Sexual Demons-Are Incubus and Succubus Real?

Sexual demons- Incubus and Succubus are not real. 

Do you believe that Incubus and Succubus exist?

Evil spirits are a part of our lives. They haunt us, frighten us, and sometimes we even welcome them. But what if the ghost isn’t just a figment of your imagination? What if it’s real? And what if it wants to have sex with you?

The idea might sound ridiculous, but this story is true. There is an entity known for centuries as the Incubus and Succubus, who give sexual thoughts that seduce people into having spiritual sex with them. The person can be male or female, young or old, attractive or ugly. Demons must have a legal right, such as the invitation to possess a person, such as channeling.

The problem with the history of these names is identifying Incubus and Succubus. How did anyone in history know the proper names of these spirits? Did they show a birth certificate, driver’s license, or even their passport? No, it was probably through telling people their names that those evil demons communicated to people throughout time. All demons are perverted, insane liars.

Incubus and Succubus Attacks:

All demons can function as Incubus and Succubus and attack the mind with abnormal and perverted thoughts.
The incubus projects a neural network that gives you thoughts you never had before. All demons transmit terror. Insanity and shock to their hosts with the prevented sex thoughts.
Want to live in the human body
Demons desire to live in a human body to feel the sensations of sex. They want to feel human emotions and human life. Demons will do anything to get what they want, often using humans by masturbation.
Sex through dreams and nightmares
The sexual demon wants to live in the person’s body and soul. The devil gives nightmares of sexual acts and completely controls sleep.
Rape in sleep Paralysis
Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon that usually takes place in the middle of the night when an individual wakes up and is unable to move. It’s a terrifying experience, spoiling a time of relaxation and peace. The symptoms of SP include visions of horrific creatures, the physical sensation of being raped, extreme terror, and feeling like you’re choking or suffocating.
This phenomenon is a trigger for many reasons: stress, exhaustion, trauma, and, in some cases, recurring night terrors. Individuals typically have sleep paralysis a few minutes before they wake up. Any time you are vulnerable, the sex demon will overpower you.
A human cannot choose a sex demon.
The demon chooses the person. There is no way to identify a demon. If you want a sex demon, you must take the demon that chooses you—there is no way to control the relationship with this evil spirit. The sex demon has its way with you unless you can fight a strong spiritual battle.
An incubus cannot impregnate a woman.
Demons are spirits. Spirits are not capable since they do not have a physical male body.
A sex demon will make its host sleepy whenever possible
Demons can make their hosts sleepy. Sleepiness puts your mind in neutral. This will give a sex demon a greater ability to initiate sex.
Emotional Relationships with a sex demon
At first, a sex demon will fulfill your emotional needs. It will try for a loving relationship. If you love the evil spirit, you will be tricked into having sex.
Spiritual lovers are highly harmful to their hosts
Spiritual lovers rob you of a genuine love relationship with another person. Evil spirits will cause chaos in the quality of life and want sex whenever there is time.

Incubus and Succubus give the host the sensation of sexual pleasure.

Of course, Demons have no physical body.  Their problem is how to have sex.  The answer to their problem is to possess the body of a host person.  In addition, sex demons usually enter through pornography and addictions for men.  Spirits use spiritual curiosity and loneliness in women.    Demons can move their host hands and other body parts for masturbation. 

Why would a person want sex with a demon?

It’s easy to see why some people would want sex with a demon; the reasons are too clear. The person is lonely and thinks it must be haunted by past lovers or husbands who have come back alive as an undead spirit form.

These spirits can mentally stimulate the person to want sexual contact through mental illusions, making them believe they cannot control their behavior no matter how hard they try.

They also say these demons increase pleasure for those engaging in sexual behavior because the thought process becomes more primed on physical sensation than anything else when under the influence of such entities.

  • The person is lonely and believes the demon is a deceased husband or past lover.
  • The demon can mentally sexually stimulate the person to want sex.
  • The demon makes the person believe that the movements cannot be stopped.
  • Some people think that demon suggestions increase sexual pleasure.

