Spirit husbands and wives are real.  The spirit husbands and wives are “spirits” that desire to prey on lonely people who contact the spirit realm for love and companionship.  Most of the posts on websites are written by people that either do not believe the spiritual concept or write about spirits giving  sexual dreams or interfering with a marriage. 

There are more functions of spirit husbands and wives than creating a lucid dream of sexual experiences. Demons have repackaged their name “Sex With Ghosts”. These spirits are demons.  All demons want sex and will happily impersonate a past lover, a new lover or deceased lover to begin the possession process.

How do I know that spirit husbands and wives are demons?

spirit husbands and wivesSpirit husbands and wives are demons because their presence produces negativity in a person’s life.  Measurement of the spirit type is based on the good or evil the spirit brings to the relationship with their person.  The old saying “know a person (or spirit) by what they do not what they say). If the spirit is good (God and His angels) then the spirit will bring kindness, goodness, peace of mind and love.  God does not give sex dreams or give confusion. 

If the spirit is evil (demons) then it will bring fear, negativity and demon rape.  Search for the terms “spirit husbands and wives” on the internet and you will find stories of interference in marital relationships and sexual lucid dreams and increased desire for pornography and masturbation.  The activity of spirit spouses creates confusion, fear, anxiety and much more.

Spiritual Husbands and Wives Weaken a Marriage 

For a person who is married the demon weakens the relationship of husband and wife in all aspects of the marriage.  If a person is single then the demon disrupts the person daily life in every way.  The spirit spouse is constantly tortures the person with sexual lucid dreams and stimulates the person’s mind and body for the purpose of  masturbation.  Of course, the demon is not satisfied with just the sexual.  The demon wants constant communication with the person 24/7.  This will disrupt any relationships with family and friends and keep the person from doing their best in the work place.  

How do people acquire a spirit husbands or wives?

The most common opinion about how spirit spouses are acquired is basically that demons have this ability to create lucid dreams.  The common opinion seems to indicate that demons can drift in and out of anyone.  No one is really protected in any way.  Demons can cause chaos and sexual rape to whoever-whenever they want.  The demons just pick the people-whoever they want.  

On the contrary, I disagree with this first opinion based on my twelve years as an exorcist.  The demons always tells how it is invited into the host/person.

The second opinion  invitation to communicate is how a person acquires a demon.  The invitation can involve channeling methods such as Ouija Board, automatic handwriting, witchcraft, intense negative emotions.  A generational demon can enter through the bloodline of a family member that invited the demon.  The demons stay in the person until they are cast out.

In addition, demons cannot pick who they want to be spiritual spouses with and enter in whenever they please.  People have a legal right to their body, soul and spirit by a general protection from God.  The only thing that can break the general protection from God is an invitation to communicate directly with a demon.

What is demon rape?

Demon rape is when a demon lies and impersonates a past lover, deceased spouse or future lover to establish trust.  The host person trusts the false identity and feels safe enough to establish a sexual spirit relationship

Usually, after a short amount time the person realizes that their spirit spouse is not their loved one but an evil spirit.  The host wants the demon to leave but the evil spirit will not leave.  Now the person knows the truth and also  believes that they have lost control of a portion of their mind and body.  The person believes they cannot spiritually fight the demon. 

  1. Physical demon rape-when the demon controls the hands of the person. 
  2. Mental demon rape- demons control the mind by giving mental sexual stimulation. 

Additionally, please note that demons do not have physical bodies.  The demon rape is when the sexual activity is forced by mental stimulation or forcibly controlling the hands of the host.  

In the true story of Maria, she consents to the spiritual husband’s demands and guidance.  Eventually, she tells the evil spirit to leave and is forced to continue their spiritual sexual relationship.  Maria is a victim of demon rape from the beginning to the end of this story.

spirit huabands and wivesTrue story from a woman who believed her deceased finance to be her spirit husband

A woman sends an email to me stating that I am wrong about spiritual husbands.  At the time, she was studying to be a nurse in the Philippines.  Maria and I sent instant messages to each other.  Maria writes that she has a spirit husband and was very happy.  Her spirit husband is her deceased finance. 

The woman was positive that the spirit she contacted through the Ouija Board was this man.  She said that the spirit knew all about their experiences together and personal information about her.   Maria writes that she spends as much time as possible with the spirit.  It is her companion day and night.  She even has sex with him through dreams and masturbation.

I try to reason with Maria.  Think of everything she is giving up for this spiritual husband.  She will never be marry a man or be a mother.  She is abandoning her family and friends by spending all her time with this demon.  

spiritual husbands and wifesDemon Wants to Write a Few Lines to Me by Using Maria’s hands

Then Maria tells me that her spirit husband wants to write a few lines to me.  Before I message back, the demon takes over her hands for typing.  Here comes this message from the demon.  “I love Maria and will be with her and protect her for the rest of her life.  Do not worry about Maria.  I am here for her.”

