Demons can control human body movements depending on the level of the demon possession. There four major parts of the body demons use for their own benefit. Additionally. please note that the person is aware of and can stop the demon moving their body. Only during the last level of demon possession is a person not aware to the demonic activity.

Lose control over speech

Demons can speak through the host. This is most prevalent during an exorcism. The demon speaks through the person to communicate with the exorcist.

Additionally, the demon can interrupt a conversation between people with any weird comment. This is an embarrassment to the host. The host knows that the demon is speaking but the host can force the demon to stop. This takes practice. Every comment should be evaluated before speaking.

Evil Spirits Move Head, Arms and Fingers

Deoms move body parts

Demons can control human body movements such as head, arms and fingers. They are able to move the head of the host from side to side also move the arms and fingers of the host. For example, when a person permits the demon to do automatic handwriting. Another example is submitting the host fingers that are place on the planchette of a Ouija Board.

Other functions include music and art given to the host by the demon. Many spiritual channelers and mediums will sell the music and art billed as “spirit music or spirit art”.

The host may allow the evil spirit to take a finger movement to spell out words as a secret communication between host and demon. This activity is usually in a social place – work, home or social gathering.

This may sound unbelievable to you. There are many websites on demons. Most of the people only write from intellectual knowledge or what someone tells them like a Zen master, Buddhist or ordained Christian minister. Their knowledge is usually only head knowledge. My knowledges comes from experiencing all these demonic activities. Either I experienced them personally or as an exorcist seen this activity in others.

In conclusion, know that writing about demons experiences bring back old memories I want to forget. These pages are a warning for you to know the truth about demons.

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  1. what do you do if you you have a demon within you and it controls the way I talk move and feel. what can I do?

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