Angels-Good and Bad

angels good and bad

Angels are spiritual beings that have the character of good.  The good angels preform the commands of God on earth.  Angels are powerful spiritual beings that could send a message from God or protect certain people from danger.  Good angels do not hold lengthy conversations with people and do not want to possess a person’s body.  What proof do I have to write about good angels?

Good Angels

As a spiritually sensitive person, I have seen angels only twice in my life.  The first time I saw an angel was when I was doing spiritual battle with the demon that was partially possessing me.  I innocently invited a demon into me when I was working the Ouija Board.  My True Story  One night I was suddenly awakened from a nightmare when I glanced to the side.  I saw a very tall angel that was dressed in white.  I could not see his face but I saw his golden belt and very large sword.  There was no fear at the sight of the angel.    The angel was standing by my bed.  I know that he was sent to protect me.  I only had a glimpse of him and then he was gone.

The second time I saw an angel was in church.  The minister told the congregation to introduce ourselves to each other.  I saw a man dressed in black.  He had a black t-shirt with a large white Christian cross in the center.  The angel was perfect.  He had clothing that fit him perfectly.  His body was solid, his face had no wrinkles or blemishes.  He looked at me with a serious look of concern and compassion.  His eyes were piercing my soul.  I extended my hand for a handshake and felt like I was moved to the center of the room.  I felt like I had been awakened from a spiritual state.  When I looked for the angel he was gone.  None of my friends recall seeing him.

The purpose of that angelic visit was to communicate to me that very difficult life experiences were coming to me.  A few weeks later it was discovered that my husband had terminal lung cancer.  I was my husband’s caregiver for two years and I often thought about that angel that stared at me with such compassion and concern.  The angel never said a word to me but I know he was there to comfort me.

Bad Angels

Bad angels are the demons that impersonate angels.  The angelic imposters want to have direct communication.  They promise spiritual power or spiritual enlightenment with long conversations.  Bad angels want to begin the process of demon possession

Don’t be fooled by demons.  They will reveal their demonic true nature in a short amount of time.  Their goal is to possess.  Demons will never leave the person of their own free will.  Readers, demons do appear in angelic clothing but it’s behavior will expose the good from the bad.  Remember, bad angels will attempt to get an invitation for direct conversation.  These angels want to enter and begin the possession process.



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