Demons and Suicide

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Demons and suicide  can be related.  Keep in mind that the line between a true mental illness and demon influences is very thin.    Approximately, ten percent of deaths are suicide. 

There are many psychological reasons for suicide.  The top reasons are on the National Institute of Mental Health Website.  Of course, the question is: Can pills and therapy help? Yes, in some cases, psychology helps to heal. 

Caregiver families are affected emotionally

Unfortunately, certain people go through therapy and  take pills that stops the suicidal thoughts.  The pills can make the person numb. The numbness eliminates any emotion or passion for life.

So what can a family or loved one do?  The family usually observes the person numb and not able to function.  The loves ones try and try to help the person.   Eventually the caregiver exhausts all their energy.  The caregiver becomes depressed and suicidal.

Spiritual Evaluation for demon Influences

demons and suicideThe answer is a spiritual evaluation to identify if demons involved.  

  1.  1.  Is the person spiritual?

  2.  Do you know of any spiritual experimentation? (Ouija Boards, consult with psychics, channeling spirits as an serious adventure?

 3.  Is the person fine then switches into the suicidal? 

4.  Has the person been emotionally sensitive all their life?

 5.  Does the person talk to themselves when they are alone?

Demons and Suicide are not accepted by Psychiatrists.

Can you imagine telling a psychiatrist that the suicidal person should try an exorcist? Many psychiatrists do not believe in the spiritual.

The mental Heath professionals may give advise that an exorcism can traumatize the affected person.  However, mental health professionals have never observed a deliverance. 

The question of demons and suicide cannot be answered by a psychiatrist. Actually, what is there to lose if medical science cannot help?  Is there a possibility of demons and suicide?  Absolutely.

Find a deliverance team

Check out churches that have deliverance teams. Christian churches usually either do not believe demons exist or chose to ignore them.  Begin your search for a deliverance team at Charismatic churches.  This type of church usually believes in the practice of exorcism.

Of utmost importance, be sure that the church has solid teaching on deliverance.  No exorcism teams preforms a deliverance against the clients will. Ask about their successes of their team.  Be sure that they will stop if the client asks them to stop. 

Additionally, what to expect in an exorcism is dependent on the affected person.  There are still a few general guidelines on what to expect in an deliverance session.

Continue With Medications

 Many exorcism teams do not want the person to take their medications.  On the contrary, the medications help to keep the person more peaceful as the deliverance progresses.  The person will probably feel some partial relief after the deliverance sessions.  There may be many deliverance sessions to cast out a demon.  Of utmost importance, partial relief does not mean that medications can be stopped.

Self Deliverance needs to be practiced when the person is alone.

Self deliverance is an ability that develops with constant practice.  The person should learn spiritual warfare.  A demon will continue to test the spiritual strength of the person. 

In conclusion, the demon will attempt to return periodically through life of the person.  Self deliverance needs repetitive practice to keep the demon from returning with more suicidal thoughts.


demons and suicide

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