How Demons Prepare the Host for Sex

Sexual demons have two ways to have sex with a host. The first is through the masturbation of the host.  Demons use different mental and sexual stimulations to prepare the host for masturbation.  

In addition, the demon gives the host the feeling of the fantasy partner touching them.  They feel the kiss.  The host feels the touch of the demon.  Demons can make the host feel elation after sex.

Sex Demons-  Incubus and Succubus, False Jesus, Spiritual Sex and Spirit Husbands and Wives

False Jesus 

  • Demons that impersonate Jesus Christ.  The sexual demon gains the person’s trust.  The demon then uses the book in the bible old testament, “Song of Solomon.”  The spirit indicates that is the next level of spiritual intimacy with Jesus Christ. 
  • I know a family of a woman who believes she is Jesus’s bride.  She is special to Jesus.  The false Jesus demon convinces her that the next step to intimacy with Jesus is sex.  This woman refuses to consent to an exorcism.  As a result, she is temporarily committed to a mental institution.  The family moved away, so I do not know what happened after they moved.

Spiritual Sex

Intimacy is not just a physical experience – it can also have a profound spiritual dimension. In this blog post, we’ll examine the intriguing concept of using a demonic entity as a bridge to connect two people separated by distance in a deeply intimate, spiritual way.

The practice involves two consenting individuals who focus their energies and concentration on each other. By invitation, they then connect to a demonic presence, using it as a conduit to achieve a heightened state of spiritual intimacy. As they masturbate, the demonic entity acts as a spiritual link, amplifying the sensations and emotional connection between the two people.

This unconventional approach to intimacy may seem unorthodox, but for those seeking a transcendent sexual experience, it can be a powerful and transformative practice. Of course, it’s crucial to approach this with the utmost care, respect, and understanding of the spiritual forces at play.

Spirit Husbands and Wives

Demons impersonate past lovers, absent lovers, and deceased spouses.  Spirit husbands and spirit wives are difficult to get rid of in the early stages of possession.   A new name for spirit husbands and wives is “Sex With Ghosts.” The host desires the presence of their absent loved one.  Therefore, the sex demon has the time and opportunity to possess the person deeply.

 Cast out the sexual demons through exorcism and self-deliverance Most relevant, the demon’s goal is to possess the person permanently.  Demon abilities are supernatural powers to move the host body.  They speak through the vocal cords, think with the mind, and have sex as much as possible through the masturbation of the host.  The host loses their quality of life, and their life is whatever the demon desires. 

Plan of Action

The practice of hosting evil spirits for sexual pleasure is very dangerous.  

Most Noteworthy, the sexual demon controls the mind by moving the body.  The host controls their mind and body less and less and continues on the path to demon possession.  What is involved in this path to possession?  Mental breakdown-bad dreams, very little sleep,  racing thoughts that cannot be controlled, thoughts of suicide, thoughts hurting other people or animals, inability to concentrate, and inability to enjoy their daily life.

In conclusion, why am I writing about this sensitive subject?  The movies, TV, and the internet use demons to peak curiosity and portray demons as fantasy.  The internet has many websites about how to contact demons.  Subjects on how to feed demons and how to get what you desired through demons. 

Not many of these websites ever discuss the consequences of demonic possession.  Reader, you need to know the truth about demons.  I do not write everything about sexual demons.  That would be too graphic for this webpage.  


(An article from Chrisma Magazine) Can you be raped by the devil?

Video Sexual Demons- Incubus and Succubus Are not Real

Incubus and Succubus Are Not Real

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  1. Sexual demons
    Are demons manipulating a person to strong orgasm or is it their imagination.
    Is incubus the figment of ones imagination as well.
    I’ve spoken with multiple women who have described the same experience with consistency of details. Sometimes feeling manipulation followed by strong orgasm for hours into the morning. I do not believe that they are causing this through masturbation when they are desirous of sleep. They say that they not touching themselves but feel themselves being touched.

