Demons Control the Body and Sexual Desire

Demons Can Control Body and Sexual Desire

Demons control the body and sexual desires if the demon’s possession is deep enough in the host. They can use the person’s voice and move their head back and forth. The possessed person loses control over their body movements as the possession gets deeper into the soul. They can fall asleep at unexpected times.

First, the person would invite the spirit to communicate; then, it will enter their body through an opening such as mouth, nose, ears, eyes, etc. Once inside someone’s body, they have full access to everything that happens, including thoughts and feelings. Shockingly, as the possession gets stronger, demons control the body and sexual desire. They also have some power in bodily functions, including speech, limb movement, etc. The host is terrified because the person has lost control of their body and sexual desire.

You might wonder how to tell if a demon is possessing you. Well, there are some signs to look for, such as feeling restless, having nightmares about death or dying, and hearing voices telling you what to do or who is talking about you behind your back if this sounds like something that could be happening to you then it’s time to call in an exorcist!

Demons Intensify Sexual Desire

Shockingly, Demons can stimulate sexual desire in their host. Sexual stimulation by spirits can be gay, straight, or masturbation. Evil spirits can feel all the sensations that humans can feel. Incubus and Succubus have a long history of possessing humans. All demons terrorize hosts with increasing sexual desire.

Evil spirits pretending to be deceased past lovers, a fantasy sex partner, or whoever the host desires for sex. Since there is no way to prove identity, the demons can claim to be anyone. One false identity is when demons claim to be ghosts. Ghosts and sex are lies from demons. Ghosts do not like people. They want all humans to leave the premises to have privacy. The main function of a ghost is to hoover around a property or object.

How could a demon take control of the host’s body?

The first step is for the spirit to tell the person that their mind must be neutral for more precise communication with the spirit. Demons can only communicate one thought at a time.  The host cannot think about other things. 

An excellent method to fight a demon is constantly thinking about the host’s thoughts.  The devil cannot interfere.

How do demons weaken their host?

First,  when the demon takes control, the person is unaware of what they say, writes, or do other behaviors. Demon-possessed people only get small amounts of sleep.  The mind is in neutral in a sleep state.  The spirits will give the person intense nightmares.  Lack of sleep weakens the person’s strength and resistance.  Their body gets weaker.

The person can stop the behavior by taking control back. His spiritual battle takes some time to learn.    The spirit is the intruder, and the person has power in the earthy realm.  The person listens to the demonic lies and does not know control can take control back.

Demons speak loudly through the host- most prevalent during an exorcism. The satanic spirit speaks through the person to communicate with the exorcist and other people.  Sometimes the evil will spit, vomit, curse, intimate, and much more.

Additionally, the demon can interrupt a conversation between people with any weird comment. Blurting out a bizarre statement is an embarrassment to the host. The host knows that the devil is speaking, but the host can force the demon to stop. Control of speech for the host takes practice. The possessed person should evaluate every comment before speaking to others.

Evil Spirits Move Heads, Arms, and Fingers

Demons can control human body movements such as the head, arms, and fingers. They can move the host’s head from side to side and their arms and fingers. An example is when a person permits the demon to do automatic handwriting. Another example is submitting the host fingers placed on an Ouija Board’s planchette.

Other functions include music and art channeled to the host by the demon. Many spiritual channelers and mediums will sell the music and art billed as “spirit music or spirit art.”

The host may allow the evil spirit to take a finger movement to spell out words as secret communication between the host and the demon. This activity is usually in a social place – work, home, or social gathering.

Evil spirits speak through the host’s voice. They curse, yell, and state why they will not leave until the victim dies.) Additionally, demons use the host’s body; the spirit behaves like an animal; it makes noises like a bear with the host’s arms swatting the air.  The demon makes the person hiss like a snake and slithers like a snake when on the floor.

Emotion Manipulation

In demon possession, the spirit intensifies negative emotions.  For example, dislike for a person turns to extreme hate.   Fear intensifies and can permit other demons to enter the body.  If you or a loved one might have a demon, do not fear it.  The best thing to do is ignore the spirit as much as possible.  Spirits can kill a person by making the host so confused, miserable, full of hate, and fearful that the person might commit suicide.


The abilities of demons may sound unbelievable to you. There are many websites about demons. Most people only write from intellectual knowledge or what someone tells them, like a spiritual teacher, Buddhist, or ordained Christian minister. Their knowledge is usually only head knowledge. My knowledge comes from experiencing many of these demonic activities. Either I experienced them personally or, as a lead exorcist, I observed this activity in others.

In conclusion, I know that writing about demon experiences brings back old memories I want to forget. How can I forget? These pages are a warning for you to see the truth about demons.  People do not go into the spirit realm.  Stay spiritually safe.


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