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Spiritual people are three spiritual types- spiritually sensitive, spiritually curious, and non-spiritual.  Each spiritual type has weaknesses.  A demon uses weaknesses to initiate the invitation to enter the person.

Spiritually Sensitive People

  • Spiritually sensitive people have a natural connection with the spirit realm.
  • Spiritual sensitivity begins to develop in childhood or early teens.
  • They did not seek their spiritual sensitivity.
  • Ability of sense when someone they love is in danger.
  • Ability to sense when spirits are near to them.
  • Ability to see orbs or hear spiritual noises or smell spiritual scents.
  • Ability to sense death.
  • Ability to dream of future occurrences.

Spiritual sensitivity is not an automatic invitation to possess.  Demons can attempt to gain an invitation to possess by influencing the sensitive person to develop their “gift.”  Most spiritually sensitive people instinctively recognize a demon and will not communicate. 

There is the risk that the person can succumb to the demonic trick as well as attempt to create more sensitivity. The danger is that devils will enter since the person desires even more of the spiritual. Demons will see this request to connect with spirits are an invitation to enter the possession process.

Please note that spiritual people are not always religious.    They connect with the spiritual realm but that does not mean they will follow a religious system.  Article from Wikipedia references the details of Spiritual but not religious.

Spiritually Curious People

Many people are spiritually interested. They question if the spiritual is actual. The show business comes to a head spiritual passion in exorcism programs and also devils are a topic of scary and also terror in television as well as the movies.

Demons enjoy curious people because they can deceive the individual concerning the spirit world. All an interested individual needs to do is try to channel via an Ouija board or attend a séance. Right then is the invite for a demon to possess.

Initially, the curious person thinks that a good spirit was channeled. Demons must love spiritually curious people because they can easily trick and lie to the person about the spirit realm.

The devil can connect with its host for years before it discloses its true evil nature. On a daily basis, the devil remains in the host– the demon comes to be more deeply embedded in the host’s heart and soul.

The host enjoys the fact that the person assumes he or she is learning unique secrets of the spirit realm till the devil ultimately exposes its true wicked nature. The host lastly recognizes the fact yet does not know just how to get rid of the creature.

Spiritual people should be cautious of sharing their spiritual experiences since they might be met with harsh judgment. The only time they must share is if it’s with somebody they recognize is open-minded and also encouraging. Nevertheless, these people may call them odd or crazy.

To put it simply spiritual people, take care with your comments or someone that disagrees can ruin your reputation. For example, when applying for a job, a person might claim to the manager that you are crazy and also speak with spirits.

Non-Spiritual People

Non-spiritual individuals rely on no spiritual reality. They joke and laugh at the spiritual and do never believe they can be affected by a demon. They call the spiritual world E.T. rubbish..

Satanic forces can still have an invite to have by the generational family. If great-grandmother channels spirits then those spirits can get in the next generation with the family.

This procedure resembles acquiring a physical disease through the bloodline. The devil remains in the generational bloodline until a present family member discovers the satanic force and also casts it out.

There is some protection in neglecting the spiritual.  However, if the evil spirit is generational,   the non-spiritual individual will never ever uncover the reason that she or he is incredibly upset, or is addicted to porn, or has severe anxiety. They ask themselves why their prescription drugs or the specialist is not helping to overcome their troubles.

Finally, it is less complicated to be a non-spiritual person. All they require to do is reject the existence of the spiritual world. Even if they sense spirits, they will rationalize that this spiritual feeling is in their creativity.

People, stay spiritually safe.

** Please note: I do not think all psychological troubles or dependencies come from the demon effects but some can be demon-influenced.


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