Starve Your Demons

Stave your demons because if they do not starve then they will grow and you will diminish.  What is a demon?  A demon is a spirit being that is more than spiritual energy.  Demons have abilities and great powers of seduction and manipulation to persuade a person to inhabit their body and soul.  Demons belong in the spirit realm.   They desire to live like humans in the earthy realm.  The place where demons actually belong must be a very bad place-hell.  

In Hindu and New Age demons are negative energy-not a spirit being

After researching the internet I was quite surprised that many of the world’s religions do not believe in a demonic spirit being but energy.  New Agers and Hindu religions believe in negative energy that can be integrated into positive energy.  Look inward for the negative energy, find it, and become friends with it.  Make the demon an ally to make the person stronger.

The Buddhist webpage of How to Feed Your, simplifies and explains how to make friends with demons.  Of course, if you read my posts, you know how this absolutely incorrect according to my personal experience with demons and my exorcist experiences.  Be careful readers–this is not leading anyone toward friendship with a demon but a demon possession experience.  What do I mean by staving your demons?  I mean don’t try to be friends with them.  Don’t communicate with them.  Don’t visualize the appearance of the thing.  Get rid of it so you can live your life. Yes, starve your demons.

“Jinn ” is a Islam Demon that Hides

Islam believes in a “Jinn” a supernatural being that hides in dark places and is only detectable from the 6th sense.  They are not necessarily evil and have a free will.  See Wikipedia for further description.  Some of the behaviors of a “Jinn” are similar to the behaviors of demons held by Christianity.  The being can cause chaos in the human body in somewhat similar ways.  The behaviors of a “Jinn” in a person result in just to name a few behaviors: nightmares, aggression, laziness, and loss of consciousness.  In some cases a person can be completely possessed by a “Jinn”   and the possession will prove to be evil.   There are Islam exorcists that use recited formulas called Ruqyah.  The formula can consist of charms, amulets, and spells to expel the “Jinn”.

The Christian demons are spirit beings that are evil.  Christianity believes in good and evil.  There are a few different ideas about the identity of demons.  Some believe demons are fallen angels and others believe demons are spirits of people who once lived on earth before mankind was created.  There are a few Christian leaders that think demons are spirits of people who have died but cannot find the spirit realm for habitation.  Personally, I really don’t care how demons originated. I know how they behave and that demons are purely evil.  

Look, readers, I wanted to write this post because of all the beliefs about demons that are spread across the internet.  In my opinion, some websites give out advice that is very dangerous.  Most of the people who write about demons have not been possessed and only have an intellectual belief. 

I included a few links for you to review so that you know where I received information for this post.  I cannot give you information from their page without giving them credit.  Can I?  This post is not meant to give you detailed information (only a brief summary) on what a few religions believe-that information is all over the internet.   

I’ll write it again, be careful, readers.  Stave your demons and stay spiritually safe.

stave your demons


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  1. I have great respect for your website. Its one of the most sensible things Ive come across.

    I am a Buddhist Lama. But not a non Christian either. Ive had to contend with demons both Christian and Non. I believe theres a great need to compare notes and improve technique.

    I have many questions to ask and ideas to share.

    One point on Chod (feeding demons) a coulpe actually. As you mentioned reclaiming ones mind and body from oppression and oppression is a process. I may have stumbled across some things of benifit.

    Getting back to Chod. This was very helpful in the process of lessening the grip of demons. Its paradoxical to the human realm. If your apartment is infested with rats one does not leave food around for them to eat. But when chod is done for a posessed person it on the one hand “feeds” them yet does so using different “nurishment” than negative emotions. The demons do less to enact fear and anger in the occupied person for awhile. This specifically has been applied by me on Satan and retinue demons.

    Also as per demonic deception a straightforward “pointing” at it and saying “in the name of Jesus Christ reveal thyself” has never failed to work. Unless a bigger game of pretending to work and sometimes not was at play. One needs to have embrace of Jesus to work imho.

    Yet I think with further research we will know more about both my aforementioned items.

    • Hello, I know that other religions might have a method to get rid of demons. I am glad if other methods work.

      I have experience with demons and the power of Jesus Christ to get rid of them. This is based on my personal experience with channeling a demon through the Ouija Board. In rare cases, the demons will leave when an exorcist says “In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast you to the pit”. Usually there is spiritual warfare that needs to take place between the persoon and the demon for a period of time. The process of thought control, prayer, fasting and ignoring the demonic activity. This does work because I had a demon and it was cast out. My mind returned to normal- no more bad dreams, sucidial thoughts or extreme depression. It took four years but after it was cast out-I knew how to keep in out.

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