Demon Can Enter Through Sex

Demons can enter through sex

demons can entr through sexDemons can enter through the physical act of sex between two people.   Most people do not believe in demons–why worry?  Additionally, television and the movies demonstrate that sex is like drinking a glass of water-if you want it then go get it.  Programming for TV and the movies usually contain some aspect of sex because it brings in money from their audience. 

What Do Demons Love?  Sex

For those of us who know demons exist the whole aspect of sex is very different.  Demons love sex either by the physical act or masturbation.  The seriousness of sex is replaced by do whatever makes you feel good just do not hurt anyone.  Of course, this is one of the beliefs of Satanists and the Occult in general.  Generally, society adopted this belief.

Sex and Demons

There are more information magazines, newspapers other media outlets that write that female masturbation can lead to demons.  I do not believe that demons will always enter in this way.  Much depends on if there are open spiritual channels in the person.    

In masturbation, no body fluids are exchanged.  However, demons still enter in through other means such as pornography or fantasizing about  sex with a with or without a partner.  Men and women are both at a spiritual risk of getting demons.

Sex and Body Fluids

Of course,  the actual act of sex between two people is more dangerous.  Demons hide in the blood and bodily fluids.   There is an exchange of DNA and body fluids in sex.  If there is no protection, the DNA is transfers from one person to the other.  

  Demons know sex can be an entryway to another person.   The partners are not even aware that sex with a person that has a demon can give a transfer into their body. 

In reality, demons do not care about the spiritual knowledge of the person.  Rules are rules and if a demon has a spiritual right to enter-that is all demons needs to begin the possession process.

How can you tell if you picked up a demon?  Demons always show their true nature eventually.  Here are 30 characteristics of demons and how they could affect you.

Demon do not care what type of sex

Demons will take any type of sex-straight or gay.  Basically, sex in any form or activity.  Although, there might be some protection in marriage between partners.  The demon that call themselves incubus or succubus are especially ready any place of time the host is available.

In conclusion, readers, I am being honest with you and want you to know the possibility of getting a demon from sex.  Believe me or not, I only write what I have seen as an exorcist.  Just a warning-to take care of your spiritual self.


demons and sex



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