The Side-effects of demons can be very serious.  Demons inflict physical and emotions side-effects that can last a lifetime.  Demons do not belong in a person’s mind or body.  The person cannot normally function because there is an unnatural spiritual being that does not belong in the mind and body. 

An example of a demon in the body would like be a fatal disease.  If the disease is discovered early and destroyed then the person will continue to live a normal life.  If the disease is allowed to progress then the person will experience more side-effects of the disease.  Demons need to be discovered early and get cast out (exorcism or self-deliverance) or the person will experience more side-effects of demons.

Side-effects of demons when in the process of a possession:

  • Lack of thought concentration
  • Forgetfulness in life’s duties such as a performance at work  
  •  Negative emotions – fear, depression, hopeless
  • Thoughts of suicide and harming other people or animals
  •  Lack of sleep due to nightmares
  •  Isolation from family and friends
  •  Talking to him/herself 
  •  Physical side-effects are lack of personal hygiene, nervousness, lack of appetite and weight loss.


Side-effects of demons after it is cast out

  •  Periodic suspicion that the demon could return
  •  Awareness of all thoughts before speaking.  Was that my thought or a demonic thought?
  •  Apprehension of disturbed sleep 
  •  Periodic spiritual battle with the demon who tests the spiritual strength of the person to keep it out.
  •  Rebuilding self-esteem for making the mistake of inviting a demon into their body.
  •  Regaining the confidence lost by family, friends and their employer.
  •  Strengthening the physical body to become healthy.
  •  The perspective on life changes because the person knows the spiritual realm of good and evil exists in this world.


The demon side-effects sometimes mimic mental health illness.  The difference between the two can be very thin.  The demon side-effect is because there was a point in time when a person gives the invitation to possession.  One measure of  a demon side-effect is if the person was mentally normal before the demon experience.   There is the possibility of generational demons that travel though the family bloodline.  The measurement for generational demons is knowing the family history.  Generational demons can be difficult to detect.  The person should be evaluated by a deliverance or exorcism team.

Once a demon has been cast out. there are certain side-effects of demons that last the lifetime of the person.    The demon will always test the person for spiritual strength for the ability to keep it out.  Demons have unlimited energy and will periodically harass a person on the outside hoping that the person will exhibit weakness and enough fear to give it a legal right to re-enter the body.  In addition, The person will have no doubt that a spiritual realm does exist and can harm him/her.  Their perception of life changes by giving a new perspective on good and evil.   Many people who have been demon possessed turn to God for comfort and spiritual strength.  



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