Curse of Downers Grove

The curse of Downers Grove is real. A movie was dedicated to this curse. I know from childhood that something bad will happen to my family.

Curse of Dowers Grove is a curse that is real.  Of course, no one will admit to the curse.  Additionally, to my shock and dismay, there is a movie in 2015 named “The Curse of Downers Grove”.

My family did not know about the curse.  Anyway, my parents did not believe in curses.  We moved into an old, white stucco house in Downers Grove.  I was ten years old and my brother was five.  My parents were thrilled to finally own their own  home.  We had very happy times in that old house.

The problem is that I never liked the house or the town.  I felt uncomfortable and sensed a deep darkness about the town and the house.  I told no one because I knew no one would believe me.

One day I decide to tell my mom.  “Mom, we have to move.  If we don’t move, something really BAD will happen.”  My mom answers, “Connie, you are being silly.”  

I noticed in my parents bedroom there were height measurements on the door base board.  I knew the measurements were of a child who previously lived in the house.  It bothered me that the measurements were never covered with paint.

One day, I was talking with a friend that told me the boy that lived there died.  That made me very uncomfortable and I did not want to discuss it anymore.  I  never told my parents.

As a teenager, I always drove out of Downers Grove to do teenage things. I always felt better when not in that town. When was ready to go to college , I wanted far away from Downers Grove.

I was about 22 years old when there was a knock on the door.  The police were at the door to tell us that my brother was hit by a car.  One week later my brother, Len, passed away.  This was devastating for my family.  A person never really gets over such devastation.

Now, I live in Arizona.  My mom and dad passed away.  I was watching Netflix and there it was a movie named “The Curse of Downers Grove”.  What was the curse?  The curse was that one High School senior would die before they graduated from High School. My brother was 17 and one month away from graduating High School.

The Beachwood Reporter ” I saw more people die in high school than the rest of my Life,” Micneal Hornburg (author of the book) a Downers Grove South High School Graduate tells the Daily Harold. “ “One kid died in a car crash, he said, on kid died in a quarry.”  The girl that sat next to me in typing class, she was kidnapped on the outside of an arcade and found murdered inside a garbage bag in Lisle. So there was a lot of murder and mayhem and people getting killed on a scale I never experience again.”  More on the curse

I have two suggestions for you:  If you see a sign “Downers Grove” Keep on driving.  Do not dismiss a spiritual feeling when a child tells you something is not right.

In conclusion,I am also a graduate of Downers Grove High School.  Mr. Hornburg and I agree.


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