Ouija Board-Game of Demons

Ouija Board has a long and crazy-insane history  

Ouija Boards spell out messages through the letters and numbers on the board.  Participants place their fingertips on the wedge called the planchette.  The wedge mysteriously moves spelling out the messages.  The game was first commercialized by Elisha Bond in 1891.     Mediums, spiritualists, witches, New Agers work the board to consult spirits.    

The Ouija Board is also called “Spirit Board,” Talking Board,” and “Angel Board.” (Same letters and numbers but the board have images of angels on the surface.) Hey, it’s a source of entertainment and excitement.  Even young girls at slumber parties want to stir up excitement by anticipating a frightening experience.  Yes, the board gives crazy and frightening messages.

 The popularity of the board is always increasing because it can be an interactive game.  The Spirit Board is sold in in-game stores probably next to Monopoly games.  The stores give the impression of it being harmless-just a regular game.  “Hurry, hurry to get your Ouija Board now currently on sale at various web stores on the internet.”

Is the Ouija Board Real?

Truth is, readers, the Ouija Board is real-the board that summons the “spirits” by an invitation for “spirits” to communicate.  The simple act of placing the fingertips on the planchette is the invitation to possess.  People who are spiritually sensitive have more of an open spiritual channel for a demon to enter.  The spirits that are channeled through the Ouija Board are demons.  Angel spirits of God do not come to hold ongoing conversations with people.

Of course, The Talking Board and websites come with instructions on how to use it and not get possessed.  Use a silver coin to repel the evil spirits and the proper way to end the session to protect yourself from demon possession.  Wrong Advice.  If you are spiritually sensitive, a demon will come on in and make itself at home.

How do I know the Ouija Board is channeling demons?  I worked on the Ouija Board.  Usually, there are at least two people working the board.  I could work the board alone.  The Ouija Board changed my life forcing me to admit that the “spirit” was a demon.  

Ouija Board

How the Ouija Board Demon Begins the Possession Process

  1. Person is curious about how the Spirit Board works and contacts a spirit by placing fingertips on the planchette.
  2.  Extra-ordinary time is spent communicating with the spirit through the board.
  3.  Spirit suggests through a message that communication would be faster through automatic handwriting. Spirit uses the host’s hand to write message on paper.  Possession is deeper because now the spirit has gained control of the hands.
  4.  Spirit suggests that it can use the host’s voice to communicate.  Possession is deeper because it has control of vocal cords of the host.
  5.  Spirt has enough control to inject thoughts and interfere with sleep by injecting nightmares.  Possession is deeper because the spirit is beginning deeper control of the mind.
  6.  Host person finally realizes that this spirit is a demon and becomes intensely fearful.  Possession is deeper because demon becomes stronger as fear becomes stronger.  (More demon behaviors)
  7.  Demon could begin sexual abuse of host.
  8.  Demon asks to be a spirit husband or wife.

Ugly description of demon possession-isn’t it?  I write the truth because it is so ugly to have an intruder demon inside of your mind and body.    Demons are experts that fool and trick people.  The host is helpless to stop what they start by touching the planchette.    

Getting rid of a demon is usually not an instant experience.  People want an instant solution to gain back their freedom.   The process of getting rid of a demon takes time, endurance, and extreme desire to CAST OUT the demon.  

 Most relevant, once the spiritual channel is open in a person-it remains open.  There are side effects to once having a demon.  The side effects will last for a lifetime.


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  1. Could the Ouija board have been a necessary step in Regan’s possession? Perhaps. But then again, this demon is a deceiver. It pretends to Karras weaknesses and limits that it doesn’t actually have, in order to further its game. If it picked a little girl who never did anything wrong to possess, then it would be obvious that the cause of the misfortune came from outside – that “bad things happen to good people”. But by choosing a little girl who’s played with a spirit board, it plants the seed “maybe all this is happening to her because she brought it on herself” – that maybe bad things happen to us because we’re bad ourselves. Again, we’ve seen the demon capable of that kind of subtlety, so we have no way of knowing whether the Ouija board actually opened a door, or whether it simply wanted things to look that way. The demon wants us to believe we deserve the bad things that happen to us, but that doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

    • Hello, I agree that demon are definitely a deceiver. Demons are legalists. The girl gave an invitation to the demon to communicate with her. Demons do not care if you are young of old. They do not care if she was a good girl. Unfortunately, demons will possess whoever gives them an invitation. Be spiritually safe. Connie

  2. Mix-movie.com,
    It appears that you’re not aware that the film ‘The Exorcist’ was actually based on a true story. Therefore your question: ‘Could the Ouija board have been a necessary step in Regan’s possession?’ Is a moot point. There is no moral rhetoric, just a fictionalised retelling of the original story which concerned a little boy, rather than a girl.
    Indeed the ouija board notwithstanding, the moral of the story behind The Exorcist, is a very good one: Do Not Use a Ouija Board. It absolutely beggars belief that these items are still considered games. Sold besides legitimate board games as Family Entertainment, as though they are as inocuous as Scrabble, et al

    • Hello, Yes, I know this movie is a true story But there is quite a few behaviors by Regan that could not be true. Some of the movie was not realistic concerning a real exorcism. Heads rotating? Man’s voice coming out of a little girl? Come on, this is not possible. I agree with you about the Ouija Board, it can be deadly.

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