Demons and Suicide-Can Demons Kill a Person?

Demons and suicide have been connected throughout history. Can a demon kill a pe? For centuries, individuals have been fascinated with devils and the supernatural. Movies, television programs, and books all explore the idea that devils can physically kill individuals. But what’s the reality? Can they? I will answer that question today.

Any exorcism motion picture or TV program provides an incorrect perception of the power of a satanic force. Demons do not throw sharp items at people. They do not grab an individual to throw them out of a window. Evil spirits do not throw a person from a long staircase.

Spiritual Activity In the Earthly Realm

The world is a place of much spiritual activity. It’s natural for people to feel the presence of something after they travel through dark underground corridors and enter rooms with flickering lights. Still, these are not manifestations of Satan himself.

These forces do not have the legal right on earth to cause physical or mental harm to an individual- only in their realm can they inflict that damage because demons belong there! But when uninvited demonic spirits manifest themselves into our earthly dimension, it is always by invitation- whether prompted intentionally or subconsciously.

Many people invite demons at one point in time during their lifetime. Is working an Ouija Board a joke or a harmless game? Little did these people know that they were inviting demons, No idea that an evil satanic spirit could indirectly kill them.

demons can kill people

Demons and Suicide Is the Eventual Goal

First, demons penetrate the mind. They create confusion as well as irrational, fearful, and destructive thoughts. The person slowly gets weaker in their body. The fear keeps increasing, so the host person can not eat or sleep.

Family and friends notice that the host is talking to himself, and there are strong suggestions that the host goes to a doctor or psychiatrist. The host wants to take the advice, but how do you tell a doctor that a demon is possessing you? The demons do not care if the host takes the advice of family and friends. The host is too afraid to seek help.

The demons know that the only thing that will force them to leave is an exorcism. The evil spirits get even more violent by going deeper into the possession whenever the host thinks of seeking an exorcism.

Their mind is total overall chaos. The person is filled with hate and has ideas of harming themselves or others. Demons keep using telepathy to flood the mind with evil thoughts. The person is weak from not eating or sleeping. They are in torment.

There is a way out, but the host does not believe there is a way out of this pain. All the person wants is peace of mind. They wonder if the only way out is suicide.  Death may provide peace of mind.

Yes, individuals could get desperate enough to finish all the torture. Friends and family believe that mental illness is the cause. Mental disease can be the root cause of suicide.  In this case, the reason was an evil satanic spirit.

Fear Strengthens the Power of a Demon

Worry always enhances the power of a demon. The more individuals fear the devils, the deeper the possession. Never fear a demon-they always need to be ignored as much as possible. Fear is claimed to be a gatekeeper and will undoubtedly permit other satanic forces to enter.

Yes, demons can kill a person through suicide. The person does not believe there is any hope to return to everyday life.. There is a spiritual force a lot more potent than devils. The spiritual power is Jesus Christ. There needs to be an exorcism or self-deliverance.

Bullying Can Lead to Suicide

Many peopl admit to being bullied. Children that do not fit in with their social group-too tall, short, fat, pimples. Many are sensitive adults what are “diferent” from other adults. They are the weak and sensitive.

Demons love to abuse people and animals. If a bully gets joy from hurting others, the demon will intensifies the bully’s thoughts. Sometimes, bullied people want to commit suicide. Suicide is the only way to escape the bullying no other way out of the abuse.

Spiritual Clues for Demon Influences

demons and suicide

The answer is a spiritual evaluation to identify if demons are involved.  

  1.  1.  Is the person spiritual?

  2.  Do you know of any spiritual experimentation? (Ouija Boards, consult with psychics, channeling spirits as a serious adventure?

 3.  Is the person fine and then switches into suicidal? 

4.  Has the person been emotionally sensitive all their life?

 5.  Does the person talk to themselves when they are alone?

Demons and Suicide are Usually not accepted by Psychiatrists.

Can you imagine telling a psychiatrist that the suicidal person should try an exorcist? Many psychiatrists do not believe in the spiritual. Remember that the line between an actual mental illness and demon influences is fragile.   

Most mental Heath professionals may advise that an exorcism can traumatize the affected person.  However, mental health professionals have never observed a deliverance. 

A psychiatrist cannot answer the question of demons and suicide. Actually, what is there to lose if medical science cannot help?  Is there a possibility of demons and suicide?  Absolutely.

Evil Spirits Affect Caregiver Families Emotionally

Unfortunately, certain people undergo therapy and take pills to stop suicidal thoughts.  The drugs can make the person numb. The numbness eliminates any emotion or passion for life.

So what can a family or loved one do?  The family usually observes the person numb and not able to function.  The loved ones try and try to help the person.   Eventually, the caregiver exhausts all their energy.  The caregiver becomes depressed and suicidal.

In conclusion, a person with a demon affects everything in their life and keeps family and other loved ones. Keep in mind if prescribed medications are not effective, then consider an exorcism. What do you have to lose?

I have thirty-three videos on my “About Demons” YouTube channel that reviews devil possession. My true story is in “Why I Hate Ouija Boards.” The steps of spiritual battle are in this video.

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People, Stay Spiritually Safe.


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