20 Years After Exorcism-Sad Disappointment


20 years after exorcism, the demon influences the body from the outside. There are still fragments of the demon operating in thoughts and emotions. Not constantly interrupting my thoughts but still there. Not as powerful, but still there.

20 years after exorcismDisappointment- Exorcism Not Complete After 20 Years

 The exorcism is only partially complete. 20 years after exorcism and spiritual fighting has weakened the demon. I could not feel the evil spirit in my body and mind, but the spirit still disrupts my thoughts. The demon still disrupts my emotions. 

Fear is one of my major weaknesses. Intense emotional weakness gives demons power. Every day I try to weaken fear. Demons do not entirely leave because they still have limited power of demon oppression.

People keep returning for follow-up exorcisms because they know the demon still interrupts outside the body. An exorcist cannot do total exorcism. Stand on your own spiritually and fight to make the exorcism complete.


  • The demon must leave the body.
  • Body and speech spirit movements are gone.
  • Frequentense spirit nightmares are gone.
  • The intent to hurt animals and people is gone.
  • There is peace of mind the majority of the time.
  • Demonic activity must be rejected and ignored. The spiritual fight must be strengthened with every battle.
  • Learns to differentiate between their thoughts and emotions and the demon’s activity
  • Evil spirits’ activity is weakened. 
  • Easier to reject and control


  • Still on the outside of the body.
  • Inject thoughts into the person’s mind.
  • Tries to give fear and other negative emotions.
  • Can give nightmares 


  • Evil spirits can influence a person from the outside of the body.
  • Once invited, demons have a legal right to attempt to influence a person for the rest of their life.
  • Any other exorcisms might lessen outside demonic influence but will not force it to leave the outside of the body (demon oppression).

Many people will return to an exorcist many times but need to spiritually fight when alone. An exorcist can help, but the person must learn to resist alone. Many people run out of patience leading to more demonic influences.


Christians will disagree with the opinions on this page. Maybe there are very few exorcisms that are complete on the outside and inside of a person. Keep in mind that it is only through intellectual beliefs that all exorcisms are complete. Unless oppression and possession are personal experiences, a philosophical opinion is useless.

Non-Christians that disagree with the opinions on this page may think all this demon information is silly and a figment of imagination. Your attitude will help keep you from serious demon influences, but I recommend you not play with any Occult or Satanic games or practices. Demons are always searching for spiritually innocent people to spiritually destroy

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