How demons enter is by invitation to communicate.   Some people may be more spiritually sensitive than others. Demons enter easily when the person is spiritually sensitive.  Other people are not spiritually sensitive find to difficult for spirit channeling.

Channeling methods are high on the list of  how demons enter.  Spirit channeling is inviting a demon to enter the human body for direct communication. The only spirits that participate in channeling are demons.  Angels listen to God’s commands.  Angels do not respond to channeling invitations from humans.

People who desire to communicate with spirits have to be trained by channeling experts.  There are certain satanic cults that will train their members in spirit channeling.  There are some factions of the New Age movement that channel spirits to write books, paint paintings, and originate music.  The works of these spirits can be beautiful or bizarre enough to peak interest.

Most common channeling methods of how demons enter

  1. Ouija Board Boards that has letter and numbers.  A Plancehette (wooden wedge) points to the letters and numbers spelling out “spirit” messages.
  2.  Angel Boards Angel Boards are the same as Ouija Boards except images of angels are imprinted on the boards.  
  3. Consulting spiritual mediums – Spirit mediums state that they can communicate with the dead.
  4. Consulting psychics – Foretelling of the future by using spirit knowledge
  5.  Thought transferenceTransferring thoughts from demons to their person/host.
  6.  Spells Spells are magical charms or incantations.  A state of enchantment
  7.  Curses – Spoken words of harm or punishment used with magic.
  8.  Fortunetelling – Foretelling future events
  9. spirit guides – Spirits summoned through channeling for particular purposes.
  10. Satanism – Worship of Satan or extreme worship of self.
  11. Witchcraft  – Practice of magic and use of spells 
  12. Automatic handwriting  – Form of spirit channeling that permits a spirit to use a person’s hand to write messages.
  13.  Astral ProjectionsAstral body leaving the physical body to travel in the spirit realm
  14. Generational Demons   – Demons that enter in a family bloodline
  15.  Spiritual Husband or WifeChannel spirits to fulfill the function to a spirit husband or wife.  Begins the function of  Sexual demons
  16.  Physical sex-straight or gay

Demons enter through negative emotional intensity

Demons strongly sense intense negative emotions.  Additionally. demons have the ability magnify the negative emotion as foothold to begin entrance.  Life experiences can be emotionally traumatic and are difficult to heal.  Psychological counseling can help to normalize the emotions.  Prayer and forgiveness helps toward the healing process.   The demon weakens but stays in the person until cast out.

In addition, Generational demons gain strength by negative emotions.  For example, great grandfather was a warlock and invites a demon into his body.   Generational demons are difficult to detect because the demons hide.   The hidden demons still influence the person’s negative emotional state.   The negative emotions continues for a lifetime and  demons transfer through the bloodline to every generation until it is cast out.  

demons and negative emotions

Common types of negative emotions intensified by demons:

  1. fear (all types)
  2.  Suicide
  3. Jealousy
  4. Bitterness
  5. Strife
  6. Depression
  7. worry
  8. pride
  9. fatigue
  10. Addictions
  11. Gluttony
  12. Guilt
  13. Pride
  14. Competition 
  15. Emotions that are transmitted in generational bloodline

Christians Can Have a Demon

In addition, Christians can have a demon if they invite a demon to direct communication.  Christians who participate in channeling activities can have a demon because they have violate a very important spiritual law.  This spiritual law states God does not want anyone to communicate with other spirits.

God does not force Christians to only follow Him.  Most relevant, if a Christian invites a demon to communication, then God will permit the demon entrance.  Even if the person wants the demon to leave, the demon will stay unless it is cast out by self deliverance (for Christians), self-exorcism or by exorcism with a deliverance team. 

In conclusion, all human beings have a choice concerning the spirit realm.   God does not violate that choice.   The choice of communication with a “spirit” contains serious consequences.  



  1. Demon Questions says:

    can they see you when they’re actually sensing your emotions

    1. I believe that if they are inside of you sensing and intensifying your emotions then they cannot see you. Demons can only be one place at one time. Demons do have the ability to enter and exit their host at will. If they are outside of the body then they can see you.

  2. Matthias T. Robinson says:

    please teach me more about demons and how to get rid of them

    1. Hello, all the information I have is on my website. God bless you and keep you in His peace.

  3. Mary Williams says:

    Dear sir or madam: please pray for me I have been dealing with sexual demons for at least 10 years now; I do attend church now and my experience with those types of demons are lessing but still there.

    1. Please read all the pages on self deliverance and exoricism. You need to take control back from the demon. My response is the same as above; Hello, You have to do spiritual battle. Demons are telling you that they have control over your body. You have control–not them. As best as you can-ignore demonic thoughts, you can control your hand movements by taking thought control. Memorize a powerful scripture and say or think the scripture every time you want to move your hands. Whenever you have demonic thoughts-rebuke that thought in the name Of Jesus Christ and replace with a memorized scripture. Sometimes exorcists can help temporarily but you need to practice spiritual battle when you are alone. Practice controlling your mind and body. As you get stronger the demon will get weaker. This is not an instant result but you need to weaken the demons. This can take some time-do not be discouraged. Fight!

    2. Hello Mary, Have you gone to an established exorcist? Please read my pages on self-exorcism and spiritual battle. Everything I know is in these pages. Also read my true story and how Jesus freed me after 4 years of spiritual battle. Know that you have control and do not have to be the demon’s possessions. Stay in His peace. Connie

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