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ABOUT Demons

This website gives unique information about demons-unusual abilities and their behaviors

Demons are not shadows or use demonic activity to frighten you.  No person is helpless when confronted by a demon.  This earthly realm belongs to human beings.  Demons are intruders from the spiritual realm. 


Demons are not harmless ghosts.

Most people think that demons do not have the power to be anything but harmless. Evil spirits will never be Casper the ghost.

Demons use masks to gain attention.

Evil spirits will use the fantasy of a person to gain entrance into the person's life.

Demons Want Your Time

Most of all demons want you to spend time with them 24/7. They will pretend to be a departed loved one, a sexual fantasy, a protective angel.


Demonic activity is categorized by four main behaviors

Demons and Sex, Demons and Mind Control, Demon behavior, Demons and Ghosts.

Men's secret sex demon
Demon Behavior
Sex with Demons
sexual demons incubus and succubus
Control Over Demons
sexual demons
Demons and the Mind
How To Force the Demon to Leave

About Me

I Made a Huge Spiritual Mistake.

I was demon oppressed by playing the Ouija Board.  Took four years to get the evil spirit to leave.

Many Years Later I became an exorcist.

I could not tolerate people being harassed and oppressed by demons.

I Ministered Exorcism for 12 years.

My passion to to tell others the chaos demons can create.  Demons have skills that no will discuss.

If oppressed or possessed demons are always with you.  You are never alone.  

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