Do You Have a Demon?

Do you have a demon? Demons are real, and they’re all around you. Demons are spiritual entities that try to enter our world by inhabiting the bodies of humans and causing chaos. They’re fierce and can be terrifying to encounter. And it’s up to you to keep them out.

Demons are similar to fatal diseases. Demons are always weaker at the beginning of the process. If you do have a demon, then you need to find it early in the possession process.

What are the different ways demons can enter your body?

When we think of evil spirits, we envision movie scenes of malevolent entities that lurk on the other side of some thin veil, waiting to devour the souls of unsuspecting victims. To many of us, the notion of demons is an outdated concept that has no place in modern society. Misunderstanding is that while the Christian Bible may be our inspiration for these notions of demons and their dangers, they still represent a genuine danger in today’s society. There are many ways in which a demon can enter your body and, with suitable precautions and mindset, you can avoid these dangers. The first and most common way we encounter demons is through negative thoughts.

Psychological or Demon Problem?

It is challenging to know if you have a demon. If you are unsure, there are many different signs that demons may possess you. One of the symptoms of demonic possession is an obsession with the occult, which could be shown through research of the occult. Another symptom is depression. A person that is depressed may cry for no apparent reason, which could be an indicator that they are possessed. Additional symptoms include nightmares, insomnia, and delusions. A person could also be under the control of demons if they show signs of strife, anger, defiance, and disobedience. Demons can enter your body through means of possession, possession-less possession, and possession-by-inheritance.

If you were engaged in channeling activities, then pay close attention to your thought patterns.  Have your thoughts and behaviors changed since your spiritual activity?  For example, you never have suicidal thoughts, but your thoughts are about suicide and how hopelessness of life.  Most relevant, know your thoughts and filter out the negative thoughts.  Analyze the period when these new thoughts began to enter your mind.  If the thoughts started after your spiritual activities, then you might have picked up a demon.

Take The Test for Demon Entry

Take this test and evaluate if there is a demonic presence inside your body or soul! “Yes,” answers on this test may be signs that indicate that there is an evil entity living within your being and controlling your life! You need to take action now before evil spirits can do any more damage!

  1.  Have you worked the Ouija Board?
  2. Do you have intense abnormal fits of temper?
  3.  Do you have re-occurring suicidal thoughts?
  4.  Do you “cut” your body for a blood release?
  5.  Have you ever been to a psychic or medium?
  6.  Do you want to hurt yourself or others?
  7.  Have you ever hurt animals to see them in pain?
  8.  Do you have chaotic thoughts?
  9.  Do you have many thoughts moving through your mind at lightening speed?
  10.  Did you have an invisible friend as a child?
  11.  Have you ever been a sexual abuser?
  12.  Have you been sexually abused?
  13.  Do you meditate on pornography?
  14.  Incapable of stopping addictions-even with counseling?
  15.  Do you chaotic dreams or nightmares?
  16.  Is there a past family member that participated in spirit channeling?
  17.  Have you ever talked to any spirit such as an angel?
  18.  Are you usually in a fearful state of mind?
  19.  Do you hate people for no reason?
  20.  Are you a bully and abuse other people?

Demons Do Not Play Fair-Generational Demons 

Demons can be similar to an inherited disease by being in the DNA of the bloodline. Additionally, if your parents or grandparents are still alive, ask them if anyone in your family was a medium or practiced any form of psychic abilities. 

 Yes, that is unfair that you should receive a demon because of a past family member’s spiritual mistake. Demons are not fair-they act on an invitation to possess. The evil spirits can transfer to new generations of family members.  Demons will never leave unless a more potent spiritual forces demons to leave permanently.

How do you know you have a demon?

If you answered “yes” to any of the “Do You have a Demon” questions, you could have a demon or a mental health issue.  The best solution would be to try psychological counseling or medications prescribed by a psychiatrist.  If you have been trying that method and none of the psychology solutions help, you need to test the spiritual solution.  Do not be afraid of facing the spiritual problem-the quality of your life depends on you finding the truth.

How do you protect yourself from demons?

Demons are known for possessing or infesting human beings. They are also known for deceiving others which can be very dangerous. Demons are also known for inflicting fear on people. Demons tend to enter your body by taking possession of your body, deceiving you, or imposing fear on you. If you are not mindful of these things, the demons can enter your body. You can protect yourself from demons by staying mindful of what is happening around you, tuning in to your intuition, letting go of negativity, focusing on the positive aspects of life, practicing spiritual practices, and more.

Many people do not believe that demons or the spiritual realm exist, but the truth is that real evil spirits do exist on earth.  All demons need is an invitation.  This invitation to enter can come from you directly or travel through the bloodline of your family members that invited a demon in.  

People still have the outward appearance as being “normal”. 

At first, no one would ever suspect that a person may have a demon.  The person looks the same as before.  The person behaves as before.  The difference is the person knows that their mind is different.  Their thoughts often become confused, trouble concentrating, and they hear disturbing thoughts about the evil that they never thought about before.  

The beginning of the possession process begins in the host.  The mind is the warning sign that something is wrong with the thinking process.  A demon is interfering and using the mind to deepen the possession process.

As soon as a person realizes their thoughts have become confused or difficult to concentrate on anything for long periods, it may well be an indication of possession -but people needn’t worry yet! 

 Sometimes these issues arise because someone has been overtired or stressed lately and needs to take care of themselves first before tackling the enormous spiritual problem of the demonic.

What is the spiritual solution to this “demon” problem?

In conclusion, “Do You Have a Demon” answers are only the beginning of researching if you have a demon.  So stay calm and go through the steps-try psychological counseling, and if that does not help, then try a spiritual solution. 

 The spiritual solution might include exorcism or practicing spiritual warfare in self-deliverance.  Be sure to check out the exorcist.  Make sure they are in a credible church.

  When you attend an exorcism, you are very vulnerable and need to be in the care of an experienced exorcist that is part of a deliverance team.  One exorcist ministering alone is a bad idea.  There are no checks and balances from other team members. 

demons and evil spirits

Readers Stay Spiritually Safe.


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