demons can entr through sex

Sex is an intoxicating and passionate act that leaves many people feeling elated. For those who believe in demons, the fear of being possessed by a demon after having sex with someone can be quite debilitating- why risk it?

I can’t be the only person who has knowledge about devils. I know that they are real. There are actual ones out there. You don’t want to be the one to give them a chance by having sex with someone and then finding out later on down the line that you inherited a demon spawn.

Yes, sex is used by all types of media-movies, television, books, magazines. Sex sells and generates more money for advertisers. Society seems to say that sex is taken a normal.

Most people do not believe in demons–why worry?  The truth is still the truth. Demons can enter through sex.

What Do Demons Love?  Sex

For those of us who know demons exist, the whole aspect of sex is very different. Demons love sex either by the physical act or masturbation. The seriousness with which humans treat this typically taboo subject is to never discuss this subject or treat it like a joke.

These devils can easily transfer from one person to another in sex. This is serious. Who is the person that you are having sex with? The more partners, the more chance of having a demon transfer. Casual sex is the worst because you don’t know the person or their family.

It is your responsibility to be careful when you are having sex with someone. Be sure that there is protection from bodily fluids. Even then, you may not be totally protected from demon transfer.

Sex and Demons

There are more information magazines, newspapers other media outlets that write that female masturbation can lead to demons. 

In self pleasure, no body liquids are exchanged. Nonetheless, demons still enter in via various other ways such as pornography or daydreaming about sex with a with or without a companion..

Sex and Body Fluids

Of course,  the actual act of sex between two people is more dangerous.  Demons hide in the blood and bodily fluids.   There is an exchange of DNA and body fluids in sex.  If there is no protection, the DNA is transfers from one person to the other.  

Demons know sex can be an entryway to another person. The partners are not even aware that sex with a person that has a demon can give a transfer into their body.

Incubus and Succubus Are Not Real

Incubus and Succubus are not real because all demons love sex. There is something else out there which does exist called the “demon” or “devil” in Christian theology. A demon is just one of many names for these entities, which also go by things like Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles etc.

They have been known to use sexual activity as an entrance point into people’s lives for centuries now and the effects of this type of possession can vary from mild to severe depending on how long it lasts. Demons usually will not leave unless forced by a stronger spiritual force.

In reality, demons do not care about the spiritual knowledge of the person.  Rules are rules and if a demon has a spiritual right to enter by sex-that is all demons needs to begin the possession process.

They have been understood to make use of sexual activity as an entryway point into individuals’ lives for centuries currently as well as the results of this type of property last up until the end of the individual’s life. Devils generally will not leave unless forced by a more powerful spiritual force, but thankfully there are methods which you may fight such a problem-the first being is understanding.

How can you tell if you picked up a demon?  Demons always show their true nature eventually.  Here are 30 characteristics of demons and how they could affect you.

Short Summary of Beginning Demon Activity

  1. Awareness- Demons are like a fatal disease, the sooner it is found the easier to get rid of it.
  2. Evil thoughts that are thoughts never had before
  3. Nightmares- Demons do not permit the person to sleep peaceably.
  4. Fear- Never fear a demon because fear makes it more powerful.

Demon do not care what type of sex

Demons will take any type of sex-straight or gay.  Basically, sex in any form or activity.  Although, there might be some protection in marriage between partners. 

In conclusion, readers, I am being honest with you and want you to know the possibility of getting a demon from sex.  Believe me or not, I only write what I have seen as an exorcist.  Just a warning-to take care of your spiritual self.


  1. PennyAlagha says:

    I know my story will sound crazy, this is actually happening to me every night when I go to bed,. First let me tell you a little about myself, I’m single, i considered myself a born again christian, I’m not in a sexual relation with anyone, I’ve tried to fight the need to release this sexual urge myself, I have not one but many sexual demons that mutually attack me sexually, I’m so disgusted with myself because allow this to happen, I’m constantly feeling sexual now, I’m able to hear the main one say things to me, sometimes I tell them to get out on the name of Jesus Christ, they don’t leave immediately, them also appear around me, in my face, in a black cloud, My sister in Christ tells me the enemy cannot take me because I’m a child of God, I get so depressed, because I know they will be back the following night, what’s really crazy is that they are across the street in an ofc bldg from where I live,so I can see 3 of them from morning till night, 24 hours, the main one, is in human form that strangely enough looks like a friend of mine, 2 others, look like wolves, I’ve had several friends see the main one, which I call the leader, I’ve asked for forgiveness many times but I don’t feel the Lord is with me, I’m trying so hard to hang on, I hear the main one many times, telling me to come to him, I know I brought this on myself, by not having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I understand the Lord forgives us, but realizing these are demons & mot feeling strong enough to resist because of feeling extremely charged, I just don’t know what to do to feel worthy & to believe I’m still a child of God, Please if you can help me, I would really appreciate it.

    1. Hello, Be confident in your relationship with the Lord. Do not be fearful–try to control the fear as much as you can. I remember that at one time I slept with a knife on one side and a bible on the other. Read the bile scriptures at night. Find one or two that you that you need of memorize. Make sure the scriptures are the ones that powerfully speak to you. Mine is 2 Timothy 1:7 “God has not given us a spirit; but power an love and a sound mind.” Every time you feel attacked go into your scriptures and claim the blood of Jesus flowing though your spirit, soul and body.

      Remember that you have control not the demons. The demons will try to convince you that you have no power. You do have your God given control and the power of God. This is a spiritual battle and can take some time. Mine lasted for about 4 years. Be in His peace, Connie

  2. Refuse them by the Blood of CHRIST and rebuke them in faith in the might name of JESUS CHRIST

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