Demon, what is your name?


Why Is Self-Deliverance Important?


self-deliveranceSelf-Deliverance is a method to battle the demon in the mind.  Self deliverance is a process to spiritually battle the demon in the host mind 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The demons continuously harass the host with it’s projected thoughts when awake and nightmares when asleep.  Self-deliverance is extremely import in the exorcism process.


What are the steps to self-deliverance?

Self-deliverance is necessary when there is no exorcist-like being alone in daily life.  An exorcism may weaken a demon but it still takes spiritual battle to force it out and keep it out.  Recognize that the host-person has ownership rights.   The demon is an intruder on property that belongs to the host.  Mind and emotions is where the demon attempts to take control.  Demon’s are capable to projecting thoughts into a hosts mind.  The host must actively learn to distinguish the demon’s thoughts from the host thoughts.

  1. Spiritual battle takes place in the mind.
  2. Host must know the difference between person’s thoughts and the thoughts of demons.
  3. Demonic thoughts include chaotic, racing thoughts.  Then include thoughts of self-harm or harm to others, hatred, abnormal sexual thoughts, thoughts of depression.The person can stop the demonic thoughts by thought replacement of pleasant and good thoughts.
  4. Thoughts need to be controlled 24/7.
  5. The demon is weakened every time demonic thoughts are replaced.
  6. Ignore the demon whenever it wants attention.
  7. Demons feed on negative emotions-fear, stress, panic, depression.  Host must practice not dwelling on negative emotion


spiritual battle, sel-deliverance.Spiritual Battle is exhausting but the host must practice.  The demon becomes weaker with spiritual battle waged 24/7.  There are the physical aspects that should be focused as much a possible such as uninterrupted sleeping, eating nutritious foods,  enjoys daily life as much as possible.  Many demon possessed people hide in seclusion but the more the person tries to enjoy life the weaker the demon’s power.

My true story  is an example to how to wage spiritual battle.  Four years of spiritual battle was necessary for me to be set free of a demon.  During this time I became a Christian and replaced all demonic thoughts with scripture.  I claimed the blood of Jesus over me and commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus.  Scripture is a powerful spiritual force for thought replacement.  Why did I not get set free immediately?  The main reason is that I needed to know how to battle.  Demon’s don’t surrender easily.  They will return to test the person.  If the person does not know how to battle then fear returns and so does the demon.

If the person is a Christian then the demonic thoughts can be replaced with Bible scriptures.  The person needs to have no fear and recognize the demon as an intruder.  The person has the spiritual legal right of ownership of their soul, spirit and body.  The person needs to behave and believe that the control belongs to them.  Why? Because it is true.  Again, keep all negative emotions under control.  Demons feed and become stronger on negative emotions of the host.