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Death Is Personal

Death is personal. I almost died on August 10, 2018. Heart attack was the official diagnosis. First there is blackness then there is just relief when I was in intensive care in the hospital.

Death was not unfamiliar to me as I tried to help family that I knew were dying. Emotions are different when the patient is you. First, I was filled with drugs that can generate hallucinations. Life is Frozen and I was in shock knowing this can be my last day of life. The doctors told my family that I would not survive. First one day then another and I survived.

Death was personal. I suffered through all the tests and had to go through dialysis for two months. I had to sit in a chair for three hours while a machine cleaned my blood. Three hours at three times per week. The side effects affect coordination, confusion and other side effects. My kidneys started working again after two months. One of the biggest reliefs of my life.

For about one month my hand shook due to the medications. I could not type. I want you to know the reason why my posts have been non-existent for the last six months.

I am back filled with the joy of life. Please be kind to the people who you know are ill. Help them with daily tasks, drive them to the doctor, fix them a meal.

Know one day death will be personal. If you survive-that is a day you will never forget.

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