10 Ways To Stop Terror and Fearful Demonic Thoughts

Demonic thoughts are negative, life-destroying to the host. Control of your demons is possible. The mental battle begins with control. Do you have a demon? Check out this page to examine if you have any demon-influenced thoughts and behaviors.

Demons historically terrorize people in so many ways. Wikipedia gives an in-depth analysis of demons and how different cultures and religions view demons.

If you’re like me, your mind is always going. You can think about multiple things at once, and sometimes it’s hard to focus on one thing for too long before something else comes up. Evaluate the thoughts and decide if the thoughts are how you usually think or negative thoughts that are abusive, abnormal sexual thoughts, or negative self-confidence.

This post tackles the idea of thinking two thoughts simultaneously and how that might affect us spiritually, our relationships, and our self-esteem.

Secrets that demons do not want you to know. This is unique information on how demons infiltrate the mind to begin the possession process.   

Demon Abilities

  1. Demons cannot enter anyone at will.  They must have the invitation to communicate.  Channeling is the most common way demons get in through the Ouija Board, attempting to channel a deceased loved one.

2.  Demons impersonate who or what you want them to be.  Demons will impersonate angels, great spiritual gurus, deceased loved ones, and even Jesus Christ.

3. They communicate through thoughts as soon as they begin the possession process.  Demons can read your mind, so they know what you want.  They will communicate by injecting their thoughts into your mind.  Now the mind has confusing thoughts and cannot focus.

4.  After a while, the show ends, and the evil spirits go deeper into the mind.  They show their true nature by flooding the mind with obscene thoughts, thoughts to commit suicide, or hurting themselves, other people, or animals.

5. Mental focus and control are still active, but the focus is getting weaker—difficulty concentrating on daily activities.

6. Demons can use the human body to speak through their host’s voice and move their head, arms, and legs. At this point, most of the host’s thoughts are controlled by demons.

How to Block Demonic Thoughts

Demons can infiltrate their host’s thoughts and replace them with demon thoughts. The ability to recognize demon thoughts is critical. Demons need to be recognized in the early possession stages. Why? Evil spirits are easier to cast out. A demon-possessed mind is erratic, confused, and terrorizing thoughts that come into the mind.

Stopping these thoughts require immense concentration. Practice ignoring demon thoughts and replacing them with positive, life-affirming thoughts. Favorite Scriptures should be memorized as a thought replacement.

Early Warning Signs of Demonic Thoughts

Constant thoughts of the host thinking about harming someone.

Impatient about tasks and duties at work.

Constant thoughts of “negative statement about the host?”

Constant thoughts of “Terror and Abuse of people or animals”

Demon thoughts

Practice Recognizing Dangerous Thoughts

God created all of us to be in communication with Him. When demons speak evil thoughts, they speak to those not connected to God. Listen to God’s voice and honor it. These evil spirits are getting their side of the story out.

Good and Evil are at war. God is good. Evil is rebellion against God. How is a demon to know that their thoughts are wrong if they can’t get inside a person’s mind?

Knowing demons’ language, especially for a demonized host, is critical. A host with demonic thoughts must know that what you hear or see is demonic, especially if a mind is filled with evil. The only way to fight back is to know it is demon-borne.

Strive for Balanced Living

Use your mind for what is good. Work with a good person as much as possible. Help others and be kind. When in doubt, say to yourself, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

If demonic thoughts are terrorizing you. Pick out a Scripture, “Keep me from Evil.” (Psalm 103:12) It is so powerful to have a Scripture with powerful imagery and imagery you can repeat. Believe it can stop the devils.

10 Ways to Stop Demonic Thoughts

Possession has been known since the times of the apostles. Jesus Christ, the one who paid the ultimate sacrifice to rid the earth of the prince of this world, delivered the message of freedom from demons.

The message of freedom from demon-possessed people should be shared with anyone willing to hear it.

  1. Ignore demonic thoughts
  2. Do not fear demons because that is how they gain strength.
  3. Replace demon thoughts with positive thoughts.
  4. Replace with meaningful scripture.
  5. Do not dwell on demonic nightmares.
  6. Think about what to say before speaking aloud.
  7. Never entertain the thoughts of suicide.
  8. Learn self-deliverance
  9. Find a reputable exorcist.
  10. Put your trust in God.

People stay spiritually safe.


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