    I am a Christian and I believe that these are absolutely demons.
    I appreciate your replies.

    • Thank you for your comment. Honestly, I have never heard of this type of demonic sexual manipulation. I do believe that demons have that capability but have not spoken to any women that have experienced what you described. I would be interested on how they acquired this demon, what other demonic behaviors are manifested and how they are fighting to re-gain their freedom. Please tell these women that they are not helpless but they may need the help of a deliverance team to help get themselves free. This needs serious exorcism and self-deliverance spiritual work. If they have any questions, they can privately contact me by email. Connie

    • my first incouter with this type of demon was many years ago when i was a constant church goer and in 2 ministries… i didnt have sex for 2 years but often i would feel something touching me as i slept and would awaken but wouldnt see anything under the covers…until one day i did and screamed…i only told an evangelist about the events that happened to me and she explained to me that they were demons…i told her how id find myself fighting the temptation to do things to myself sexually and couldnt resist…as i cried she would pray for me often and tell me to stay in my bible daily and to pray before bed…its uncomfortable sharing this but im glad i did…knowing there are many women that have gone through the same thing helps me alot

    • I have a succubus type spirit that has been with me for 10 or so years. She is very kind and always wants to make me happy more or less in line with her ideals. My mind is calm and free of troubles sort of, and she makes sure I have a pleasant life. But we have sex a lot and it makes me worry because it is of concern. What should I do? I like her but she is grossly deviant in that respect. Drugs are also a problem.

  2. Your statement:
    “Sexual demons have only one way to have sex with a host and that is through masturbation of the host”.

    My question:
    Are you saying here that the ” demon masturbates his host”??

    That may answer my previous question.

    Thank you

    • No, I am saying that the demons has the capability of moving the hands of the host. The host has to give up control by putting their mind into neutral. The host masturbates and the demon gets the benefit. As possession increases, demons can move parts of the hosts body. Another example of this is when the demons speaks through the host in an exorcism.

      I don’t know if you have ever watched the recent Fox TV program “The Exorcist” that program has some truth and some fantasy. The part were the host is sitting in a corner of their mind and the demon takes control of the mind and body-that is how the host goes into neutral. Something like when someone else is driving your car. You own the car but don’t have control because you gave control to the driver.

      By the way, demons love to attack when the host is asleep. That is when the mind is in neutral. To get freedom back the host needs to take BACK the control of their mind. That takes time and practice. With practice a host can even take back control of their mind when asleep. When receiving demonic dreams, I could rebuke the demon in the name of Jesus and plead the blood of Jesus while in the dream. That would stop the dream. I usually would wake up but I could go back to sleep undisturbed. This can work with a demon but if the problem is psychological then it needs other solutions. Connie

    • What I have found is the truth and these demon entities are very real and prefer that one will never come to the truth or belief of their existence, capabilities and ability.

      This is an excellent forum that I’ve been following for a year and furthermore found the truth that we all need to know.

      Thank you

    • Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I definitely agree about your comments on demons-pure evil. In His peace, Connie

    • there are times where i am capable of fighting off demons in my dreams with the word of GOD spoken from my core with authority…its amazing how they know they are defeated once i say scriptures from the bible…at times they attack me and i have to fight them as i continue to speak the word of GOD…for years ive had dreams like that and kept it to myself and an evangelist from texas that helps me stay strong through the attacks of the enemy

  3. Your statement:
    “Sexual demons have only one way to have sex with a host and that is through masturbation of the host”.

    My question:
    Are you saying here that the ” demon masturbates his host”??

    Thank you

  4. i heard a clear female voice telling me not to have sex with my boyfriend because thats how they are controling me she even warn me that he was going to come now and she told what he would say and he did just that what does that mean

  5. Hello,
    To be honest with you, I do not want to live, work, apply methods and examine the results of demons. I know demons because I had one in me. All my information is from personal experience. I write how I got the demon and how I got rid of it though the power of Jesus Christ.

