5 Things On How To Help a Demon-Possessed Person

Physical, emotional, and spiritual support is how to help a demon-possessed person.  The affected person might be a friend or a family member.  In dealing with a possessed person, look for changes in behavior. Transitions occur when a somewhat happy, optimistic, and reasonably social person changes to adpressed, isolated, nervous, and fearful person. 

For example, you know that your sister has been curious about the spiritual.  She has an Ouija board in her bedroom.  Your sister is always tired, does not eat, does not sleep.  Thirty demonic behaviors  She may tell you everything is good, but you know that is not true.  Sometimes you hear her talking to herself.  She is losing weight, has bags under her eyes from not sleeping, and is very nervous.  You suspect that she may be on the path to being demon-possessed

Demonic possession is a phenomenon where a person’s soul is replaced by the spirit of the demon. The person may exhibit bizarre and destructive behavior, and it can be difficult to discern whether someone has been possessed by a demon.

The World According to Demon Possession

The world according to demon possession is a reality for many people. The difficulty is that the person will not even know what is going on with them. They may be possessed and not know it. In cases of demonic possession, the person is usually aware of the spirit within them.

5 Things OnHow To Help a Demon Possessed Person

  •  Ask her if she is OK.
  •  Ask her about her spiritual experiences with the Ouija board.  How Demons enter Let her talk and do not be judgmental.  Encourage her to discuss any “spiritual knowledge” she receives from the Ouija board communication.
  •  On a regular basis, invite her to go out to eat or cook a meal for her.  People dealing with demons are highly nervous and fearful.  They forget to eat.
  •  Inquire about how much sleep she gets every night.  Does she have nightmares?
  •  Tell her you are there for support if she wants  help.

Hopefully, your sister openly discusses her experiences.  Demons instruct people not to discuss what is said–that is private, highly spiritual information.  Let her know you are always available to listen and to help.  Most people with demons desire to talk about their experiences but are afraid others will tell them their imagination.   Never tell her that she is crazy and that she needs a psychiatrist.

Most importantly, how to help a demon-possessed person is by understanding that she cannot receive help spiritually until she asks for help.  You can give her a lecture about the dangers of the “spiritual realm,” but she will not listen.  Usually, she will ask for help when the demon weakens her physically, emotionally, and mentally.  This weakening begins gradually, and she may not notice until there are thoughts of self-destruction, strange pornographic thoughts, and genuinely mean-spirited behaviors.   There will be a time when she asks for help.  It would help if you were patient.

How To Help a Demon Possessed Person-A Child Or a Person Whose Life Is In Danger

One exception to being patient is when you believe that her life is in danger or dealing with a child.  A surprising fact is that most children are spiritually sensitive, and that sensitivity makes the child pursue spiritual experiences.  Some say that invisible friends have typical childhood experiences.  I’m afraid I have to disagree; invisible friends, are demons. 

Most of the children are in their young teens but can be even younger.    If the child is losing weight, not sleeping, fearful, then contact the parents.  Tell them what you think is happening to their child.   Many times parents do not believe that demons exist.  Be brave; the parents call you crazy and tell you to never speak with their child again.  Remember, the child is the parent’s ultimate responsibility.  You did your best.  Now the parents will do their best.

The signs of an adult person whose life is in danger are apparent.  Those signs include having conversations with invisible people, lack of personal hygiene, no contact with reality.  If you can, get that person to a medical doctor for examination.  If the person is tried to commit suicide or is homicidal, then call the police.   These people could have a mental illness problem or be demon-possessed.  If the person is someone you know, the same applies.  Do not try to solve this problem-even severe if the person is a loved one.

Do Not Attempt an Exorcism Alone

Be spiritually careful in dealing with the demon-possessed.  An exorcist and deliverance team can help.  The deliverance team should be experienced and ready for spiritual battle.  Know where there is a deliverance team in your location. 

Never attempt to perform an exorcism alone.  You can expose yourself to a demon that will then jump into your body.  You risk getting physically injured by the demon because you have no spiritual protection.  If you use the name of Jesus Christ but are not a believer, then the demon will mock and laugh at you.  It would help if you had that deliverance team.  You can help a demon-possessed person but do not attempt to be an exorcist.

Never Ignore the Signs of Demonic Activity

If you are reading these words, it is quite possible that you are having difficulty with a problem that goes beyond your understanding. The problem may be a mental illness, a traumatic event, or something else. But it is not our goal to diagnose or prescribe treatment for anything you might be going through.

What we know for sure is the following: if the signs of demonic activity have been revealed to you by any means at all, then what you need most is prayer and guidance from an experienced Christian counselor who will help shepherd you to safety from the enemy’s schemes.

Stay spiritually safe, reader.

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  1. Hello

    I believe that I would find my story fascinating if it was someone elses. You may have a physical address but I am too tired to look for it. I copied some articles & I would like to send a donation if you tell me where.

    I would like to find a deliverance minister. Do you do deliverance? There is no way that I can go to you but I have been in touch with a deliverance minister via email. He gave instructions to do distance deliverance without the one we want to help knowing.
    It is suggested that we not try to not do deliverance to non Christians. One religion I am aware of believes in healing via distance by talking to souls. I always avoid interfering with anyone’s God given gift of free will. I have had some success doing this but I need a big shot of faith to be good at it.

    Would you be willing to practice distance deliverance for me?

    I love tour site
    God bless you. Keep the faith
    Lotsa love Joann Barton
    P.S. This is for you but I don’t mind if it is, or is not published If someone comments I would be interested to hear from them.

    • Hello Joan, Everything I know about deliverance is on my website. I found that exorcisms very seldom cast a demon out. Yes, there can be partial relief but the demon is usually not gone. Self deliverance needs to be used when you are alone. Control your thoughts, fear. Substitute all demonic thoughts with positive thoughts or scripture. You have to be confident that you can control what belongs to you-your thoughts and your body. It takes practice.

      As you know, I am a Christian. I do not know of another way to cast out demons though the blood of Jesus. Please read my pages on self deliverance. Self deliverance is how the demon was cast out of me. Read my page on the Ouija Board and about me.

  2. Hi Connie,
    I have come across a serious issue with my friend and need to help him. How can we speak?
    I am a Christian.
    It is imperative that I get some of your insight into this. I am praying for God’s direction.
    Thank you.

    • Hello, Please read my pages on exorcism and self-deliverance. Everything I know is written on these pages. First step is to find an exorcist from a credible Christian church. They will be able to tell you if a demon is involved. Please note that your friend will need to willingly consent to being helped. May God keep you in His peace. Connie

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