Three Levels of Demon Possession

Three levels of demon possession might be instant or take a long time. The first level is the most common and can be challenging to detect. This type of possession is complex for others to see, but it’s easy for demons to control their host. Demons use this level of possession as a way to gain access into your life without being detected. If they have already gained entry into your life, they will continue with the following two levels until they have complete control over you or until someone else intervenes on your behalf.

You don’t want any part in these demonic activities because once demons get inside you, there is no turning back! They will make sure that every aspect of your life becomes worse than anything imaginable – even if it means taking away everything that matters most to do so! It doesn’t matter what kind of person you were before becoming possessed; once a demon takes hold, and nothing good comes from it at all! That’s why we’re here – we know how bad things can get when people become possessed by demons, and we want everyone who thinks they might be suffering from demonic activity to receive spiritual help.

How to Tell if You’re Possessed by a Demon

Demons are supernatural beings that live in the lower regions of the earth. They are also called evil spirits or devils. Most people believe that demons are minions of Satan, who is an evil spirit himself.

The identification process is complicated when it comes to identifying what a demon is and when it comes to knowing how to tell if you’re possessed by one. Many theories propose this identification process, and there is little agreement on the matter. There are general guidelines on how to tell if you have a demon.

What Are The Causes Of Demonic Possession?

Demonic possession is a term used to describe the act of being possessed by an evil spirit, which can manifest in many ways.

Demonic possession can sometimes be chronic or temporary. It also varies in severity from person to person. People possess different degrees of openness in their spiritual channels.

Many factors cause possession:

  • mental illness
  • physical illness
  • fatigue or stress
  • satanic rituals
  • witchcraft tools for contacting the spirits

 Three Levels Of Demon Possession-Level 1

Satanic force belongings procedure is the objective of every devil. Devils can notice which individual is an open spiritual channel and also will certainly go into that person. Spiritual curiosity is one of the main reasons people get involved with demons. Questions about the spiritual are many.

  • Why does the Planchette move to spell out messages?
  • Is automatic handwriting real of fakeWhat Does It Mean When You Get A Evil Response From The Ouji Board?

What is a Ouija Board? How does it Work?

The Ouija Board is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, the words “yes,” “no,” “hello,” and “goodbye” on its surface. It uses a planchette or movable indicator or pointer to indicate the spirit’s message by spelling it out on the board during a séance.

It’s usually not an evil response you will get from an Ouija Board. Usually, it means the evil spirit answers your question to stimulate more curiosity. Demons desire for the person to communicate with them continuously.

What Is Really Happening When You Scratch Your Message from the Ouija Board?

When you use an Ouija board, your fingers are probably touching the planchette. The planchette then moves to answer your question. When you touch the planchette, it picks up and transfers your energy, which leads to the messages coming through on the board.

Demon possession procedure is the objective of every devil. For example, the Ouija Board will summon satanic forces to develop communication by moving the planchette.

The person becomes more curious about the messages. They continue to use the board. The possession begins to get deeper the more time spent working for the board.

In addition, Evil spirits can notice which individual is open spiritual energy. The channel can be going to a séance and talking to a ghost through a medium. The demon network will undoubtedly get in that individual. Please note that even though the person doesn’t notice any difference in their thinking-the demon enters and begins the possession process.

10 Signs of Demonic Presence That Aren’t Your Imagination

Demonic presence signs are the number one sign that an evil spirit is present.

Awareness is the first defense against demonic presence. Here are ten signs that you might be under Demonic Presence.

1) You feel uneasy or fearful around a person or place that you cannot explain.

2) A person or animal near you is behaving strangely, and it feels like they are warning you to get away from them.

3) You have nightmares of creatures or other people terrorizing you.

6) Your thoughts are strange and evil.

Three Levels of Demon Possession-Second Level

The second level is when the progress process goes deeper in the person. One of the common ways demons use to communicate is through Automatic Hand Writing;

What is Demonic Automatic Writing?

Demonic Automatic Writing is a pseudonym for automatic writing and religions around the world. It is also often called spirit writing, psychic writing, or channeling.

Demonic Automatic Writing can be defined as automatic writing where the writer does not consciously write the words, but rather it is dictated to them by “spirits.”

Demonic Automatic Writing is a pseudonym for automatic writing. Many cultures and religions around the world see this phenomenon. It is also often called spirit writing, psychic writing, or channeling.

Demonic Automatic Writing can be defined as automatic writing where the writer does not consciously write the words, but rather it is dictated to them by “spirits.”

The demons will begin to become more aggressive in their host person. The person’s thoughts will sometimes change to very evil activities. For example, wanting to hurt someone for no reason or maybe abnormal sexual activity.

The person ignores these thoughts. They notice that the thoughts are weird, and the host has never had strange thoughts like this before.

At this point, the demon will introduce himself to the host. The satanic devil will tell the host that he is a protective angel or a deceased lover. If the host accepts this explanation, then the possession goes deeper.

The demon begins the process of destroying the host by slowly stealing the host’s life force. The host gets physically weaker, and the mind floods with confusion. Nightmares become common every night. The host is too fearful of sleeping. The demonic can do so much more to the person, as referenced in my other web pages.

Total Demon Possession Is Level Three

The host must seek spiritual help, or the demons will completely possess their host. A formal exorcism or self-deliverance must be activated.

If the person refuses help, they will probably be committed to a mental hospital. Society usually does not believe in demons or demon possession. The sad fact is that the other people see the host as crazy, but they need a successful exorcism.

demon possession

People, stay spiritually safe.


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