Demon’s Sex Trap

Have you ever heard of a sex demon? No? Well, that’s because the majority of spiritual people don’t know about these creatures. They are invisible to the naked eye and they can only communicate by those that summon this spirit.

Men’s secret sex demon can be  a demon they like.  Of course, not all men have this demon, but some men can spiritually fall into this demon sex trap. 

How do I know that some men have this demon?  I worked on men that come in for exorcism as the lead exorcist.  The men are ashamed of their sexual behavior with this demon. 

Eventually, the truth comes out.  The men must renounce this demon and tell it to leave in the name of Jesus.  They need to never have contact with this demon again.  However, there are men that do not want to renounce because they sometimes like the demon.

Men’s Secret Sex Demon Enters Through Pornography and Fantasizing.

A man’s secret sex demon can enter his mind through fantasizing about sex, a sex demon will continue to tantalize him until it can enter his mind.

Many men like pornography and will fantasize about a beautiful sex partner. 

The demon loves sex so it can give many sexual sensations to the men’s mind.  This will make him masturbate until his completion.  Of course, this is is the spirit manipulating the man’s mind. The spirit gives the actual sensations of having sex.

Eventually the  demon deepens the possession process by taking more and more control of the man’s mind and body. The men could actually like the demon. There is a price to be paid for demon sex.

The secret sex demon gains control over the relationship between the man and his spouse or other human sex partners. The spirit keeps wanting his attention 24/7. There is no time for external relationships.

  1. The demon will not leave the man unless he finds a spiritual force more powerful than the demon.
  2. The evil spirit will confuse his mind giving him crazy sexual thoughts and sensations while he is at work or out with friends.
  3. The end result is a total disruption of his daily life.

Here is an example of a post received on another page of this website:

I had a succubus, I searched the prayer called  Removal of Sex Demons Possessions and it is
written in the instructions of the prayer
if you still are watching porn, masturbating, or in a state of sexual sin/lust NO sex demon(s) will
leave you
  While another site says that succubi and incubbiare not affected by prayer at all, and is even attracted to the devout.

The succubus was kind to me its NOT violent to me or to my relatives, compared to other succubi, it wines and talks inside my mind in a cute tone of voice like it was pleasing me.

Sometimes I can feel like she’s touching my skin,
or even touching my lips when it’s kissing me, but I can not see her because she is a spirit except when i see her in the 1st time in a form of a
white lady, I am single, no wife, no girlfriend.

When I 1st encounter her, I prayed Our Father but she easily repeated the prayer itself, one proof that succubi are not affected by prayer.

But, even though i am indeed a sinner, my spirit is strong enough to resist her, the reason why i NEVER let her have sex with me.

But being addicted to porn (and hentai) , masturbating, and having the sin of lust,
is the CURSE of a MAN. These are the curses why this succubus doesn
t want to leave me, even however how hard i pray to God.

Do you guys think there is another way of getting rid of this succbus, rather than “quitting porn” and “saying that Anti-Sex Demon Prayer again and again” ?

Answer:  You must renounce this demon and never have contact with it again.  Additionally, when you masturbate, you are having sex with a demon.  You must quit the porn and stop the masturbation.  There is more to an exorcism then just saying prayer over and over.  You need to learn spiritual battle and self-exorcism

Generational Demons

Men can have generational demons that hide in the blood of the family line. If grandfather enjoyed pornography and other sex behavior.

It’s easy to not realize that one has a demon living inside of them, as it masquerades in the form of natural desires. The problem is when these demons are passed down from generation to generation and each family member fails to recognize what they have a demon.

The man that is that family line will have the demon and not know it.  The men think that the desire is just part of their personality.  Unfortunately, the hidden demon stays in the family line until it is cast out.

Get Spiritual Help

In conclusion, men need to realize that their secret sex demon must leave forever.  An exorcist or self-exorcism will probably need to be done.  Men, you need to fight a spiritual battle and control your thoughts.  Men, stay spiritually safe. 


  1. Amanda Zacks says:

    Hi. My boyfriend has been suffering with something attached to him for many years. It’s been very draining and straining on him. We’ve been together a year now and I’ve been with him through all of the oddities that happen. He definitely has some demon attached to him and he thinks something could be attached to me as well. This thing causes many issues of trust and is very deceptive in putting on almost “blinders” to any rational truth during certain times. He needs an exorcism at whatever cost. He needs something, he can’t live like this I don’t want this for him. Is there any way you can help us? or can suggest anyone who we could go to? I’m desperate I just want him ok. He may have already sent you a message as well. His name is Chris Bell. Please let me know anything that could be done. Thank you for your time

    1. First, Chris has to want an exorcism. Is Chris a Christian? There might be a few local churches that do exorcism. You might try spiritual Freedom church (Bob Larson)to see if they have any ministries in your area.

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