How To Stop Demonic Lucid Dreams

Demonic lucid dreams can be stopped, but it takes practice to take control of the dream.  A lucid dream is a dream where you know that you are in the dream.  The dreamer may be able to control the dream while in the dream state.  Wikipedia-Lucid Dreaming

Scientists measure brain waves and the physical signs of dreaming.  All they can do is measure the physical.  Dreaming consists of a spiritual aspect.  Demons take advantage of the sleep state (you do not consciously control your thoughts while asleep). 

Demonic lucid dreams are spiritual; while asleep, a person’s mind is neutral.  Demons are the strongest when the person is in a dream-like state.  Demonic lucid dreams could result just from having extremely negative thoughts when awake.  Demons can spiritually attach to extreme negativity.

To all of you skeptical readers, some of you will not believe this and call all of this ET science fiction.  That is your opinion, but the truth is still true, so read on.  If this ever happens to you, then you can protect yourself.

Demons can influence lucid dreams by injecting thoughts while the person is asleep.  Please note that does not necessarily mean that the person is demon-possessed.  The demon can be on the outside or the inside of the person’s body. The demon is capable of sending thoughts and influencing the dream.

Demons project images of great fear and torture by strange and ugly creatures.  The person’s only alternative at the beginning is to wake up in fear suddenly.  

How can people protect themselves while having the dream?  

  1.  Practice controlling thoughts while awake.  Do not dwell on negative thoughts.  Think positive.
  2.  If the person trains the mind to think positive thoughts, that builds a strong mental foundation.
  3.  When asleep, the mind will be in auto mode.
  4.  The mind recognizes the demon’s influence in the dream. The mind also stops the demon from any further influence.
  5.  The demon’s influence will weaken with every dream until the demon just leaves to find a more susceptible victim.

Demonic lucid dreams need to be ignored.

  1.  Do not dwell on the dream.
  2.  Do not analyze the dream.
  3.  Do not permit the demon to overtake your emotions.
  4.  Try to sleep again without fear or anxiety.

Demons desire to weaken the person enough so they can enter in a begin the demonic process.  Demonic dreams are why people with demons do not want to sleep and usually do not sleep more than a few hours a night.

Example of a demonic lucid dream

I had a lucid dream that I was in a high-rise apartment building.  There is a gathering of people in the kitchen.  I approach the window in the living room.  There is a black figure in front of me.  The creature spits at me.  I immediately know it is a demon.  I say, ” Who do you think you are spitting at me?”  Get out in the name of (I was going to say in the name of Jesus), but the demon jumps through the window and out.

I know this was a demonic test of my mind control while asleep.  I woke up from the dream but immediately returned to sleep undisturbed.

If you can control your thoughts when awake, you can have happy dreams when asleep.  Stay safe, and have happy dreams.

demonic lucid dreams


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  1. God bless you for this article, I went to other pages looking for answers and they all encouraged Lucid dreaming and either made the encounter of demons sound cool or like fiction. One of the pages I looked at had the all seeing eye so it ended up encouraging people with lucid dreams and demonic encounters to continue lucid dreaming! I’m trying to figure out if a lot of the lucid dreaming and astral projection I did back as a teen before I was born again in Christ still has left some demonic influence within me, and if so is my best solution prayer and a water baptism which I havent had yet and I’ve been born again for a year now .

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