Demon’s Abilities

Demonic Abilities

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dDemon abilities are unique to how it wants to achieve it’s goal of demon possession. Forget what you have read and researched about demons. Demons lie. Demons lied to people from the beginning of time. Why do people care what the name of a demon is? Why do they care what the specific function of a demon is? The answer is no one really knows the truth because demons can not be measured and categorized–they live the spiritual realm but can communicate actively in the earthy realm.

Listed below are a few of their unique demon abilities:

Project thoughts into the mind
Read minds.
Know the family history.
Manipulate emotions.
Mentally sexually simulate.
Impersonate anyone living or dead.
Falsely claim that they are a god or at least an angel.
Create dreams and nightmares when the person is asleep.
Speak through the host.
Write through automatic hand writing
Move the host’s body
Enter into a person by sex with a partner
 Enter by projecting sexual fantasies with or without a partner.
Example of demon abilities:
Demon stimulates spiritual curiosity by answering questions from the people using the Ouija Board as channeling method.

The Ouija board is a good example of these abilities.  The people touch their fingertips to the planchette.  That is the invitation to communicate.  Then the demons moves the planchette to the letters thereby establishing communication.  Demons can tell which person is an open spiritual channel and will enter that person.  The mind of that person can be read and the answers stimulate curiosity for more communication.  The person’s spend more time with the Ouija board and is not noticing the communication is affecting their daily life.  The person can still carry on daily activities and pretend their life is still normal.  The person is less social because they are desiring to spend more time with the demon.

Demon increases control of mind and body by injecting more thoughts and weakening the body

A deeper level of communication the is established such as automatic handwriting or speaking to the person by using their voice.  Now the demon is gaining control of the body through controlling the hand for writing and controlling the voice for speaking.

Person cannot sleep for any period of time due to demonic nightmares.
Demon begins to reveal there true destructive personality by giving thoughts of suicide, hatred, harm to others.
The person’s mind races with many thoughts at once.
Family and friends do not understand the reason the person seems different-joyless, physically weaker, and secluded from friends and family.

In conclusion, demons are very evil and any spirit that wants direct communication with a person is a demon.  I assumed that because these creatures are spirits that they must be good.  That assumption is false and can cost a person their sanity and maybe even their life.  Readers, stay spiri

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