Sex With Ghosts


Sex With a Ghost is Demon Sex

The sex with a ghosts is another name for a demon sex or spirit husband.  Having sex with  ghost is less scary than sex with a demon or evil spirit. Nevertheless, the spirit is a demon.  Demons always want sex.  People  can summon demons to have communication and sex.  Demons have abilities that manipulate the mind into desiring sex.  Demons will enjoy sex through their host by masturbation or have sex in a dreamlike state.  The person will feel pressure of where the demon wants to touch until climax. There is a price to be paid to the demon for sex and the demon will be sure the person will heavily pay the price.


Most blogs state that you can control a demon-ghost or demon by opening and closing a spiritual portal. The Ouija Board, Mediums, or even a white candle are effective means of opening and closing a spiritual portal. A person can simply open a portal by inviting the spirit into the body. Forcing the spirit to leave is much more difficult. This is a demon not a ghost.

Stop Before Wanting Demon Sex

Before going into this spiritual experiment, think about what you may be receiving from the spirit realm. What happens if you cannot control this spirit and it remains with you for your whole life?   Remember the price I told you about?  The price is your clarity of mind.  The demon will try to talk through the your voice and move your body to touch yourself for sex or hurt yourself.

Once a demon enters a you, it is extremely difficult to make it leave.  If you can’t find an exorcist, you may have the spirit go deeper into possession for life.

Readers, come on now, do not get involved with the spirit realm.  Stay spiritually safe.



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2 thoughts on “Sex With Ghosts

  1. Why would anybody want to have sex with a ghost/demon? The very idea is ludicrous. Surely, it is merely a psychological prop: A way of fooling the mind into believing that someone (something) else is willingly participating in sex with them?
    I do not believe that people would mess about with this kind of nonsense unless they were seriously mentally disturbed to begin with because, that is the true realm that issues of this nature inhabit. The science of psychiatry.

    1. Hello again, Have you viewed YouTube recently? There are quite a few women that say they had sex with a ghost. I do not believe it is nonsense. It is a trip into the spiritual realm. What I do not like is when these women say how much they like sex with a ghost. Other young people will try it and some will be successful. Spiritual curiosity of the innocent youth needs to be protected. That is the reason I wrote the post because sex with a ghost is not necessarily nonsense but can be real. All these spiritually innocent and curious people risk getting demon possessed. You may think demon possession is nonsense but you are wrong. As I wrote there is a thin line between psychiatry and the spirit realm.

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