Bullying is demonic

Bullying is demonic. Bully types have so many varieties of hurt by different demonic methods. Most people will say that they have been bullied, but most bullies will not admit that they are a bully. Demons love to hurt and terrorize people who are not beautiful and do not possess perfect physical features. Children, adults, and even animals all know that bullying hurts. The old saying, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt me,”  is a lie. Bully names hurt for the rest of the victim’s life.

Demonic Bully

  1. Demonic bullying uses many attitudes of the bully. Demons place thoughts of grandeur of the bully.
  2. The thought of bullying helps the bully hide their own hurts, abuses, and inferiority.
  3. Demonic hate and abuse are intensified to make the bully more intense and hurtful to the victim.
  4. Yes, bullying is from hell and is wrong in hundreds of ways.
  5. Demons desire to hurt and torture people. It is easy for a demon to enter when the bully has hurt themselves. The demonic plan intensifies until the bully gets released of their destructive emotions and the victim is hurt. Both bully and victim are damaged for life.
  6. Most bullies know bullying is hurtful and wrong but cannot control the urge to hurt their victim.

How do you keep from bullying people? Simple: Keep your mouth shut until the urge to bully passes.

Blinded By a Demon

  1. Demons hide and pretend their behaviors are only in the bully’s mind. Demons will laugh after bullying takes place. What is funny? Nothing is funny, but the demon enjoys the damage the bully does to people. The demon gives the bully joy because the bully performs according to the demon’s instructions.
  2. The results for a bully are damage to the bully’s emotions (unable to relate to family, friends, and other people). Only other bullies associate with and like to love or befriend him.
  3. Blinded by the demon for the remainder of his life. Bullying becomes a stronger part of the bully’s personality.

Victim of the Bully

  1. Emotional scars and painful hurts can last a lifetime.
  2. Self-image is affected throughout life. Ugly, loser, fatso, beanpole, pimples, dumb, and many other names. True, the bully names lessen with time, but the thoughts still nag at the person. Therapy can help, but the names never disappear.
  3. There can be a demonic transfer to the victim. The victim needs to accept the names as who they truly are. For example, many beautiful people still think they are ugly or a loser.
  4. People can be so sad and depressed that they can contemplate suicide. Suicide is demonic.  Learn to fight with therapy, positive thinking, and casting out the demons inherited from the bully; turn to the power of God to lessen the torment.

Personal Note

There are so many websites on the effects of bullying.  The best website is a personal experience.  The bullying started in kindergarten.  I was always too tall for my age.  Bullys hit me, called me loser, dumb, beanpole. ugly.  Bullying brutally hurt and damaged my self-image throughout my life.  How did I protect myself from bullying monsters?  I still don’t know.  All the self-talk only helps to a certain extent.  Therapy helps.  In the still of the night, after many years, I still hear the hurtful names.  Everyone is valuable, but bullies keep hurting people.

Demons are behind the brutality and sadness.  The demon lessens with time.  I have positive thoughts and cast out demons, but the wound is not gone completely.

In conclusion, bully, keep your mouth closed when tempted to bully.  Discover why you take joy in bullying.  Know a demon is using and damaging you and your victim.  Is keeping your mouth shut really that difficult?

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