As a result of that message from the demon, anger rose inside of me and I wrote “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ.  You cannot communicate with me. Go to the pit of hell.”  The instant message stops and I do not communicate with Maria for about a year.  Finally, I receive an email from her “Connie, please help me.  I have been in a mental institution and know I am losing my mind.”  I emphasize that she needs go to a church that believes in deliverance and exorcism to get that demon cast out.  The information on self-exorcism is repeated.  Most of all, I pray for her.  The emails stop and I never hear from Maria again.

Most noteworthy, the demon stays if the host-person still desires the evil spirit to leave.  The demon burrows deeper into the host’s mind, body and soul.  The consequences for the person are are- mental chaos, self-abuse, suicide.

In conclusion, know that anyone who truly communicates with a spirit husband or wife for a long period of time will face full possession, insanity and possible suicide.  Strong words but these words are true even if you don’t believe them.  Just one word describes spiritual husbands and wives–dangerous in the spiritual realm and dangerous in the physical realm. 

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  1. “A generational demon can enter through the bloodline of a family member that invited the demon. The demons stay in the person until they are cast out.”

    How can one perform the self-exorcism for the above? Pls pray 4 me.

    1. Hello,
      First thing you need to know is do not fear any demons. They are intruders that can be kicked out. Then begin to control your thinking. Concentrate on thinking positive. I have two web pages that will help you- Self Exorcism and if you are a Christian self deliverance

      Again, stay strong. Don’t permit demons to bully you into thinking they are stronger than you. Keep in mind self exorcism can take some time. So do not get discouraged. I will pray for you.

  2. Lama John Heaviside says:

    The types of sex with demon activity mentioned here I’d more classify as “deceptive terms of consent”. This is pretty much modis operandi for demons.

    Demon rape is rape. A demon appears. The woman says no. The demon prevails upon her and provides an experience of sexual entry that is unlawful, unasked for, refused yet enacted anyhow. Ive seen this many times.

    A practice called “Green Tara” when done immediately upon approach, has worked excellently to stop it dead in its tracks.

  3. I had a succubus, i searched the prayer called
    “Removal of Sex Demons Possessions” and it is
    written in the instructions of the prayer “until you are watching porn, masturbating, or in a state of sexual sin/lust NO sex demon(s) will
    leave you”

    While another site says that succubi and incubbi
    are not affected by prayer at all, and is even attracted to the devout.

    The succubus was kind to me it’s NOT violent to me or to my relatives, compared to other succubi, it wines and talks inside my mind in a cute tone of voice like it was pleasing me.

    Sometimes i can feel like she’s touching my skin,
    or even touching my lips when it’s kissing me, but i can not see her because she is a spirit except when i see her in the 1st time in a form of a white lady, i am single, no wife, no girlfriend.
    When i 1st encounter her, i prayed Our Father but she easily reapeted the prayer itself, one
    prof that succubi are not affected by prayer.

    But, even though i am indeed a sinner, my spirit is strong enough to resist her, the resson why i NEVER let her have sex with me.

    But being addicted to porn (and hentai) , masturbating, and having the sin of lust,
    is the CURSE of a MAN. These are the curses why this succubus doesn’t want to leave me, even however how hard i pray to God.

    Do you guys think there is another way of getting rid of this succbus, rather than “quitting porn” and “saying that Anti-Sex Demon Prayer
    again and again” ?

    (By daa way my account name is NOT my real name, My real name is Philip.)

    1. Thank you for your comment. I got a few red flags about your comment. You are in a kind of cute stage of trickery by the demon. The thing wants you to believe it is cute and harmless. Stop enjoying any part of the thing. In the long run, it will try to destroy your quality of life and may try to destroy you. Step one is ignoring it in every way.

      There is more to getting rid of a demon than praying an exorcism prayer. You have to pray with your heart and soul. You need to do your part by controlling your thoughts. If you do that consistently, the demon will probably get mean and show it’s evil nature. Then you will definitely get desperate to get rid of it.

      You are right that porn and masterbating is one of the main curses of men. As a deliverance minister, I found men got involved with the demonic through sexual behaviors and thoughts. If you want to get rid of the dmmon, then you have to stop the pron. You may not be aware of it but the demon is probably intensifing the masturbaton for itsown pleasure. Yes, you will probably fail sometimes. But try and eventually it will get easier to stop. Ask God to forgive you if you fail and try again the next time on a fresh new page. Do this as you are able. You need to learn how to spiritually fight for yourself and the quality of your life.

