30 Demon Behaviors

Demon behaviors are for the one goal is entering the person and beginning the possession process.  Demons impersonate whatever the person wants them to be.  Separate posts on this website will detail the demon behaviors listed below.

Summary of Demon Behaviors


Thin Line Exists Between Psychology and Demons

People with mental illness will benefit from psychological counseling and prescribed medications.    Sometimes psychology may help people with a demon.  Prescribed medications can even help a demon-possessed person by clearing the mind of chaotic thoughts.

If psychology does not help, it may be time to review the person’s history.  Have they ever been involved in channeling, or was Grandma a witch?  If so, a demon is a possibility.

Readers, you might be wondering why anyone would invite a demon in for the possession process.  The host person is being tricked, and most people do not know that the spirit is a demon.  The demon can communicate with its host for years before revealing its true evil nature.  The host can live their daily life and hide the demonic communication from family and friends.

How To Fight Demon Behaviors

This list of demon behaviors and abilities will be continually updated.  How can a human being compete and fight such powerful capabilities that seriously affect the host person?  As a human being, we have one advantage.  Humans are the rightful owners of their bodies, souls, and spirits.  Demons are intruders.  Intruders are always weaker legally.  Demons may act strong, but in reality, they can be kicked out by the legal owner.  The person-host can exercise their right as legal owner and take back control.   The battle is spiritual.  The plan is to begin spiritual warfare. There are two main pathways to casting out a demon-exorcism and self-deliverance.

Got a Demon?

The spiritual war is yours.  You can enlist spiritual help from an exorcist, but the battle is all yours when you are alone.  Please note that an exorcism is very seldom instantly cast out a demon.  There may be many meetings with an exorcist to weaken the demon enough to get cast out.  There may not be an exorcist in your area.  Self-deliverance is a spiritual battle.  Self-Exorcism is usually not instant either.  The person has to take back control of the demon.   Again, do not expect this process to be an instant fix.  Spiritual battles take time, control, and unrelenting endurance.

I receive emails from desperate people.  “Please help me.  Please fix it-how can I cast it out?”  But I always give the same answer-“you must spiritually fight.  You have to take control.  It will take time.”  After that, I usually do not receive any more emails from them.  Anyone who promises an instant fix will be given an empty promise.   FIGHTING AND GAINING CONTROL IS THE ONLY WAY.

What makes me an authority on demons?  I wish I did not have this information, but I came into this in my teen years.  I fought this demon I summoned through the Ouija Board for four years before I was free.  After many years I became a lead exorcist on deliverance teams in several churches.  

Readers, don’t make the same mistake I made–Stay spiritually safe.


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  1. I usually used to have dreams of an empty house. If I entered the house probably to collect something, the demons inside the house will either scares me away or refused to let me go. Please I am possessed by demons?

    • Either you are fearful of demons and the anxiety comes out in your dreams or you have demon around you wanting to get in. Does not sound like you have a demon in you.

      Measure by your thinking. Are your thoughts clearly from your mind? Do you have consistently thoughts of suicide, depression, and hopelessness? If so, then you could have a demon. One thing for sure is– do not be fearful of demons. Ignore the dreams when you are awake. Replace thoughts with good things in life and prayers (if you pray)

      Stay strong and peaceful.

    • probably not, the best thing you can do is ignore your dream. The more you think about or fear the dream-the more chance a demon can attach to you. If you ignore the dream then you are giving the demon no power.

  2. “Threatens to kill the host by a torturous method.”

    What does it mean if the demon has actually attempted to kill you and not just threatened it?

    • Hello, I will need more information to answer your question. Did you see a demon try to hurt you? Personally, I have never seen the physical form of a demon. How did it try to kill you?

  3. I know a woman that told me more than once she was going to see a guy and she then said “I don’t even like him”.

    I thought before that when I felt her coming and saw her going to random guys trying to “have fun” or get drugs or whatever she needed at the time, that I was feeling her emotions lashing out, causing tension, and compelling her to take things and do things.

    I now think she may have some actual entity leading her around, with a conscious motivation opposed to her own often weaker will, only strengthening when her kids need her- but they always need her, and it makes her forget that.

    My question is truly how do you call one out, or cast it out, when it/they simply flee from your spirit and words and real, honest, help? Is there a way to ward such a demon away, but not the person, or bind it to something else? A way to give them clarity, or boost their will? I read that an incense was once made to ward off Asmodeus. I feel the demon may be the same one that claimed her sister last year.

    I told her to listen to herself, and God, and not the other voice. She said “You’re so precious. Thanks.”.

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