Demon Possession-My True Story With the Ouija Board

Demon Possession-My True Story with the Ouija Board is a regrettable spiritual mistake I made when I was a young woman and very spiritually curious.  This story is challenging to write because it brings horrific memories.  This page is written to discourage anyone who wants to pursue the Ouija Board and spirit communication.  

Year One

I was eighteen years old.  The summer is long and boring.  One day I decided to purchase an Ouija Board.  My friend and I attempt to work the board for about three days.  Finally, the planchette begins to move from letter to letter.  There have been no clear messages for several days.  My friend grew tired and fearful of the board.  She decided not to touch the board again.

The garbled messages only pique my curiosity.  I attempt to play the game alone.  The first day or two, the planchette does not move. Finally, the wedge comes alive and moves from letter to letter.  The messages are clear.  The board told me a spirit is messaging.  The spirit is a friend that is to protect me from the dangers in life.   It will guide me to a better life because it knows the future.

Spend all summer with the board

I spend all my free time with the board. The spirit told me that I need to permit it to direct my activities so that my future will be secure and happy.

I decided to attend college as planned.  Of course, I took the Ouija Board with me.  I spent all my free time with the board but found it cumbersome.  The spirit suggested through the board that it use my hand for automatic handwriting.  I try, but all I can get is the figure “8” over and over again.

  Additionally,  there is no time for study-I fail out of college.  On my return home, I am pale, tired, and nervous.  I keep communicating with the spirit for the remainder of the year.

Demon uses my fingers and voice to speak to me-  Year 2

Demon possession-my true story

The demon suggests through the board that I permit it to use my voice.  The automatic handwriting does not work. I allowed it to use my voice.  At first, gibberish, then other words.  It uses my voice when I am alone.  Again, it tells me of the future and dangers it sees approaching me.

During this time, I work a full-time job.  I am not good at the job because my concentration is terrible.  The spirit wants my attention by tapping my finger and attempting to make letters with the movement of my finger.  I can stop the demon from using my voice and finger movement if I concentrate, but it detracts from my daily activities.

Obesities and Hatred -Year 3

One day the spirit is using my voice to speak hatred and obesities.  I could not believe I was saying such words.  It tells me to kill myself.  I can feel the hate that I never felt before.  The hatred and obscenities’ were about Jesus Christ.  I am not a Christian, but I did not use His name in vain.  My crazy behavior made me step back and look at myself.  What kind of spirit is this?  In other words, I have a demon spirit.  What have I done?  

I finally took a good look at myself in the mirror.  I am pale and nervous.  I wanted the spirit to leave, but it would not go.  The evil spirit became more aggressive and fought for control of my voice.  In addition,  I need to control every word and movement.  My hand and arms moved overly fast sometimes.  I could not sleep peacefully.  The nightmares started of creatures chasing and laughing at me.  I sleep with a knife under my pillow. Oh, I dread sleep.

My Dad and the Devil

One day my Dad tells me that he saw a giant, ugly devil in our house.  He chases the thing, and it exits through our dining room window.  He discusses the experience all day.  I make jokes and laugh.

Is the God I believe in real?

I decided to ask God for help.  Who else can help me?  Anyone else will probably send me to a mental hospital.  I begin to pray for control of my mind and body.  I believe that Jesus exists, and now is the time to see if He really can help me.  The spirit hated Jesus because of its cursing obesities to Jesus.

Spiritual Battle-Year Four

I begin to gain some control of my mind and body.  I ignored the spirit as much as possible and enrolled in a local college.  I joined a Christian group called “Campus Crusade for Christ.”  The Christians teach me how to communicate with Jesus.  I read the bible and attend church.  The Christians in the group do not discern the demon inside of me.  I am too ashamed to ask for help.

I fight a spiritual battle.  I memorize and meditate on scriptures concerning the victory of Jesus over Satan.  I claimed the blood of Jesus every time the demon attacked–it is so automatic that I claimed the blood of Jesus in my dreams.  In the morning, I wake with a sharp perk to the muscles of my body.  I realize that the demon is gone.  Above all, my mind is clear and peaceful.

Demon Testing and Side Effects 

I had peace of mind after the demon exited my body.  Periodically, the devil would return to test me by disrupting my thoughts.  I would continue fighting with thought replacement and scripture until there was peace.  Even after all these years, I still get tested.

Remember that demons are crafty and will tell you interesting details of spiritual knowledge and the future.  They lie but mix some truth to make their lies more believable. I make a huge spiritual mistake.  God turned my experiences for good by giving me the passion for telling other people about demons.

In conclusion, demon possession-my true story is for people trapped by demons and to help the families, loved ones, and friends to understand what is spiritually happening.  In the past twelve years, I have participated in the deliverance ministry.  I have been both an assistant to an exorcist and lead exorcist.  Individuals and churches do not commonly know the information on these pages.

20 Years After Exorcism

Update 3/31/23

Twenty years has passed since my first exorcism. The demon did leave but there was a disappointment. The demon still hoovered around me (demon Oppression). Read more

Why I Hate Ouija Board

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  1. The US government secretly conducts remote medical telemetry involving electronic behavior modification research on military veterans who suffer severe mental illness. This remote wireless medical telemetry therapy is synonymous with electroshock therapy to provide relief from mental disorders. This US research involves the use of powerful electronic antenna transmitters (or hand-held Direct Energy Weapons DEWs) that dispense electric bullets (or unseen wireless radio waveS) strong enough to deliver an electric shock directly into the unsuspecting veteran’s head area to induce mental relief. Most of the veterans are homeless but some live alone in their own home. The PAIN is excruciating and causes immediate drowsiness almost like taking a sleeping pill.
    Can this therapy be viewed as a form of DEMONIC BEHAVIOR? If so, how can someone protect themselves against such demonic attacks?
    For over 15 years, I worked as an electronics technician.

    • Hello, I do not believe this is demonic attacks. The brain is changed but not by spirits but by the government. In demonic attacks there are no outside influences. The demons use their abilities to attach to a person. Connie

    • Hello, I do not think this is demonic. Mental trauma experiences or a brain abnormality can be present. There is a fine line between mental illness and demonic behavior. The person needs to be completely checked out by a psychiatrist and go for submit to a qualified series of exorcisms. Both are necessary. Connie

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