Demon-What Is Your Name?

Demon-what is your name?  There are many ministers in demon namesexorcism that believe every demon has a name.  Demons are evil spirits.  Evil spirits will give you a name if you want one.

Thoughout history people have categorized demons by giving them not only names but also specific functions that their names describe.  How does anyone know if their names are the truth. Why do many people accept the historical names of demons as true?  

Additionally, the internet contains many pages about the names and functions of demons.  Most Christians believe demons are fallen angels.  Others believe demons are spirits of the deceased people.  How can we know their individual demon names if we are not really sure what demons are?

Demons are identified by behavior not names. 

Unfortunately, there is no measure of psychology tests.  There is no measurement of the evilness of demons.  Is it a sex demon?  Is it some other type like lust, sadness and depression, etc….  Who knows?  If we ask their name, how do we know it is not lying?

The evaluation of a demon can only be known by it’s behavior. Evil spirits have complex tricks such as imitating an angel, deceased loved one, past lover, enlightens through spiritual knowledge.  That is a lie.  The main focus is to keep the interest of the host.  The purpose of keeping the interest of the person is to get an invitation to possess.  

Demon-what is your name?

Demon-what is your name?The old saying of “watch what they do, not what they say.”  Demons have general specific behaviors.  Watch for any of these behaviors.  Learn demons are crafty but they can never hide their nature. 

In conclusion, do not spend time and effort studying the names of demons. No one should ever trust a spirit.   Demons lie but they can construct fantasies and complicated stories to keep their host interested. Demons will first take the person to Disneyland only to discover that the entrance to hell is the reality.

Stay spiritually safe.





  1. My demon s name is marchosias. I called her 6 years ago. I cant get rid of her.I am not a christian. I need real help,not a christian with lip service. My health is failing and I rarely sleep. All my local churches will not help and just say I am crazy. Even though I have no history of mental illness.

    • Dino, Looks like you need to do self-deliverance. Ask Jesus Christ to help you. You need to control the demonic thoughts and memorize New Testament scriptures about the power of God. What harm would it do to memorize scriptures? Do not fear the demon. They get stronger when you fear. Every time the demon bothers you-claim the blood of Jesus Christ and tell it to go to the pit. Please read my page on self-deliverance. It took me four years to get rid of the demon I had. Have patience and endurance. Keep trying to find an effective exorcist. May God Keep You in His Peace.

  2. I had a full blown possession. Psychiatrists on my door after my sister reported what I had told her.
    Beware of Atheists. Only trust a Christian councillor.
    If you know you have a demon, turn to Christ immediately. Tell him you are sorry for everything you did that is sinful activity. Keep mentioning the word Jesus, even in your sleep. If that does not seem to work, visualise the letters YHWH. Pronounce it in your sleep. Burn every demonic book or statue in your garden. Do not tell your family one word. THEY WILL convict, commit and condemn you as MAD.
    Get out the house, mingle, go to the gym, get a part time job, get a part time evening class. Get credibilIty Immediately.
    It is very rare to find a deliverance minister but it is not impossible. I failed.
    I went to church and confided in the church. It was damn hard keeping awake in the day.
    I’m telling you that if you don’t drop all your baggage and treat this like your life is at stake, you could be banged away for a long time. You’ll lose everything including your dignity.
    The world consists of 98% atheists and pretend Christians. Any one of them will have you taken away.
    Spoken from my heart.
    Turn to CHRIST.

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