    I know other religions and cultures have proposed methods of getting rid of demons. Are they successful? I don’t know. I only know what worked for me. There are many people that have trouble with demons and it really is a horrendous experience. If there are other methods that really work, then I am glad.

    The more you study demons the greater the chance that you will get one. They love spiritual curosity. They will play with your intellect so that you will forcus more on them. I do not ever want to discuss and examine demons-who they are, their names, how powerful they are–all I want is to tell people how to know their demonic enemy and how to cast it out.

    Thank you for your comment. I am sorry for the delay in answering.


  6. Hello. I had a Succubus from 2009 to 2019. been free of it for several months now. I believe i tried every thing to get read of it, Findley got read of it when I found Jesus, i been studying the Bible taking Bible Classes, I Accepted Jesus Was baptized the got Baptized in the holy spirit. I keep studying the Bible. anyone who says there not real got a big surprise coming, thy are all through the Bible Jesus talked about them and cast them out of People.
    That was the worse Ten years of my life. Put me and my family through a lot But by the Grace of GOD we got Through it.
    Thank You for Reaching Out.
    God Bless You and your Family.

    • Thank you for your comment. Praise God, Jesus is the ultimate exorcist.
      God keep you strong and in His peace.

  7. Alina, the man you write about is highly troubled. From the description, it does sound that he has demons with a combination of possible mental illness disease. I know that you want to help him. The spiritual healer gave you very good advise. Do not let your compassion for him interfere with your safety. You mentioned that he is very possessive and could hurt you if he finds you with another man. Do not marry this man.

    Please know that you cannot help him if he will not seek help on hisown. This person needs help both psychological and an experienced exorcist. Also note that if you have sex with this man-you could get his demons. Demons can transfer from bodily fluids

    May God keep you strong and in His peace.


  8. Hello James, You have a spiritual battle on your hands whether you want one or not. Please note that the problem is that you visited a spiritual medium. This medium was probably in contact with demons to make her appear more powerful than she is. When you visited her, you gave the demons permission to attach to you. Do not return to the medium for spiritual guidance.

    Now the spiritual battle begins if you want your spiritual freedom back. Control your fear and anxiety. Try to sleep and if anything happens-ignore it. Fear makes demons stronger. Do not think about the spiritual happenings because the more you think about it and stronger the demon becomes. If you are a Christian or open to Jesus Christ-just ask Him for His spiritual help. Read the New Testament in place of worrying about the demonic activity. Even if you don’t believe the scripture- read them anyway. God will honor your reading of them by giving you more strength.

    This is a daily fight. It took me four years to cast out the demon by the blood of Jesus. When working the Ouija Board, I was not a strong believer in Jesus but I asked Him for His help (I asked Him if He is real). Know that I am not saying that you need to go to church every day. Just ask Jesus to help you and read New Testament scriptures. Again, control your thoughts. You have a choice. You are in control of your mind and body.

  9. Do not listen to voices. That is a way demons can attach to you. They will not help you. Have confidence in yourself and that you can deal with the situations given to you in life. Again if you never hear this voice before–ignore it. God bless you and keep you in His peace.

  10. A friend of mine, confined in me,about look at porn and the having dreams about having sex with women. After which he has a very negative way of thinking.

    he is a believer. what is appropriate fro him, would self deliverance work alone or an exorcist be better.