      How much do you believe in God? Do you believe Christian God-the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Your prayers are not ignored by God but you need to get to know God on a personal level. Read the New Testament and books about deliverance. Concentrate on God. Sometimes, God lets us struggle with a demon because we need to know how to keep it out after it leaves. Please real all of my “About Demon” pages. I am writing from persoanl experience. I held nothing back.

      May God get rid of this demon for you and show you His peace and love.

  4. There is a science to this it has to do with the triune brain mainly the reptilian brain at the base or they call it the fly brain it controls all your automatic functions breathing heart rate and small bodily impulses by opening the channel further by channeling like you say your building new neural pathways in your brain through plasticity. You can also accidently channel these “demons” through drugs.

  5. John heaviside says:

    Thank you so very much. I will adhere to your every word. There’s been a falling down I’m only one day standing back up from. I realize the absolutist nature of no porn as in none, none at all and further more there is a cleaning of the mind. I will refer to your website instructions and prayer. Thank you so much for your response and holding of nothing back.

  6. lisa wilson says:

    please help me. I have a demon impersonating me and that makes me eat food that I don,t desire to eat and makes me masturbate and control;s me. I cannot sleep . I am tormented day and night. I have paid two so called ministers and they could not casr this out. I have been to all the churches in my town and they did not help me. I have been to CVathlic priests. I have tried mental medications and it did not get me delivered. it tries to get me to commit suisicde. please help me.

    1. Hello, You have to take control. You need to memorize a scripture that is powerful to you. Every time a demonic thought comes into your head, cancel that thought and repeat a scripture. You have control of your hands not the demon. Practice taking control of your body. You need to eat and control your hands. God gives us control over our own bodies. The demon is a intruder and does not have control. The demon may tell you that it has control but the demon is lying to you. Some people can go to an exorcist and the demon is cast out. Other people need to do self-deliverance every day and night. I was like you. It took me three years to get the demon out with scriptura and prayer. Claim the blood of Jesus every night. This will weaken the demon until it finally leaves. Cast out the demon in the name of Jesus Christ. Read my true story and the pages on self deliverance. Be strong. God bless you and keep you in His peace.

  7. lisa wilson says:

    please help me. I have been to two so called deliverance ministers and paid them and they could not get this out of me. it makes me masturbate and eat food that I do not want. I have been reading the BIble and that did not get me delivered. I have been to catholic priests and it did nopt work. I have taken every mental medication and that did not stop my torment. please email me back and pray for me and help me.

    1. Hello, You have to do spiritual battle. Demons are telling you that they have control over your body. You have control–not them. As best as you can-ignore demonic thoughts, you can control your hand movements by taking thought control. Memorize a powerful scripture and say or think the scripture every time you want to move your hands. Whenever you have demonic thoughts-rebuke that thought in the name Of Jesus Christ and replace with a memorized scripture. Sometimes exorcists can help temporarily but you need to practice spiritual battle when you are alone. Practice controlling your mind and body. As you get stronger the demon will get weaker. This is not an instant result but you need to weaken the demons. This can take some time-do not be discouraged. Fight!

  8. If an abstinent devoutly God fearing woman who gave up everything for Jesus can get scammed by Satan pretending to be Jesus, even saying JESUS IS LORD to her and glorifying the Most High, when she was supposed to be covered, then nobody’s safe. Hypothetically… my Lord is real but still… if so, we’re all screwed. Because it’s only a matter of time before you find out some ancestor of yours sent a generational curse your way. How fair is that even?

    1. Hello, Finding a false Jesus can be difficult. The woman needed to look at the behavior of this Jesus. How did the woman find out it was a false Jesus? You measure a spirit by how it behaves. Jesus is real but I would need more detail to fully comply with your email. There are typical demon behaviors-even in an generational curse. If anyone has a generational demon it can be cast out the an exorcism or spiritual battle. Please read my pages on exorcism, self-exorcism and spiritual battle. These are not instant procedures but sometimes take time and spiritual effort. Don’t believe any demonic lies. Jesus Christ is stronger than any demon and always will be. God bless you and grant you His peace.

  9. Where in the Bible does it state that generational curses are not covered under the blood of Jesus?
    I just need to confirm that in the scriptures.
    If I open the door to allow a spirit of Satan to enter, he now has my permission.
    Speaking from experience…Prayer works with repentance, turning away from the sin and renouncing the demons by name.
    One should not have to pay….for an exorcism, in my opinion.

    1. Generations curses are coved by the blood of Jesus-but you need to break the curse by the blood of Jesus and have faith that the curse is broken. An exorcism should be free but if you go to a church for an exorcism there should be a voluntary offering-churches have bills to pay. Many exorcist will do exorcisms for free-but they also have bills to pay. Well, prayer does work and renouncing the demon also. This is usually not an instant solution to get free. Sometimes there is more to spiritual battle necessary-like scripture memorization and controlling demonic thoughts. God keep you in His peace. Connie

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