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Spiritual People-Non Spiritual People and Demons

spiritual people

Spiritual people are three spiritual types- spiritually sensitive, spiritually curious and non-spiritual.  Each spiritual type has weaknesses that a demon can use to initiate the invitation to enter the person and begin the possession process.

Spiritually Sensitive People

  • Spiritually sensitive people have a natural connection with the spirit realm.
  • Spiritual sensitivity begins to develop in childhood or early teens.
  • They did not seek their spiritual sensitivity.
  • Ability of sense when someone they love is in danger.
  • Ability to sense when spirits are near to them.
  • Ability to see orbs or hear spiritual noises or smell spiritual scents.
  • Ability to sense death.
  • Ability to dream of future occurrences.

Spiritual sensitivity is not an automatic invitation to possess.  Demons can attempt to gain an invitation to possess by influencing the sensitive person to develop their “gift.”  Most spiritually sensitive people instinctively recognize a demon and will not communicate.  There is the danger that the person could fall for the demonic trick and attempt more sensitivity that they were not meant to develop.

 Spiritual people are not always religious.  They connect with the spiritual realm but that does not mean they will follow a religious system.  Article from Wikipedia reference the details of Spiritual but not religious.

Spiritually Curious People

Many people are spiritually curious.  They wonder if the spiritual is real.  The entertainment industry peaks spiritual interest in exorcism programs and demons are a subject of horror and terror in TV and the movies.  Demons must love spiritually curious people because they can easily trick and lie to the person about the spirit realm.  All a curious person needs to do is try to channel through a Ouija board or attend a séance.  Right at that moment is the invitation to possess. 

At first, the person believes that a good spirit was channeled.  The demon can communicate with it’s host for years before it reveals it’s true evil nature.  Every day the demon remains in the host–the demon becomes more deeply embedded in the host’s body and soul.  The host is happy because the person thinks he or she is learning special secrets of the spirit realm until the demon finally exposes it’s true evil nature.  The host finally realizes the truth but does not know how to get rid of the creature.

Non-Spiritual People

Non-spiritual people believe in no spiritual reality.  They joke and laugh at the spiritual and do not ever think they can be affected by a demon.  They call the spiritual realm E.T. nonsense.  Demons can still have an invitation to possess by the generational bloodline.  If great-grandmother channeled spirits then those spirits can enter the next generation through the bloodline. This process is similar to inheriting a physical disease through the bloodline.  The demon remains in the generational bloodline until a current family member finds the demon and casts it out.

There is some protection in ignoring the spiritual but if the demon is generational the non-spiritual person will never discover the reason that he or she is extremely angry, or is addicted to pornography, or has extreme depression.  They wonder why their prescription drugs or the therapist is not helping to overcome their problems.

**Please note:  I do not believe all emotional problems or addictions come from the demon influences but some can be demon-influenced.







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