriage started to break down.  I could only hold myself together through my friends and fellow musicians’ kindness.  She even pointed out that I carried a blackness about me.

Appearance of an angel?

One afternoon, sitting in my car, waiting for my bandmates to arrive before a rehearsal.  I  tried letting Christ into my life.  I often felt hypocritical about this since I was raised Catholic and have often had problems with the Church’s dogma and hocus pocus.  I tried as hard as I could to cast off the spirit.  I succeeded in getting it out of me.  I saw a shimmering black shape, as black as any void you could imagine, hovering behind me, almost laughing.

I was not free of it. It merely left me for a day or so and then returned. This time, I was subjected to a “roaring lion” voice in my mind. I don’t know what that was to this day. I shook it off. I sought a friend who brought me to a Christian Church at my lowest point. I was taken before the minister.

Exorcism of a Bad Angel

I do not recall the “exorcism” other than being asked if I would let Christ into my life.  I kept trying, but another “being” spoke through me in a harsh, cruel voice and told the minister, “NO.”  I wanted it to go.  I wanted it to leave me alone.  It was 12:30 am when I came to.  I had an immense bruise on my head from being tossed into the wall.  I recall hitting my head but not feeling any conscious pain.  The minister asked me if “they are gone” and if I let Christ into my life.  I have, with all my heart and soul.

This was almost two years ago.  The odd thing about the possession was that I willingly let it happen.  I wanted “power.”  I wanted to be assisted.  I was aware of the spirit; I knew it was with me.

Now, I know my heart is clean.  I feel free and light.  I do experience depression now and then, but the debilitating OCD symptoms, the horrible nightmares, the hideous use of anger, and the verbal attacks on my friends have all stopped.

Warning To Others: The demon wants “you.” It wants your entire being. It wants to give its consciousness form. It seemed to function for one purpose: to give me determination (and talent beyond my physical ability to play the guitar).

Interestingly, I GAVE IT JUST WHAT IT WANTED.  It took my body, my God-given talent, and used me to its own complete and selfish sends.  If love had been extinguished in my life, it would have extinguished my life to achieve its desires and ends.  I almost did.

I now live in another city with my fellow musician and have not been tormented by this spirit since. However, I am always on guard.


This story was submitted to my website in 2004 in hopes that people would read his story and heed his warning about communicating with angels.  Thank you,   Richard

Readers stay spiritually safe.


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  1. Connie,

    I’ve had two nightmares where a demon took the form of a person. In each dream I felt they were not human. In both nightmares the “human demon” came after me with intent to do me bodily harm. The second dream the “demon” took the form of a long time friend who approached me in a hunched position taking swipes at me with it’s hands which mimicked claws(thankfully it missed me each time). The thing wanted to kill me and then defile/rape my corpse. It didn’t say that in words but I somehow read it’s thoughts. The level of absolute hate that emanated from it was off the charts. It despised me, it was not my friend. Thankfully the nightmare ended before it could do any harm.

    • George,

      When we sleep is when we are most vulnerable to demonic attack. The demon can give you a lucid dream by using mental telepathy from the outside. It wants you to think about the dream and fear. Just ignore the dream. Yes, demons have intense hate but you do not- so think about the good and positive. If you have more than one or two dreams then you may need to fight back in the dream. That takes practice and time.

  2. I’m concerned because I have made contact with a few archangels one in particular I’m concerned I was doing automatic writing and archangel Metatron came through and said he had a message from God told me the message and told me to calm down that god would never lead me in the wrong path so I asked him to reveal himself. So i felt trike I was directed to stand up and I did the motion of raising a sword I did this whole like warrior type thing I can’t Explain it then my body went limp I’m concerned I would like to think it was really him people say they won’t come if not called I did do a meditation earlier we’re I said his name ? Kinda scared now

    • Hello, you cannot contact angels through automatic handwriting. Angels come to give you a message and leave as fast as they came. Please note that you need to stop automatic handwriting because that is an Occult method to channel evil spirits. I know because I was fooled by Ouija Board and automatic handwriting. It was not an angel or protector or a friend-it turned out to be a demon and took four years to get rid of it.

      Don’t fear it, ignore it and stop channeling. Connie

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