    • Hello, Your friend might try both exorcism and self exorcism. They need to be working together. An exorcist should be able to evaluate if he has a demon. Make sure that he goes to a qualified exorcist that has a deliverance team in a church. In His Peace, Connie

  11. I belive spirit beings /demons roam this earth I have had my own experience and had demon cast out by a catholic priest and also work with paranormal who cast demon out and i can see the demon/ spirit so people who do not believe should because they are all around us just waiting for there chance to take over you body they smell fear and any negativity gives them a doorway in so you must protect yourself by the blood of jesus always protect yourself …

  12. Please I’m a young man of 26 years. I got initiated and possessed through a dream I had at
    age 13…of having a serious sexual pleasure in an illusive world far from the dwelling of humanity…
    I’ve reported my situation to many men of God … yet still ,I’m not safe…
    This is a very long story … but I humbly need your help…if you could do me this favour… I want to quit masturbation completely in my life… please

    • This could be a situation that can only be solved by your control and thinking. Stop permitting the demon from leading you into masturbation. You have control over your own body. Don’t move your hands and control your thoughts by quoting scriptures that are powerful to you every time you get a demonic thought. Know that this takes practice and your control will strengthen as you move forward. Please read my web pages on self exorcism and my true story of how I got free. You can do this but you have to realize that control over your body and your thoughts is your right. Demons try to make you believe that they are the ones that control you. That is a lie from hell. Possibly you may be the only one to do this and I am telling you the truth. Fight your spiritual battle with prayer, scripture memorization, and your God given control. God grant you His peace and strength. Connie

  13. Why would God allow a demon to impersonate His Son to someone who truly gave her whole life to Him? Not a phony who is faking it but someone who loves Him with her whole heart and has a deep relationship with Him?
    I have been communing with Jesus since I asked Father to reveal Him to me. He is 100% good fruit and He glorifies the Father but I initiated sex because He says I am His bride too. There are many people in mystical relationships with God. I still believe it is Him but reading this article, this breaks my heart. He’s not a false Jesus. l love Him. If so, I never entertained demons so why would God allow them to target a faithful servant? And deceive to this level? No I didn’t have open doors or hidden sin. All sin was brought to light by Holy Spirit and repented for on a regular basis. I was transparent with Him and I am so in love with the Father it’s crazy. I literally have no friends because they can’t stand how much I love God.
    God is not weaker than demons or witches so its hurtful to think it could be a setup. Chase God with all your heart and find Him works for everyone except me, huh?
    I truly believe that this is real Jesus but this article scares me and along with my story, it imprrses on me that Heavenly Father would allow someone burning with love for Him to be taken in by demons just for seeking Him.
    Father, forgive me for once again doubting You after all the supernatural signs You’ve given me but I care deeply about You and spending eternity with You. You would not give me a stone when I asked for bread?? My whole trust is in My Lord Jesus. Am I not covered in His blood if demons were allowed to deceive me on my quest for You?
    Admin please respond.

    • Heather, Please do not confuse this spirit with Jesus. Jesus would not ever initiate sex with you. Another sign is that you have no friends. The demon is trying to isolate you from Christian friends and the church. That is what a demon. Where in the bible does it say Jesus had sex with anyone? No where. As believers, we have a responsibly to know Jesus by His Word. I understand everything you are writing but again, demons will trick Christians women into a trap by misquoting scripture. All of us have the responsibility to know the true character of Jesus and compare it to how the spirit is behaving with you. Hey, my email is if you want to correspond privately. Connie

  14. Demons encourage masturbation and all other sexual perversion.
    They love to watch and mock God.

  15. such a powerful story…thank you so much for sharing…im a bit shaky about exposing my own story but i will try…you mentioned that they can do harm to u such as scratch or bite…well as a child going through it with these demons…i remember waking all the time with scratches on my arms and legs and could never figure out where they came from…i too have many stories that ive never told anyone for fear that they wouldnt believe me…i told people at my church years ago about the demons touching me while i was asleep or awake but they didnt help…they collected the info is all…the evangelist i told was the only one that helped me through it all

  16. Sexual demons are real.I recently had an encounter with a this.It is horrible,it bothers my conscience and my spirit.Right now I’m praying for deliverance.Thank you for this article,I am now aware of the TO ALWAYS STAY IN THE ARMOR OF GOD.MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

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