About Demons

Demons Abilities are real.

Demon abilities are almost infinite. The demons’ goal is to lead you into possession. Evil spirit wants your body, mind, and ultimately your spirit.

You may be wondering what you should do if you think there’s a demon in your life? Well, first, do not panic or be fearful! We’re here to help you figure out what’s going on with this demon and how to get rid of it, so it doesn’t ruin your life any more than it already has! If you want to know more about these evil creatures, then this website is written for you!

1. Demons are not a mythological creature
2. There is no one definition of what a demon is, but they can be classified as evil supernatural beings that are some people classify as “fallen angels” or “spirits who have gone astray.”
3. The term ‘demon’ has been used to describe many different things throughout history, including evil spirits, the devil, and pagan gods

1. All Demons are pure evil.
2. They exist in a parallel dimension and can be summoned by humans
3. There is no scientific evidence to prove that demons exist, history documents writings as early as the ancient culture.
4. The most common way for someone to become possessed is by “spirit channeling.”

Have you ever felt like you someone is watching you? Have you had a strange feeling that someone was following you or watching your every move, even when no one was around? It’s possible that the sensation is not your imagination.

What are demonic abilities?  But demons CAN possess people to make them act in ways that would be out of character for them- so maybe a shy person could become more outgoing, or someone who is usually introverted might start talking to strangers on the street. 

The current reality is one of dark, heavy energy. And it’s not just around us – it’s inside of us too. It can feel like we’re stuck in an endless loop that keeps pulling us back into the same high fearful and harmful state. 

Demons Do Not Have Names

Demons do not have personal names.  The historical names cannot be taken as the truth.  The ranks and power were given to demons.  How does anyone know if a demon is a lord or a lesser demon?  How do you find their true identity?  There is no way because demons lie.  They can state that they are great lords of demons to help play a fantasy their host desires.

Demons will attach to negative emotions and assume a function corresponding to the emotion.  For example, dislike turns into hate.  Hate turns into murder, depression to suicide.  

The evil spirit will attach to a fear.  Fear of death turns into constant thoughts about death.  These thoughts will feed the fear until the person becomes obsessed with the phobia of death.

You might wonder how I can make these statements about demons.  Unfortunately, many years ago, I worked the Ouija Board and became partially possessed.  It took about four years of spiritual battle to get the demon out.

This developed a passion to help other people that knew they had a demon.  Most people have no idea how to get rid of the spirit.

Many years later, I trained to be an exorcist and worked with several churches.  Twelve years of helping people influenced by demons.

This website and my YouTube channel are taken directly from my personal experience and the experience of others.

FAQS About Demons

Why do demons want to hurt humans and if they are so powerful why don’t they just hurt us at will?

Demons would love to have more power here on Earth, but they are restricted. They can only enter the body if someone invites them in-examples include Ouija Boards or any form of spirit channeling.

Can demons be summoned by just chanting their names or does the summoning need a ritual?

Chanting an evil spirit’s name and doing a ritual will summon these spirits.  These activities are an invitation to communicate.

How do I get rid of the demons in my head that keep painting negative pictures of everyone and everything?

A spiritual battle needs to be done in your mind. Replace the negative pictures and thoughts with positive pictures and thoughts.  If you are a Christian replace the negative with scriptures.

Possession Process

What these spirits do to a person is very scary.  Keep in mind the host can maintain control over the demon.  Always remember that humans have more power than demons on earth.  Of course, demons will attempt to hide the fact and proclaim to be more powerful than the host.

The idea that these spirits exist is not a new one. In fact, it has been around for centuries. They are said to come from the depths of hell and they have many different ways of getting into your life. One way is by possessing you. They do this by flooding your mind with evil thoughts and using your voice to say things that don’t fit in with what’s being discussed at the time. This can be very scary for anyone who believes in their existence because there’s no telling how long they’ll stay or what damage they will cause before leaving again. It’s important to know about them so you can protect yourself against them if necessary!

Once a spirit begins the possession process, its goal is to take over the mind, body, and soul of the host.  How does a demon continue this process? As the evil spirit communicates with the host, every day it goes deeper into the possession process.

 If you’re interested in learning more about these spirits, you might find some helpful information on our website today! We hope we’ve given you enough reasons why these beings are not something worth trying to communicate with! If anything, take precautions against them just in case they ever try to enter your life again…they won’t get far without a fight though!

No Fear

Never fear a demon. Fear gives them more power


Get to a church for exorcism of learning self-exorcism or learn Self-exorcism.


Demons will attempt to confuse the mind. Learn to fight demonic attacks.

Sex With a Ghost is Demon Sex

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